Written by NikkiB

8 Jun 2007

A few years ago my husband and I decided to take our bedroom fantasies a little bit further and thought the first step for us was to be watched while we made love to each other. After quite a few false starts we decided that rather than the temptation of couples we would try and find an older single male. Our search led us to Ray a retired 60 plus business man who lived alone some 30 miles from us in Milton Keynes. We are both in our mid thirties with not bad bodies, I have nice firm 34 dd boobs while my husband has a nice seven inch cock and an even nicer tongue.

We talked a few times to Ray before finally meeting in a pub close by to his home.Ray was not at all my type and to be fair looked his age. medium build with a beer belly but a good head of hair. We found out he was a straight divorcee who prefered his own company as in his words there were too many gold diggers out there after his hard earned money. He was into the swinging scene as a lone male.

After establishing a few ground rules we went back to Rays home. Ray poured us a drink then put on a porn DVD and told us to enjoy ourselves.

I knew Andy my husband was keen on me stripping in front of Ray so I began a slow and seductive strip down to my stockings and suspenders nothing else. As I took of my bra I looked at Ray who was slowly rubbing his cock inside his trousers. Andy by now was also stripped and ready for action and I sunk to my knees to take his rock hard cock into my mouth slowly licking off his tasty pre cum. Andy told me afterwards that Ray by now was also naked and wanking his cock.Andy told me to go and sit in the armchair facing Ray so he could give me oral. As I eased into the chair I began to fondle and kiss my breasts as Andys tongue flicked at my puffed clit,and probed both my fanny and my arse. As I looked up I could see Ray wanking his cock and what a cock it was. It was a thick 9 incher and I have to say I could not take my eyes off of it. The sensation of Andys tongue and the thought of Rays cock pounding into me had me coming all over Andys face in seconds. No sooner had I come so did Ray. Andy laid on the floor as I straddled him still facing Ray I lowered my sodden pussy onto his cock and slowly began to ride him. My eyes were going from Andys turned on face to Rays cock which although losing its hardness was still asking to be sucked clean of the cum dripping off it. I finally sat back onto Andys cock to take all of his load as I felt myself come again.

After a couple more drinks we performed again for Ray with Andy giving me a fantastic seeing to as I knelt next to Ray who was sitting on the sofa. It was such a turn on to be that close to another cock without touching it or without Ray touching me although I knew he wanted to. As Andy came I felt Ray tense and shoot his load some of which landed on my arm, I merely wiped it up with my finger before putting it in my mouth.

We met up with Ray a few times since and I have had the pleasure of that lovely cock of his and I must say it tasted as good as it looked.