Written by dynamitedave

17 Feb 2009

Feeling very horny today I asked around the chatrooms about local dogging spots that were a popular daytime meeting point so decided it was worth a visit.

I slipped on a pair of black opaque hold-ups, little black thong under my normal clothes and went driving. I stopped at a few woodland carparks (being my 1st time), most of which were full of women walking dogs...and children but eventually settled on the West carpark which had a few cars in it.

Seeing a few of the cars occupied i got out and went for a \"walk\" and after a while spotted a bloke walking towards me who suddenly veered off into the woodland. I assumed this was an invite so followed him until we arrived at a stand of trees. As I approached him I could see he was wanking so I offered to help him out. In no time at all i was sucking his lovely cock while he played with my balls.

With foresight I had taken some condoms with me and asked if he wanted to fuck me......within seconds i was bent over, trousers and thong round my ankles,standing in my stockings, leaning against a tree while he slammed his cock into me. This carried on for a while with me getting quite vocal and at one point another bloke walked past within a few meters, had a look and then walked off....chance of a spitroasting went begging!!!

After being fucked for a fair time he took his cock out, whipped off the condom and spunked in my mouth which i greedily swallowed then licked his cock clean. After i finished he zipped up and left....me standing there half naked with legs trembling.

I walked back to the carpark where there were other \"visitors\" and toyed with the idea of taking more cock but eventually decided to go home.....think i\'ll go back tomorrow.....