Written by Tom

12 May 2008


Thanks for reading our adventures with George, I’d just thought I would update you on what been happening. For those of you who are new just to quickly introduce ourselves we are Alison and Tom a young married couple both in our early 20’s we have been married for 2 years but seeing each other for 6 years. We are adventurous in our sex lives and our pervy little secret is that we love 3somes with more mature men. Our new friend is George a widower who is 65 and lives not to far away from us. We met George via SH and have had three very successful sessions with him.

On our last email I told you how Alison had met up with George for lunch and subsequently met with his friend Charles. Since then when we have been in bed making love and talking dirty to each other not all aural sex is oral you know! Alison has been very horny in thinking about entertaining the two them and having a mmmf session. We have been going into great detail about her showing off her body, sucking and fucking us all and being drenched in three different lots of cum.

When Alison has been on the phone to George he has asked her about how she liked Charles and how much Charles liked her and every time George and he meet he always brings the conversation around to what is she like does she suck and swallow does she do anal etc. George being George likes to get one over his long time friend and describes in detail Alison’s mouth her cunt her tight arse. How good it is watching her and I make love then joining in. How I like to enter her pussy when its been well lubricated with her juices and his cum and how he always licks her clean after. Poor Charles at first couldn’t believe it but after meeting Alison now just says what a lucky bastard George is and how he would love to fuck her. Alison just loves this attention and the talk just makes her hornier and hornier which of course I take advantage of.

Apart from talking on the phone because of work and social commitments we haven’t met up with George, but we are going too, hopefully on Sunday afternoon. We are planning or rather Alison is planning to put on a vibrator and sex toy show for us. She has a good selection of toys from mini vibrators (bullets) to a monster one 12 inches easy. However her favourite thing at the moment is a wand which is basically a clit stimulator although having it rubbed around your balls is also very nice. She has told George that he can take a couple of pictures of her pussy on his mobile to show to Charles. I really think she is enjoying teasing Charles.

Will let you know. Once again to all the people who leave comments and read our adventures thanks we were surprised how positive you are. We were concerned that it may be boring or not well written.