Written by freedy

28 Sep 2009

Me and my girlfriend where out for our usual sunday morning walk in the local woods last weekend, when we pretty much stumbled across a chap half trying to hide behind a tree with his very erect cock out obviously wanking, but trying to apoligise that he was just having a pee and was trying to put himself away. Being into alsorts we said don't apoligise carry on if you don't mind us watching he went a little red but must have thought why not and got himself back out. We moved a little closer so as not to all get caught and he slowly pulled his foreskin completely back to reveal and enormous purple head with precome dripping from it, i now had a raging hard on and was rubbing my cock through my jeans i was mesmerised and so was my g/f.I undid my flies and got my cock out and my g/f reached across and grabbed my cock and started to pull me toward this other guy until she grabbed his cock and and ran her finger over the end of his cock catching his precome and putting it in her mouth i nearly shot my load there and then wev'e done alsorts but never two cocks but i know she has always wanted to. She continued to wank us both in time and i was now tring to get my hand in her jeans but they were too tight, she then just stopped undid them pulled them down and stood back up my fingers where straight in there and i gave him an encouraging look to join in which he didn't need to asked twice. Her pussy was absolutely soaking and i slipped a finger in along side his and she trembled and moaned out load. Our friend said he was very near to coming and my g/f pulled our hands away and dropped down and took his helmet in her mouth then placed my hand on his cock and got me to wank him into her mouth new to me but it looked bloody good and i wanked him til he moaned out load and i could feel his come shooting up through his cock under my fingers spurt after spurt it just kept coming and my g/f could not swallow all of it it began to dribble out onto the back off my hand. I was now about to burst and she turned her head and started to suck my cock still with a mouth full of spunk i and as she took my cock in his spunk dripped out off her mouth and onto her teeshirt then something weird happened this chap got down on his knees next to my g/f and started wanking me and licking the underside of my cock that was it i shot my load not in my g/f's mouth but his and when i looked down they where kissing and exchanging spunk it looked fucking horny and my cock just carried on twitching. When they had finished kissing my g/f commented that she hadn't come yet and we had better finish her off however we saw fit i started to rub her clit while he stayed down and pulled her knickers right off and stuck his tongue in her she started to moan and then whispered in my ear that he had got his tongue right up her arse and would it be ok if she fucked him i nodded and she pull him up got hold of his cock and walked him over to a tree bent forward and told him to fuck her.He slid straightin and was banging away like mad when she started to squeal and push back onto him she started to come and he said he was too and pulled out and came up her back what a sight it was the horniest thing i have ever seen. My g/f picked up her knickers and whipped the spunk of off her teeshirt and back and put her jeans back on our friend had put himself away it was just me still standing with my cock out wanking over what i had just seen my g/f do. I managed to just about finish my self off and put myself away as an elderly couple with there dog came strolling out off the woods and said good morning it certainly had been for us three we never exchanged names or numbers so if you do read this and you want to meet up again get in touch F.