Written by lovemuscle4play

26 Feb 2008

I arrive at your house, we say our hellos but there seems little point beating around the bush. I give your partner a long lingering kiss, tongue deep down her throat to gauge your reaction: nervous but excited it appears.

I whisper something to her and nodding understanding she gets you to sit down and secures your wrists behind you onto the back of the chair. Then the fun begins, your woman does a semi strip, revealing a very hot body, just the kind to get me in the mood very quickly. Your partner notes this, rubbing her hand down the front of my jeans, exclaiming ‘wow a nice hard cock’, you are salivating at what’s to come and I note clearly enjoying her dirty language. ‘Get down on your knees’ I order your nympho. She does as she is told, ‘lick your lips, I want your mouth to be nice and wet when you suck me’ I take out my meat, which is already nice and hard and standing up past my belly button. I positioned myself so that can have a real close up of your girl sucking this stranger’s cock, ‘crawl over to me baby and beg to suck this monster’. Your partner does as she is told and in syrupy tones asks my permission. She uses her hands on the shaft and her mouth encircles the head, giving it a good tongue lashing. ‘let your man here know what you think of this cock’ I suggest. She looks up at you, mouth filled to the brim with cock and smiles. For a brief second she removes the cock from her mouth ‘wow…it’s lovely, do you mind if I suck this big shaft some more? ‘Sure baby…be as dirty as you like’ you manage to strain out, ‘looks like you are getting a bit stiff there’, she remarks to you, ‘you’ve wanted to see me take a big cock for a long time haven’t you?’... No reply is necessary and you watch her tongue lash up and down the veiny underside of my cock.

‘Unfortnately’ I pronounce ‘that’s all you are gonna see’. From my pocket I produce a blindfold. ‘Put this on your man, baby, give him a quick kiss and then get back here’. The blindfold is slipped on and you are wondering how you are going to enjoy what is to come and whether you will be involved at all. Will it be that you are excluded from the delights to come? You are stunned when your wife kisses you to taste the cock that is fresh on her breath and then you are left in your dark world. But we have no plans to exclude you, what fun would that be for any of us? I inform you that you will not be missing out as I will be videoing the action. Eventually and not a moment too soon your woman is back where she belongs - on her knees. ‘I’m a bit dry I announce…you’re gonna’ need to spit on my cock head’. We are both acutely aware that in order for you to be involved, the action is going to have to be more aural, which means a lot more dirty talk and indeed it needs to be more graphic, filthy in fact. I urge your partner to try a trick I have seen in porno movies where the girl sucks the cock and then let it go from her mouth, quite a loud and sexy slurping sound is heard as it springs from the girl’s mouth. All this is definitely doing it for you, you are sweating profusely but nevertheless appear to be in-ecstasis as you listen to your woman very lustfully sucking cock. I suddenly announce that I need to fuck her mouth. I scoop up her hair and hold her head in my hands as I deep throat her in style. She seems to love the loss of control as I treat her mouth like a well used pussy and it must be said she does extremely well to take me almost ball deep. I am really enjoying it, in fact probably too much as I have to pull myself back from the brink to plan my next move.

‘I am now going to strip your slut piece by piece’ I announce. Facing you I position her so that she is slightly bent over, facing you with her arms resting on your shoulders – this is an excellent position to strip her in and indeed a great position to play with her generally. You are squirming in your seat, I get the impression you would be ripping off her clothes if only your hands were not secured. You do however get to experience a stranger’s hand all over your woman’s body - you certainly don’t see it but you can definitely sense it. I enjoy pulling up her top and squeezing her hard nipples, from behind I grip them and nosily suck on them, ‘fucking lovely’ your woman gasps, ‘my cunt is so wet for you’. I tease off her knickers and now she is completely naked. You can feel this even though you cannot see it. She is supporting herself by leaning her hands on your shoulders and you can feel her trembling through this. I have a few playful spanks of her gorgeous arse and then work one finger and then two into her moist pussy, it is lovely and wet and awaiting some good old fashioned fingering. As well as the sensation I’ve always loved the way fingering sounds and this is not lost on you. Two fingers become three as I really start to open her up ready for my cock. I am pleased to note that she has a lovely clit, which seems to be really sensitive. You are surprised a few seconds later when we untie your hands from the back of the chair and allow you to lie on the floor. Your hands are retied however this time behind your neck for support. and the blindfold is kept on, This was your woman’s idea, she wanted to lie back with her head in your lap while she offered me her pussy to eat out - I guess deep down she is just a romantic! What follows is probably the tastiest, wettest eating out I have ever given. Your sexy slut comes shuddering a few minutes later but I do not relent. She is in fine voice instructing me to ‘suck my clit…ravage my pussy’, when she comes she turns the air blue and grips my short hair pushing my face further into her gorgeous hole. My tongue is worn out and awash with her cum. But I feel great and I get the impression I am not the only one!

My cock could not be much harder and despite needing a break this is neither the time nor the place. I announce that ‘I want to fuck your woman into next week and back, is it that alright with you?’ by this time you can barely speak ‘yes of course, please do’ is all I can make out. First of all I take her as she is - in the missionary position but with her head in your lap and legs pushed up vertically to allow me maximum entrance. It may be the missionary position but it could hardly be considered boring! ‘You are amazing to fuck’ I tell her’ fuck your woman is lovely to screw’ I inform you. In this position I can see her gorgeous looking arsehole and cannot help but give it some attention from my fingers; massaging, I inform her that I would like to give this area some attention later – I don’t know how, but something tells me she is into anal, and DP probably too – I really adore sluts that are into DP! Then I pull out and turn her around so her face is now buried in your lap. I enter her pussy from behind making her gasp at the length, girth and stiffness of my rod. I begin thrusting deep into her. I whisper to her, you can just make out that I am encouraging her to suck you as I shag her hard from behind. The reason for this is two fold – it is pretty clear that you need the relief and secondly spit-roast feels incredible for the guys as well as the girls: many a time I have been sucked off by a girl when she is being fucked hard from the other direction, it is not something you forget easily. The harder I thrust and the deeper I penetrate her, the sexier her mouth feels on your cock, she really get to feel that your woman is being fucked hard and fucked well.

I grab her spare hand and get her to insert a finger into her slit, side by side with my cock, she frigs herself and then I recommend that she offer you her soaked finger to suck, you lick it, it tastes of cunt that’s been well-fucked by a huge cock. I don’t allow her to go back to sucking you after this though, as I can see you are about to blow, instead I get her to use her hand to pump you dry. However I soon realise that I need relief too. I pick up the camera from where it has been filming and remove your blindfold, I carry on filming as I want to catch the finale in close proximity. After some serious wanking, really pumping my cock with my fist I drop a huge, huge load both down your slut’s throat and over her gorgeous face. I can’t remember the last time I came so hard. Her face looks so beautiful as she takes the load in full and cleans me up, licking up every last drop; the reason I took off the blindfold was thoughtfulness, frankly it would be inhuman to have made you miss this. I know that your woman has had a great time and it certainly appears that for you it was a dream-come true. However I have to have my full satisfaction and so with a tube of KY in my hand explain to you with a wink that I have to take your woman into your bedroom and ‘explore’ her even deeper…you are still tied up but we run the film of what has happened thus far on the TV while I disappear in order to get to know your woman much, much better…

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