Written by My lucky meeting

15 Nov 2010

Was on a long drive home a few weeks ago and stopped at a pub for a meal and to use the toilets.

Weht straight to the tolets and noticed there were two guys alteady using the urinals so I went into a cubicle and had a pee.

When I came out the two guys were still there just the middle w/c between them as there had been when I entered.

I went to the sink and began to wash my hands when I noticed the older guy, about mid 50s was slowly wanking.

The other guy was just standing with his prick in his hand motionless.

I made it obvious I was looking, at that point the older guy then stepped to one side and began to wank the younget one.

I then moved across to the now vacant w/c and took my prick out and began to wank slowly, getting hard very quick watching these two.

The younger guy,about 20 was standing eyes closed enjoying every minute of it.

He began to push forwards onto the older guys hand, so the older guy then dropped to his knees and took his prick in his mouth and sucked hard whilst fondling the other guys balls.

I was really rock hard and dying to cum but held back so I could see the end of the performance.

It wasn't long cumming as they young guy put his hands behing the other guys head thrust hard forwards jerking as he did.

It was obvious he was cumming as he jerked and moaned.

The old guy kept sucking until the young guy slackened off and slid out of his mouth.

Not a drop of cum in sight,he had drunk the lot.

As soon as he slipped out the old guy turned to me opend his mouth and pointed for me to put mine in.

As I said before I was so near to cumming it took only seconds for the point of no return to arrive,I was coming fast so I took his head and fucked his mouth as fast and hard as I could.

I unloaded a good weeks supply for hime which he sucked hard swallowing the lot.

The young guy had left by now so I let him suck until I was soft again, slipped out as he stood up.

He then stood and wanked hard for a few seconds until I took over.

He shot a jets of cum hard for about 10 spurts and gasped as he did.

When he had done he reached in his pocket and handed me a card the went out of the toilets.

On the card was his first name a room number and an invite to stay in the hotel for the night for more sessions if I wanted.

To bloody true I did, so I went to the bar ordered and meal and booked a room

What happened later?.

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