Written by helen the horny bitch

4 Jan 2010

wow what a sunday it was ,sorry my name is helen im 19 sweet and a cutie and boy i do love to tease the old guy who lives next door to me i know that i shouldt really .

but my parents had gone to church with his wife and so to speak i went round to his sat on the kitchen stool feeling very horny while he was talking about what he was having done in his new garden pretty boring really so i then just started to open me legs abit just enough for him to see what i was wearing i could see that he was getting abit red and gettin turned on then he started to show me the plans for this garden so i thought yes why not i bend over the table to view the plans and with me doing that i did notice that he was looking str8 down my top i wasnt wearing a bra and i then said to him would you like to look closer he didt say that he didt so i pulled up my top and showed him my tits my nipples were rock hard and by the sigh of his cock was also he played with them for awhile which i love pulled on my nipples making me moan then slipped his hand up into my thong and rubbed at my pussy which by this time was soaked then he got 3fingers in and fingerfucked me hard i was loving it then i was bend right over the table and fucked hard wow what a bloody fuck he came allover the place dripped down my legs but i didt give him a suck but there is always next sunday ! helen come on all you older guys give me what i want