Written by x_lou_x

15 Jul 2010

I have a problem. I am horny too much of the time. So, about two hours ago I left the house armed to do something about it.

Drove to a popular dogging spot, to a carpark that was partly hidden by bushes, turned off the engine and waited...

I brought lube and condoms with me, and the lube was looking too tempting, so I put a splodge on my finger and got that amazing surge of pleasure from touching my clit for the first time. I shaved for the occasion, so my cunt was very slippery and soaking wet, and I circled my clit, rubbing faster and then slowing down - very frustrating but soo good! I nearly came in the drivers seat of my car, when a van pulled up. Hide the lube, pull my skirt down, look nonchalant! I wanted to be fucked roughly, the anticipation was almost killing me.

The first guy to approach me was far too old for me (I'm 21) and tried to spark up boring smalltalk, and it ended with him staring at me whilst jacking off, moving his hands slowly and deliberately whilst telling me how much he wanted to fuck me, how much he wanted to fondle my boobs, how he wanted to touch me everywhere. Guy number two comes along in the middle, asks for a cigarette, and soon I'm off talking to this new guy.

We walked round behind the bushes, saying nothing I grabbed him and kissed him urgently. His tongue was pressing into mine and his hands were moving relentless, cupping my breasts and my arse. He lay me down, got between my legs and started licking - my tummy, my inner thigh, my slit, my clit. Alternating between sucking my clit and flicking his tongue across it, he slid a hand under my bum and raised me up when I was bucking my hips against his face and latched his lips around my clit, making me nearly explode. He was teasing my clit for what seemed like forever, and I was aware of people watching in the distance. I think he was aware too, because at that moment he slid a finger inside of me which caused me to moan out loud, and starting pumping in and out of me whilst keeping his tongue busy on my ever-sensitive clit.

I pulled him up from between my legs, told him to fuck me. I undid his trousers, his cock was already erect and I took him in my mouth as far as it would go, just to gauge his reaction - his head tilted back and his breathing got sharper. I circled my tongue around the head and allowed my tongue bar to slide across the underside of his dick, his stomach muscles tightened, and I kept rhythmically bobbing my head to pleasure him. He came in my mouth and then hungrily started to assault my breasts with kisses.

Laying back down, he slid another finger into me (which drives me crazy, I fucking love it) and pulled my legs over his shoulders. I was just getting into it when he stopped, leaned over me and pushed himself into me, making me moan loudly and thrust my hips to meet his, so he was fully inside me. He fucked hard and fast, enjoying the visual of my breasts bouncing and me clutching them in bliss. He was whispering how tight I was, how gorgeous my boobs are, how I was gonna make him come any second. He asked how I was enjoying it - and drove deeper and deeper into me as I tried to say every word whilst gasping at the force he was slamming into me: I'm - fucking - loving - every - second - don't - stop.

I left with a smile on my face. He was fit as!