Written by ilbm

15 Jun 2012

Hi guys last post on here 'I love my wife'. Lisa's now become a booty call for Dean and Abdul on occasions Deans round every night it seems in fact I can't remember him not coming round. He'll phone Lisa on her mobile at all sorts of times early mornings before he goes to work straight after work he'll go pick her up and take her back to ours. God only knows what her work mates think when he's waiting for her outside. He also likes taking her into town a lot dressed as slutty as she can you know the stuff micro mini skirts tight low cut tops. He's banned her from wearing any underwear at any time just in case he needs her. He also insists on me wearing condoms if I ever have sex with her which for the last two weeks I haven't as she's been getting it off him. Dean always rides her bareback and loves cumming in her although sometimes he does like to cum on her and in particular her wedding ring. Deans started letting me clean up if I'm around that is which I always have to thank him for. Dean and Lisa are out tonight and tomorrow night around Leeds so keep your eyes out for them. They're also going to cocktails to get lisa some new outfits with my money.