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19 Feb 2019

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Saturday January 5th

Our first meeting for the new year and this proved to be something special. I want to keep Sally on her toes and push her boundaries and what better way to allow a guy to fuck her who she has never met or spoken to.

I had met Tyrone online last year and had chatted with him at length over the next few weeks which included Skype calls and face to face. I purposely had not intrduced Sally to Tyrone, but just told her that I had checked him and I wanted her to meet him for the first time in the hotel. As you can imagine that had meant that Sally had been anxious about the meeting all morning. This was not a familiar routine and I just tried to keep her occupied and relaxed as best I could. It was a blessing when we left the house around 3pm for the hotel in Droitwich. We arrived just after 5pm and checked in and allowed Sally to go and get a bath. I told her to get naked and get into bed ready for us. 

I met Tyrone in the hotel bar at around 6pm and we sat and had a beer before going up. I have done this before and quite enjoy in a sadistic way of Sally waiting for us anxiously. Tyrone was a handsome black guy, 6ft 2”, strong and athletic. Sally was going to love him. Like many other discussions before, I told him to enjoy himself and warned him about our safewords. All was agreed and we headed up to our room.

Tyrone was first into the room and I loved the look on Sally's face as she saw him, mixed emotions, shock, nervous, smiling! She had the covers under her chin, looking quite vulnerable for a change. Tyrone introduced himself and then slowly stripped off in front of her. I pulled up a chair and sat at the end of the bed. Her face expressions made me smile, wonder, then amazement, then desire. When he removed his boxers she gasped unconciously. Sally has been with some well-endowed guys, but this guy was one of the biggest I am sure.

He climbed in under the covers next to Sally pushing her over so he could sit in the middle. He encouraged her to climb on top of him and straddle his thick cock. She struggled to get him inside her and it took a few minutes before she was able to rest on his lap. I pulled the covers back so I could see this guy’s black cock balls deep in her pussy. The contrast was amazing and I could see her pussy lips stretched tightly around the base and the thickest part of his large cock. He fucked her like this for ages, having her lean back so he could look at and maul her breasts with his hands and the forward so he could suck on her nipples and breasts. This was interpursed by frenzied fucking as she bounced up and down on his thick cock or he held her bottom and fucked her like a machine. 

Tyrone was verbal throughout. Calling Sally names and performing a running commentary on what he was doing with my wife. He asked if I wanted a go? He then ushered Sally onto the floor into a kneeling position and I stood one side and Tyrone the other. She then held our cocks and swung her head back and forth sucking on both of us. We both reached down and groped her breasts as she sucked. Tyrone was first to cum, positioning her head backwards and telling her to open her mouth. The first squirt was impressive and coated her face and the rest he aimed in her mouth. What an impressive cum load. It was to much for me so I adjusted her head and let me load go as well as I aimed careful so it all went in her mouth. I am a heavy cummer and by the look of how much Tyrone produced he had been saving up. Sally proudly showed us the cum now swilling around in her mouth. She opened wide so as not to spill a drop.

He told her persuasively not to swallow and we both watched her blow cum bubbles with what seemed an awful lot of cum. Finally he instructed her to swallow. She pulled a few funny faces as she did so, but showed us both that our cum was now in her stomach. I was in heaven!

Tyrone asked if he could have a shower and disappeared. I checked my watch and it was already 8.30pm. We had been using Sally for about an hour and a half, but the night was still young. I retrieved a bottle of champagne from the bag we had brought along and popped the cork. I poured three glasses and we all sat and toasted a good start to the evening. I told Sally to try her trick on Tyrone who was sitting on the edge of the bed. She got on her knees and took a swig of Champagne. Tyrone's cock was semi-hard and she popped the head into her mouth. He yelped with surprise as the bubbles hit his cock. He smiled broadly and we watched together as Sally brought him back to full hardness.

He allowed Sally to pleasure him for 5 or so minutes before moving me off the big arm chair I was sitting in and telling Sally to take my place. He told her to lie back and open her legs wide. Her pussy was glistening and she looked so inviting sitting there like that. Tyrone got the now half full bottle and knelt between her legs. He pushed the bottle into her pussy making her gasp with the coldness. He told her to close her eyes and then he tipped the bottle up. She yelped out loud as the champagne poured into her pussy. She shuddered suddenly, giggling like a schoolgirl. Tyrone knelt forward and starting licking and sucking on her pussy. He then stood up and bent forward and kissed her transferring some of the Champagne as he did so. She purred like a cat. He repeated three of four times until she held his head in place and let yet another orgasm rip through her. Tyrone smiled at me as he stood and admired his work.

Tyrone gave her little time to recover and took her by the arm, pushing her onto her hands and knees on the bed. He stood behind her and pushed his cock slowly into her pussy. She gasped and held her hand out on his bare stomach to attempt to control his invasion into her. He called me over and showed me that his cock was now balls deep into my wife. He told me that he really liked fucking her and that she was a very good fuck

I think the end result was expected!!! He fucked her like this for ages slow and grinding then fast and aggressive. He made her tell me how good it was that this black stud was using her as a whore. I hopped onto the bed and pushed my cock into her mouth and joined in the fun. We timed our movements, Tyrone fucked her roughly as I fucked her mouth aggressively at the same time. Then allowing her time to recover before repeating. Tyrone then asked if I had any lube. I went back again to our bag and handed him some baby oil. He withdrew his cock and covered it with baby oil then spilling some onto her bottom rubbing it around her arse hole. He gently pushed his cock back into her pussy and pushed his thumb softly into her ass. She yelped at the speed of his entry, but was soon grinding on his cock as his thumb loosened her ass. After another 10 minutes of careful attention he called me round and had me watch while he spent the next 15 minutes working his thick black cock into her ass. He was patient, but determined. Sally pulled away three of four times struggling to handle his size. Each time he added more lube and started again. Each time inching slowly further inside her.

Finally his cock was all the way in. I could see her arse almost stretched to splitting point around the base of his cock. He stayed like that motionless for several minutes reaching under and mauling her big breasts, fingering her soaking wet pussy and then making her lick his fingers clean. I watched her face contort with the concentration, pain and pleasure of his assault on her ass. Then he started to push it in and out of her slowly.

She gripped the bed, biting her lip trying to be still enough so that his cock slid in and out of her with ease. His pace increased slowly at first, but as she got more used to it and her arse was stretched more and more his rhythm quicken. He gripped her hips tightly and pushed forward with force and I heard his upper legs slap against her bottom. She screamed out loud so piercing that it made me jump. He withdrew and repeated making her cry out and pull away suddenly. He resumed his position and encouraged me to use her mouth at the same time.

He held his cock just inside her arse as I got stood at the end of the bed and pushed my aching cock into Sally's mouth. He then thrust with such force that the slap was like hands clapping. She muffled a cry around my cock now deep in her throat and even tried to pull away, but together we held her firmly. He withdrew and she relaxed. He added more lube to his cock and pushed it back into her arse positioning himself again just inside her. He continued to encourage me to fuck her mouth and when she while he pounded her arse. The slap on her bottom became rhythmic as he pushed his cock in and out of her stretched arse. He withdrew and forced himself back in her again and again. She gripped the bed with such force that her knuckles where white. We were relentless for what seemed ages. We would stop, let her rest and then repeat. I stepped back after a while to watch and soon after I watched a fierce orgasm rip through her like none other I had seen before. He fucked her through it, stopping to watch her convulse and buck beneath him. Finally after 40 or 50 minutes of fucking her like this he let out a groan and shot his load into her ass. He stood shaking, his cock still balls deep into her bottom as she twitched below him. She gasped when he withdrew and lay motionless for 10 minutes panting heavily.

Tyrone told me to have a go on her myself. So I hopped onto the bed, added lube on my cock and propped Sally up as Tyrone had just done. I entered her arse easily and held myself inside her admiring my cock now stretching her as Tyrone had done. I started pumping, she groaned and let out pants and sighs as I fucked her roughly. As I had not long cum myself I was able to fuck her freely for ages. It was not long before Tyrone was ready again waved his cock in her face. I carried on fucking her ass while he got hard again in her mouth.

Once again Tyrone took control and manoeuvred himself into the sitting position on the bed and had her straddle him. Her pussy was now well stretched and she slide down on him with ease. He then told me to get behind her and fuck her ass. This would have taken some time to achieve if she was not already nicely stretched in both her pussy and arse. We were both soon fucking her freely, Sally the meat in our sandwich. We carried on roughly fucking both holes not allowing her any time to rest or recover. Tyrone continued his fascination with her breasts, sucking and biting her nipples making Sally pull away on several occasions. After 30 minutes in this position, we swapped. This time Sally it took us a few goes before finally getting both of us inside her again. Another 20 minutes of random and passionate fucking continued before I felt myself cumming again and convulsed as I pumped my load into her pussy.

Tyrone allowed me to climb out from underneath her. He flipped her over onto her back, legs wide apart and pushed his cock deep into her pussy. He kissed her passionately as he fucked her now oblivious to my presence in the room. He then lifted her in the air allowing her legs to wrap around him his cock deep in her pussy. Finally he arched his back and groaned loudly as he unloaded his cum deep into her pussy. He stepped back swinging her legs onto the bed. Sally never moved, she had passed out. It was now just after midnight.

I suggested we go down to the bar and chat about the evening. Sally was still in the same position when we got back, but we wanted another go on her. We woke her gently and she cooperated obediently although a little dazed. I finally shoot my third load into Sally after about 30 minutes. What a girl.

I then sat back again and watched Tyrone as he pounded his cock into Sally's pussy and then into her arse over and over again. The man had amazing stamina. He just didn't stop. I listened to her yelp and gasp and moan and scream out loud as his thighs and stomach slapped against her over and over. To finish what was a truly amazing night Tyrone had Sally suck him off again holding her head firmly as he shot his load down her throat. He held his cock as deep as it would go making sure she swallowed ever drop. I could see him smiling as she coughed and spluttered in front of him.

It was now 3am and we both crashed on the bed, Sally in the middle motionless as before. We slept soundly.

Sunday 6th January 2019

Tyrone and I woke at 8am and agreed to get breakfast and let Sally sleep in. I was still horny and so was Tyrone. I told him that we needed to check-out by midday and we needed at least an hour to get sorted as we were off to Sunday dinner with Sally's parents. That gave us just under two hours to use Sally again.

She was not disappointed. Sally was just coming out of the bathroom when we returned and she knew what was going to happen next. I took up a seat in the corner and sat back to watch Tyrone use my wife again. He fucked her pussy and then ass over and over again, changing positions from doggy to on her back, slapping her backside and holding hair tightly like he was riding a stubborn horse. He never stopped thrusting his cock in her for nearly an hour, Sally just held onto the pillow, mattress or head board and yelped and screamed and moaned over and over.

We repeated the double penetration routine. Swapping every so often so we both got to abuse both her holes. Tyrone continued his mistreatment of her boobs which were now showing love bite marks, her nipples were hard red and swollen. He playfully and firmly slapped her boobs as she bounced up and down on his cock which at one point nearly made her lose balance and fall off him.

Finally as 11am approach he flipped her onto her back and we both took it in turns to wank over her face leaving a thick gooey cum mess. A deserving reward for a special experience.

Next story in series: April 2017 - Meeting 1 - Sally is shared for the first time

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