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26 Jan 2019

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Saturday 10th November - Meeting 21 - Stuart

Friday  16th November - Meeting 22 - Ajmal

Thursday 22nd November - Lee

Meeting 21 - Stuart

It took a couple of weeks for Sally to recover from her threesome with Brian, Ian and I. She had bad stomach cramps and a bad case of thrush. That, however, had not quelled her sex drive and was starting to get a bit snappy with me and so when I offered her to meet Stuart she accepted willingly. Via our friend Lee we have befriended and a football crowd and this has proved to be a good network to meet new guys although I was still wary of the notoriety this was now causing and would have to temper that in the New Year. Stuart had met Sally at the pub where Lee had taken her when she stayed over with him and was besotted by her by all accounts. He had called me and emailed me several times and eventually I agreed we would meet him at his hotel room, where he was staying on business, in Solihull for a couple of hours.

He was super nervous at first, but Sally took some control and had him relaxed, but hard in next to no time. She loved performing for me as she sucked his cock on the bed. Pushing her bottom back so I could see her pussy. Gosh she has come along way since that first meeting. No longer shy and anxious and really enjoying performing for me. I was just happy to watch her today. When he was warmed up she mounted him like a jockey mounts his ride and waved her boobs in his face while she fucked him.

It did not take him long to gain some confidence and take control himself and began to show me what he has asked he could do to Sally. At one point he held her by the throat as he fucked my lovely wife.

He finished about 90 minutes later by fucking her against the hotel room window with the curtains open so that he could show her off to any passers by (we were on the 1st floor).  We told Sally that the glass was frosted on the outside, but the look on the faces of the people that passed by in the car park that was definitely not the case, but Sally seemed to have a fantastic time anyway.

Meeting 22 - Ajmal

Ajmal was a really self-confident guy in his late 20's.  I had met him when taking a taxi in the center of Birmingham, Ajmal was driving, and we just got chatting about women with big boobs when a gorgeous blonde crossed a zebra crossing in front of us. I could not help tell him about Sally and sharing and he wanted to get in on the action. I had arranged a Skype call and booked him to take Sally into town so they could chat. Sally seemed to like the guy and the booking was made by Sally in the taxi there and then.

I sat with Ajmal in the bar of the hotel in Birmingham we had booked for the evening discussing Sally before she arrived to meet us both. He really enjoyed telling me how he was going to fuck her, how he was going to put his cock in arse and put his fingers in her mouth to fish hook her. We seemed to share the same enjoyment of women as me. I think he also saw an opportunity in Sally and promised that he could hook us up with a great many of his friends. He kept telling me that Asian guys just love slutty white girls with big tits. This was going to be a first for Sally anyway, sleeping with an Asian guy.

Sally had taken the afternoon off work and had arranged to meet us in the hotel at around 2pm. I had agreed with Ajmal that I would stay in the bar as I had a few calls to make and a conference call to attend. Sally was a little taken back when I mentioned this, but smiled, not wanting to offend anyone and walked over to check-in and then escorted Ajmal upstairs.

Ajmal emerged well over 2 hours later with a beaming smile. He had left Sally to get cleaned up and he sat with me before heading off and described his time with my wife. Ajmal told me that he had started off nice and gentle and had soon got more confident with her and by the end was having anal sex with her while mauling, groping and sucking on her tits. He smiled broadly as he told me he had fucked her pussy, mouth and then her arse and had cum inside her without wearing a condom. I was a bit surprised by this, but was actually enjoying him brag about fucking my wife. He again told me he had a number of friends that he could introduce me to if I wanted. hhhmm this could be another rich vein?

He left and hour later and I went up to see Sally and get ready for our evening out in Birmingham.

Regular meeting with Lee

This overnight stay with Lee has become a regular monthly occurrence for Sally and something I am extending with Toby who has booked a night in a Spa hotel near us on Saturday 1st December. I am away with work for a week so a good time to share her love. Also Mike (who she met in June) who has booked a hotel in London on Friday 7th and 8th December. I am  back on the 8th.

Lee has hooked up with Sally like this a few times now. His routine was that he picks her up from work and drives her back to his place and fucks her brains out for a few hours and then has tended to take her down the pub to show her off to the rest of his buddies which is mainly made up of the football crowd I have mentioned. I had asked him not to take her down the pub as she did not really enjoy it. He understood and agreed.

'Just marking my territory" says Lee

So he picked her up and fucked her for a couple of hours and then went down the pub on his own and asked her (nicely apparently) to cook them dinner and give the house a clean. He text me as he left and told me what he had done. I smiled, but if I know Sally she would have enjoyed cooking and is a tidy person so would have cleaned up anyway. Lee was very amused by this. He just told me that not only was he fucking my wife she was now his house maid as well. He sent me a text saying that he had marked his territory and sent me this picture.

Although Sally rarely gives much away about her nights away, Lee is always forthcoming and texts and calls me before, during and after to tell me what is going on. He told me that when he got back from the pub he was very horny and had text ahead to tell her he was on his way and she should get naked and get into bed ready for him. She had protested because she has cooked, but had obliged anyway and was apparently lying spread eagle on the bed for him. He told me he climbed onto her and fucked her like a whore, kissing her passionately and mauling and groping her breasts. Apparently she loved it! He continued that she insisted on sucking his cock and balls and had not flinched when he shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed his load and kept sucking until he was finished.

They had eaten together afterwards and then resumed fucking my wife. He complimented me on how well trained she now was. In the morning he text me saying he was sending her home again with her 'cunt well used', his words.

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