Written by Karen

5 Jan 2011

Hi all. I wrote just before yule about my massage experience and again about 2 weeks later, unfortunately my second letter didn't get printed, boo hoo. Guess the guy's at SH thought you'd had enough of me that month.

As you may recall im a petite redhead and live with my husband on our yacht in suffolk and so long as i ask his permission, i'm allowed to do pretty much as i please.

We aren't into the internet that much, mostly because we're too busy with other things in life and until recently because of such a poor signal. We've now registered the laptop at a friends so we can use his roaming signal, so keeping up to date with emails etc is now easy.

It was over the Yule holiday that i booked in for my regular massage, because their also good friends, prior to the treatment i sat chatting with P and his wife about the boat and general chit chat.

I touched a nerve when i said how nice it must be for Sally to have her very own masseuse as she can have a rub whenever she felt like it.

After a short exchange of banter between them S said she hadn't had a one to one rub for about 18 months as P was always too busy doing someone else.

Apparently the only time she got a rub was when he used her as a body for demostrations.

I'd often asked about attending one of his couples courses, but my hubby just isn't into it so have never attended. S said that it would help them out if i could act as a body for the course being held in February as she was away with her daughter that weekend.

I had no problem with that, laying there for two days being rubbed or gritting the decks and pontoon wasn't a hard choice.

As usual i opted for a naturist massage as i can't see the point of keeping briefs on, although apparently some ladies do prefer it.

As i was getting undressed behind the screen, P was busy blending my mix of oils and S was busy in the kitchen doing some ironing.

A few minutes into the massage and S knocked at the door and apologised for disturbing us, but P's mother was on the phone and seemed quite concerned about P's dad, who'd had a fall on the ice earlier that week.

He asked if i'd mind S taking over for a few minutes as he was worried about his parents, neither of which enjoyed good health.

I didn't mind at all as S took over, her touch was very different from P's but i'd never had a massage from another lady before and it felt quite nice.

S said she couldn't do it the same as P did and was ok doing a basic massage, but didn't know how to feel for problems ect.

After a while and P hadn't returned i sensed something wasn't right and asked S if there was a problem?

Dressed to do the ironing she was still wearing her jeans and a light fleece, and in the heat of the therapy room it turned out that she was melting.

Looking up at her flushed face I told her to take something off before she passed out. She reluctantly agreed and with nothing under the fleece she said if i'd mind were she to just wrap a towel around her waist?

Watching her undress, i was quite turned on, i think it was partly because it was unexpected and partly because she didn't wear underwear and had such a lovely body body. I've never had anything other than a fumble some time ago with another lady, but S had such a womanly body and the largest nipples i'd ever seen. She must of sensed me looking and said her nipples were always that size, adding that when she had her daughter the nurses use to go around the ward advising all the new new mums on the best way to feed, ie breast or bottle and how best to hold the baby so it could suckle easy. She said when it was her turn the nurse opened her nightdress, took one look at her nipples and just continued to the next bed,saying her baby is going to love meal times!; this caused us to laugh.

As she progressed with the massage i felt quite turned on and by the time she asked me to turn over i was mentally willing her to touch me.

It turned out that P had looked around the door some time previous and seeing that all was ok indicated to S that he was happy for her to continue.

Lying on my back i felt really naughty as i looked up at S's body. her breasts were pert and her nipples stood out like reaspberries.

As she began to massage my torso i rested my fingers against her thigh and fought the urge to reach up and carress her breasts. When she placed my hand under her upper arm to support my wrist my fingers were resting against her breast and i subconciously traced my thumb across her nipple. she didnt seem to notice and continued to massage my arm.

It was as she worked on my own breasts that i said how good it felt and at that point i sensed a change in her touch, rather than just glide across my skin she seem to carress my breasts, gently nip and pull my nipples and generally explore my body.

By the time she was working over my pubis area my arm was resting gently around her waist and every now and then i would rub my hand gently up and down her back.

It was as i lay wondering if i dare carress her breasts or even better, nibble gently on her nipples as she lent over me that her fingers traced gently over my clitorus then began to explore the surrounding folds of skin.

I found it all to much and opened my legs asking her to make me come. Suddenly she had her mouth over my nipple and was gently biting and teasing it, whilst at the same time her fingers slowly pumped and flicked across and into my moist fanny. my toes were curled up and i was moving my hips against her gentle probing.

We did try to manoureer her onto the couch but fell about laughing when her hip got stuck due to the hight, so we decided to finish off on the floor.

As i took her towel away and and tasted another woman for the first time i came with excitment and as we lay locked against each others fanny's i gave as good as i got.

I don't know how long we played for, but it felt quite natural just lying there holding each other as we rested.

I felt no embarressment as paul knocked on the door, put his head around the corner and asked if we'd like a hot drink. We both said that would be great.

As we made our way through to the lounge it felt so natural and as i passed the kitchen, i noticed that P had finished the ironing for S.

All in all i had a lovely afternoon and can't wait for my next massage, deep down i'm wondering if P will now treat me different during a massage as up to now he has always been very professional, dispite me often wishing he weren't.

I'm already hoping that the Feb course is a tantric based one and ive spent many a moment wondering who will be attending and what they'll look like?