Written by Photobazza

23 Dec 2010

As I'm a semi-pro photographer I advertise in a few places as well as on here for my services covering everything from landscape to my favourite shooting of ladies, as we all know like any advert you get all the timewasters which is very frustrating, well anyway I received an email from a young lady requesting a shoot, so I jus replied and asked her as I always do what she was interested in having taken, now bearing in mind all my adverts display I’m a mature guy so I don’t hide anything, so being 59 and this lady being only 36 I thought it would be either clothed or a bit of topless if I was lucky.

I received an email back asking if I had any particular style I prefer as she had never modelled before, so I sent one back stating I would shoot what she wanted from clothed right through to nude, well after a few more emails I thought here we go the old ping pong emailing and no more, as this is what usually happens, so then I always say if you are serious about this give me your phone number and other details and I will give you a quick ring, now this is where it normally finishes, they disappear and you hear no more, or they give you loads of abuse with insults because you asked for her number, but to my surprise Anita sent me her number straight back along with her address etc, so I gave her a quick ring, and again they either cut you off quick or it’s the wrong number, but again to my surprise Anita answered it.

She had a very sexy voice the sort the makes your cock want to stand up straight away, so I asked her a few details regarding the shoot and about her, she told me she was a married lady and was just five feet tall size 10 long blonde hair and a firm 36D bust, and that’s just how I like my ladies, but all calmly I said oh that’s nice you sound fine, I didn’t want to sound excited or like some perv on the other end, so anyway we talked a little about what she wanted which was from clothed topless and maybe nude if she felt comfortable with it all and with me, so we arranged the shoot for two weeks time at her place, as I said to her it’s much better in your own environment you have it all to hand and you will be more relaxed.

So the day arrived for our meeting, I had already received two or three various photos of her and yes she looked very nice, but when I arrived Anita opened the door and she was even better than I had imagined, so I was invited in I could tell she was very nervous especially as this was her first shoot, we had a coffee and a little chat before we started to shoot, by the time we got going she was much more relaxed with me, I started by posing her for the first two or three shots, she said if you need to do anything for the pose just do it, I explained as a photographer our policy is never to touch, but she said not to worry she was fine with it, anything you want to do just do it so I assisted her, we eventually got onto the underwear shots and I must be honest I’m not normally effected with getting a hard with these shoots but this girl did it for me, this was the first time in about 20 years of shooting ladies but she was so sexy in her underwear lovely lacy knickers and lace bra with her massive tits bursting to be released, then she went topless as she did she gave me a lovely smile as her bra dropped to the floor her nipples must have been a good two centimetres long, my face must have said it all, she just said is that ok, I couldn’t get my eyes of those nipples or my words out I just went yes yes you’re fine, so I started shooting again getting some close ups of those huge nipples, the she removed her knickers and was completely shaven what an adorable site I had in front of me, she laid down and I carried on shooting although she had never modelled before she was really good, her fingers parting her lips and letting her figure slide up and down them, I could see her love juices flowing from that shaven pussy, so I paused and I asked if she was enjoying the shoot, to my surprise she said yes I really am and I can also see you are too, I felt a little embarrassed and pulled away from my camera, with that she stood up didn’t say a word walked over and kissed my cheek and undone my zip to release my very stiff cock, slid down and took it in her mouth it was only seconds before I shot my load, then she stood up and said I think you should be rewarded for doing this shoot for me, I haven’t felt this good in years, with that she took my hand and we went upstairs and had the most fantastic sex I have ever had she was on top riding like a jockey with her tits going six to the dozen, then doggy fashion whilst playing with those lovely nipples when we had finished she said would you like to do another shoot with me, I said yes I think I would I’m returning in three weeks time lets hope it as good as the first one, that was a first for me I wish I could find more like her that would make my job better again.