Written by cambsbob

26 Sep 2009

This account is absolutely 100% true.

I have been a member of s.h. for some years now; about 2 years ago I had the good fortune to a smashing couple on here. It must be unusual for a seperated guy like me to hit on such amazing good luck.

I have had several meets with who I shall call Don and Linda. Each time we would talk about the various little fantasies we would love to enact.

This time when we contacted each by email to arrange a meeting it turned out that Don could not be there, however he wanted Linda and I to carry on as long as we told him all the details after ( hence this letter)

On her Email Linda said she would be my sex slave! that I could do what I liked with her. I honestly has difficulty getting to sleep for two nights previously, because I was so excited. I should explain that Linda is a very sexy lady and Don is a smashing guy who loves to see Linda enjoying herself.

It was a very sunny day when I arrived at Linda's door. She answered it in a very sexy outfit with just the right amount of cleavage showing to attract my eyes to that area! We had coffee and talked for a bit, but I think Linda could see that I was getting a hard lump in my trousers because she said " Do you want to go upstairs"?

I just could not get my clothes off quick enough in the bedroom, and pealed off what remained on Linda until we were both naked. I asked Linda if I could massage her whole body first with her oil, and got her to lie down on the bed on her front.

I just wish anyone reading this could see that lovely, lovely naked sight on the bed. I started rubbing the oil into her shoulders and back, and had to kneel astride her bum to do so ( that was a lovely sensation on my cock)

Soon I moved down and massaged her calves and up to her thighs, making sure that my hands went between the top of her thighs. I shifted a bit so that her legs could move apart and was able to reach that lovely pussy, which I rubbed with oil.

I wanted things to last so I asked Linda to turn over and stated to move the massage up the front of her legs, but soon I just had to get my hands inside that wonderful pussy, which was warm and wet.

I was able to lean down and lick her clit while my hand was inside. It was just the 'best' sensation. To do this I was kneeling with my legs at the side of Linda's breasts; she found that she could now reach my cock and with a hand under my balls she sucked the end of my cock! Just amazing!

After a while I suggested we ran a bath so that I could play with her pussy in the warm soapy water ( something I have been wanting to do for soo long!)

Linda ran the bath while I could not keep my hands off her from behind1, got in and I was able to experience 'heaven' by getting my hands up that warm wet soapy pussy. Linda enjoyed it when I scooped up the water to run down the front of her pussy. Ater a bit I climbed in on top of Linda, because my cock was just getting so stiff, it needed to feel that pussy.

However my foot unfortunately knocked the plug out and we abandoned that attempt!

when we went back to bedroom I could not resist a bit more oil on that beautiful body, followed by a feel of pussy. But we got so excited we just had to get 'cock in pussy'

I asked Linda if she would get a vibrating ring, that Don had introduced me to before. She put it on my cock, I lay back and Linda got on top.

I can hardly find the words to describe the utterly fantastic sensation of my cock up Linda's pussy. It is so delightful. We make it last as long as we can but eventually I came inside her , it was wonderful. I can still imagine the feeling now, although I wish it was more than just imagining!

We carried on moving against each other for some time. It was a really lovely time, feeling Linda's fantastic naked body on me, and my cock was still enjoying the vibrating and warm liquids coming out of Linda.

Just my luck that I then had a text from my son to say that out fridge freezer had broked down! So I made ready to go.

It was sods law that on the way home he text again to say it was now working after a kick!

Also sods law that later on the journey home I started to think about the meet and get excited again! by the time I was home I had a stiff cock again.

What a waste!

Cant wait till next time I visit Don and Linda.