Written by lucky guy

26 Jun 2009

We were in an hotel bar,we were staying the night and sat o a leather sofa having had 3 drinks,Mary was tipsy so when a guy in a suit wandered up and asked if he could sit on the sofa opposite it was her who said yes of course,

He started to chat straight away and I could tell that Mary was interested,she knew that I was intertested in a threesome but altough she went along with it in conversation sometimes when we were pissed mostly she said that I satisfied her and it was not right.

Two drinks laterPaul cane and sat on the sofa next to us and within 10 minutes i saw Mary leave her hand on his knee andwe both saw his cock bulge.

I went to the loo, i was rock myself, when i came back mary said that Paul had invited us to dine with him in the hotel dining room.

We sat on either side of Mary and I was preety sure that Paul had his hand up Mary`s skirt, i loved it, he went to the loo and Mary confirmed that Paul had touched the top of her hold ups and had managed about an inch of finger inside her, sh said that she wanted him now and that i could have my fantasy tonight.

Wequickly finished our meal and as soon as we entered our room Paul held Mary and kissed her passionatly lifting her skirt as she grabbed for his cock.

I was estatic both jealous and oh so driven horny, Paul to our dissapointment though he had a large hard cock did not last long so i jumped in as replacement but I was so excited by the sheer eroticism of the occasasion tha I allso shot quite quiokly,mary was so hot. she wanted more and more, Paul said that he was part of a conferance that was staying at the hotel and that he had hree friends that would ease her frustration, I was even more exited and to my joy so was Mary.

That is an even better occasion that we will share with you later.