Written by Mark M

28 Feb 2010

My wife Carole and I had been in London for a few days and staying in a lovely plush central hotel. On the Saturday evening Carole decided to wear her full ensemble of silk black blouse (few buttons undone, of course!), flowing black skirt (not too short - long!) stockings, suspenders, lacy red bra & pants...all topped off with her killer shagging shoes!! Classy, with a hint of slut!! (My slut!)

We had enjoyed several 'soft swing' meets with a few couples and some single guys over a few years and generally had really good sexy fun - we hadn't met with anyone for a while but I somehow knew tonight would be one for the book :-)

In the hotel lounge we were having a couple of drinks when I noticed a familiar face at the bar - it was Des, one of the single guys we had met......Carole said with a broad smile "what a coincidence!............or is it?" She had really enjoyed Des's cock and I knew she wanted to play with it again.......

I went to the bar and shook Des' hand and he introduced me to his friend, Tommy, who was with him. Tommy had apparently joined Des on a couple of meets with other couples, and when Des spotted Carole smiling over he told Tommy that he had some great fun with us: the laybye when Des and I had Carole on the car bonnet completely naked......the first MMMF when Des, another guy and myself all wanked furiously and spunked over her tits as she used her Rabbit ...... the pub meeting when Carole had taken her nickers off (Des just had to feel up her skirt to make sure!).... the MMF at his place where Carole wanked and sucked us both all evening..........happy days!!

It didn't take long for us all to relax and enjoy the flirting, teasing etc. Carole enjoyed being the centre of attention and made sure the boys had a good view of her tremendous cleavage(Des never could keep his eyes off her tits!)

After a short while we all went to our room where Carole told us to sit back with our drinks while she put on a show........... she bent over letting us all see her gorgeous arse and went around us one by one as she undid her blouse slowly. She would stop and kiss Des long and hard ...then Tommy slid his hand inside her blouse as she sat on his lap ...the three of us were as hard as hell by now and Carole felt all the bulges and told us to get our cocks out. She slowly removed her blouse and skirt completely and stood in from of Tommy and invited him to take her pants down.......nice and slowly. Carole immediately started to stroke Des' huge cock - he was bigger than both Tommy and I and I knew Carole loved it!. As she wanked Des she told Tommy to come to her and she wanked him with her other hand - nice and slow. She lay on her back with one on each side playing with her tits as she wanked Tommy and sucked Des...it was fantastic to watch! I was horny as hell and gently parted Carole's legs and kissed her from her feet all the way up to her thighs then used both my fingers and my tongue on her soaking wet pussy.

Carole turned around and wanted me to fuck her from behind as she sucked and wanked the others. She parted her legs and I drove my cock hard into her as I stroked her stockings. She was really enjoying the attention!!!! We played for a long time and even stopped for drinks before we started again...........

We had never had 'full swing' fun with previous meets, but had spoken about it - we agreed if she wanted to, and if I was comfortable with it, then we would go for it - with the right guy.... Des had always shown full respect and I knew we could trust him...he was just that guy!! Carole gave me the 'look' and I knew she wanted Des' cock inside her pussy. She whispered in his ear and as he lay back she wanked his cock till he was massive again, licked his balls, up the shaft and moved her body up and spread her legs to let his prick slide into her....she groaned and started to move from side to side as he fucked her. If I had any doubts about this they disappeared straight away - this was fantastic seeing her enjoy this other man and turning him on so much. She was ecstatic as he slid every inch of his cock slowly all the way inside her when she suddenly turned to me and said she really wanted a DP!!!!! As she leaned forward over Des she opened her arse cheeks to me and I slowly inched ny cock in as she was fucked senseless.... this was an amzing feeling as Des was fucking her pussy, i was fucking her arse and Tommy was being sucked off.......

It's safe to say it WAS one for the book - we ALL had a night to remember!!