Written by Dan

25 Aug 2011

My wife Jenny is 48, 5'7" with short auburn hair and very bright blue eyes. She's slender with 36c tits. We were attending a college graduation party for a son of one of our friends a few years ago. We got to the party late since we had several parties to go to that night. This party was a lot more fun than the others, probably because most of the older folks (like us) had gone and there was now mostly younger people there. This was a big house and it was easy to mingle and lose sight of people. The music was loud and there there was a lot of dancing and laughing.

I happened to be standing with a group of people chatting and Jenny was in back of me talking to a group of young guys in their 20's. I was able to overhear parts of their conversations. I had noticed that sitting in a chair against the wall was an older man at least 70 years old. The group Jenny was with was talking to him. I heard them call him Lew. He was completely bald except for a few wisps of hair on his sides and his face had an ugly ruddy complexion. I could see he was carrying quite a large stomach around with him.

At one point I heard one of the guys tell Jenny that they called him "Lewd Lew" because of his big dick. Jenny said, "Yeah, right." They kept trying to convince her and Lew just sat there smiling. Finally Jenny said that even if it was as big as they said, he probably couldn't get it up. Lew said, ""You wanna bet?" My now tipsy wife said, "Sure."

"Okay," Lew said. "If my hard dick is over nine inches, you have to suck it." Jenny protested and said to make another bet. All the guys dared her and said she was too afraid to bet so she finally did! I was shocked to hear my wife talk and act like this. "What do I get?" Jenny asked. "If my cock isn't that big, then I'll eat your pussy," Lew said with an even bigger grin. All the guys laughed and Jenny said, "How about you give me, let's say, $100?" Lew quickly agreed and I think Jenny thought he'd call off the bet.

The guys got excited and said, "Let's go!" They all started down a hallway and I sneaked a peek at Jenny and I saw her looking back, probably looking for me. I followed a short distance behind them down a hallway to a bedroom on the left. I let them go in and a young guy with a ruler in his hand ran past me into the room. The door was left slightly open so I stood in the hallway and pushed it open a little further and watched. There were about eight guys in the room and their back were to me and I could peek through them a little and could see the top of Lew's head. I boldly walked into the room and stood in back the the young guys. I saw that Jenny was sitting on the edge of the bed and Lew was standing right in front of her. "Show her Lew!", someone shouted. he dropped his dirty pants and pulled his grungy white under down to his ankles. A snake of a dick dropped down to his knees and then guys shouted. I think at that point everyone in the room-even Jenny-knew Lew was going to get his cock sucked by my wife.

Jenny took the ruler in one hand and grabbed Lew's big cock in the other and she measured it. "Over nine and half!", someone said.

Jenny nervously chuckled. "Look, can I just give you the $100?"

"No fucking way," Lew said. "Suck it, Honey."

All the guys started laughing and yelling for her to suck it. I saw Jenny's flushed face get closer to his cock and open her mouth wide and close her eyes. The guys shouted encouragement. "Get her top off, " Lew commanded. Several of the guys went over to Jenny and began to take her white blouse and bra off. I could tell she was trying to protest but Lew had his hands behind her head, holding her wet mouth halfway down his shaft. His cock began to grow in her mouth and Jenny kept gagging. This made the guys cheer all the more.

Lew then picked Jenny up and he then sat on the bed and forced her to her knees as he made her suck his large nut sack.

Jenny started to get into it by sucking up and down his shaft and his cock must have been well over nine and a half inches.

One of the young guys said, "I can't take any more of this." With that he got behind Jenny and stood her up enough to pull her pants off. She again was struggling but was no match for the others who assisted. The young guy stood her up so she could still suck Lew's dick. He then pulled his pants down and grabbed my wife's hips and began to bang her roughly from behind. My wife was doing what she could do to get away from the cock in her pussy but it was useless. I then noticed that she was fucking this guy back and moaning with pleasure. I also noticed a bout three or four more guys had entered the room. Guys took turn fucking Jenny from behind as she continued to suck Lew's monster. Suddenly Lew groaned and shot his load into Jenny's mouth. Most of it ran down her chin.

Someone pulled her off Lew and pushed her onto the bed face up. Her legs were held open and man after man took their turns with her. I was so fucking horny watching Jenny servicing these young guys and enjoying it.

She was rolled over and fucked a few times from behind. I'm sure more than one guy got her in the ass which I'm sure she didn't mind since we have anal quite frequently.

Just when I thought everyone was finished I saw that Lew was hard again. He climbed on top of Jenny and she naturally wrapped her legs around this old man's ass and pulled him into her and moaned with pleasure. They both came at the same time. There was still one young guy with his dick in Jenny's mouth. After he came, it was all over. Everyone left the room and so did I. About 30 minutes later, Jenny came wandering back out to where I was. I asked where she had been and she said she had been mingling and had gone to the bathroom. I pretended I knew nothing. I could see some dried cum on her face and neck. All the way home she said nothing and I noticed as I walked into the house in back of her that she had a very large wet spot on the back of her pants.