Written by Arli

19 Jun 2015

It didn’t quite end at Howard’s place, leaving Olivia available to potentially other party-goers. In fact, my wife subsequently attracted one or two of the lads at the party. Mind you, it was about 3am when we left Olivia in the guest room upstairs, drenched by cream from Phil and me…as well as Judi’s ‘golden shower’ on the young wife. Her hubby, Norman, was still fucking another babe downstairs…NO clue of his wife’s party condition! I suspected, even if he aware of his wife’s taking, Norman was too much into delighting with the young cunt he earlier attracted that night!

Candidly, it was getting late, however in some manner Judi’s and my energy levels remained high. My cock had two engagements into Olivia, BUT besides Judi having her pussy lapped by sub Olivia, my wife had NOT had opportunity to screw…! That would change in strange manner shortly.

Phil came over to invite us for another drink at the host bar. I opted to remain with several other party guests, however Judi accepted the invite…I had no objection…we all were pretty much in sight of each other downstairs. It’s when you got a party-goer to go up to one of the guest rooms, one would have little awareness who’s being fucked…who’s laying…OR who’s getting gang banged behind the closed doors…!!

Judi and Phil were at one of the bar table stool set-ups. Phil was getting touchy-feely…OR trying to with my wife…;) Judi seemed to have partially sobered and appeared reluctant to Phil getting too close. Judi was downing a fresh drink, and if I properly presumed, Phil made sure her drink was a double! Why not…we did it with Olivia much earlier in the evening, however even as I write this posting, I don’t think we needed to ‘help’ Olivia’s motivations…she was well enough ready to be played!

Another lad joined Phil and Judi. He was able to plant a peck on Judi’s cheek, however from my vantage his real pecker was raring to engage. Open shirt and casual pants couldn’t conceal desire! The distraction allowed Phil to grasp Judi’s right hand and pull her close for a kiss. The other lad then wrapped his right hand around my wife’s waist. I got impression Judi was getting wasted again, and now didn’t seem to mind both lads’ attentions. Her apparent capitulation wasn’t neglected by either!

The other lad…don’t know his name…kept a modest grip on Judi’s waist seeming to position cheek to cheek and whispering. I watched Phil be the shrewd fucker he is! In ease of hand motion, his right hand slid under Judi’s skirt and moved up between her thighs. At first my wife was startled, but quickly segued to satisfaction. Phil’s hand must have reached her lips… No…I should say, his fingers likely invaded my wife’s cunny…!! The other young man began to probe, open my wife’s blouse pushing the wings aside as he touched my wife’s breasts. Judging Judi’s reactions, both men were pleasuring her!

Their open display didn’t go un-noticed! Another gent joined them. One of the guests I was sitting with noted Judi’s ‘entourage’ and asked if I planned to intervene. I didn’t respond, but smiled. She understood. She asked me if I would grant her permission to join the lads and Judi. I told her only if she would add to the enjoyment of watching all. She and I laughed just before Pamela got up and walked over to the foursome. After she joined the group for a few minutes, she excused herself, and returned to my table. She had to share…”Arli, two of the men are finger-fucking your wife. They appear to be stretching her from either side, and Judi isn’t objecting…!” I replied, “Not altogether surprised…she seems to be enjoying whatever the lads are into.” Pam returned to their table, this time with her ‘motivation.’

Pam got the attention of one lad who shifted his seat to better appreciate he, leaving Phil and his other friend to continue working my wife. Not more than 10 or 15 minutes passed, when all 5 people…Judi, Pam, Phil and the other lads left the table to go upstairs. No question where their play time would act out! However, I incorrectly assumed Pam was interested in one of the young men. As I learned shortly later, her interest WITH the 3 lads was focused on Judi…!!

I asked Howard for one of the family’s house pass keys so I could quietly gain admission to any of the guest rooms. My first stop was the room in which we left Olivia. Charmer that she is, Olivia was laid back across the bed sucking on Brendan’s cock, while his wife Trudy was missionary between Olivia’s legs sure as fuck doing a wonderful job of cunnilingus on Norman’s wife! Call it a family affair or whatever, there was no need for me to dwell in their midst.

Then came time for my entry into the lead guest room where Judi and Pam were taken. This time, more than a “family affair” I was audience to my wife finally making up for the lost fuck time of that entire evening. Judi was spread out on the bed, totally naked, even her platform pumps removed. My wife’s remaining jewelry was the only vestige of ‘civilized’ display. What I watched, however, was even more civilized…;) Pamela was eating out my wife as Phil pounding Pam’s cunt from behind. At first blush I thought he was bum-fucking her, but not the case. The other two lads were priming, stroking themselves, waiting for their turn. It didn’t take long for one to replace Phil at Pam’s rear. Only this time, the young man went for Pamela’s button hole with an easy sweep of entry. Pam gasped and broke off engagement with Judi’s pussy. Just then, Phil’s other friend quickly replaced Pam between my wife’s legs and went at her pussy with gusto.

At first, Pam objected, even tried to break free of the lad’s grip however to no avail. His cock found good space in her bum crack, and his muscular push and pump quickly subjugated Pamela. Moans from both women echoed in the room. Judi was deep in passion with her lover taking ownership of her pussy with his tongue, fingers and fist. So very rare I’ve seen my wife fisted, this gentleman had total control…Judi’s vaginal canal was his to dominate and play!

In the meantime, Pamela found no exit from her rear loving. Rather, she shook with passion and reaction to the lad’s energetic penetration. Both ladies were masterfully controlled. Phil deserved credit, this was his game plan. He was a good companion to share in our taking of Olivia. His masterful domination over Judi could well be considered Olivia’s indirect revenge…;) Phil had his way with my wife, and had the accompaniment of two other lads and a young lady to boot…!!

It was time for me to return to Olivia’s room and determine if Brendan and Trudy were finished. Indeed, they were, Olivia left sprawled on the bed with an interesting advantage for me… The couple had tied Olivia’s ankles to the bottom posts thereby allowing Trudy full, open access to her cunny…! The couple never released the straps! Olivia could easily remove them, if she were sober. A simple sit-up on the bed would have gained access to release. She didn’t have that opportunity. I was determined to enjoy Norman’s wife once again. Round of cunnilingus followed by a solid fucking, my ‘overnight’ ended around 5:30 having distinguished Olivia’s presence. Rare I last an entire overnight. At my age I’m pleased to last until 2 or 3am attending to one good lady…at best!

Judi’s reputation was only enhanced! And, as for Olivia, she’s now a certified slut wife accomplice. Norman has NO manner knowing how many of us now target his wife at recent parties over last 2 months. Judi and I have not discussed that evening in any manner since…!