Written by stevehz

25 Jul 2008

I have had some really good meets on this site and thought I would share this latest one with you, especially as Jenny said she would love to see my report of the fun we had on the stories section of SH. Anyway, I am a 57 yo guy and had responded to an Ad from Jenny, who was a 22 yo living not far me. She replied to me and asked for my phone number which I gave her and soon we were chatting on the phone. She was a very bubbly girl and she sent me some pics by email and I have to say she was gorgeous. Size 10 with gorgeous pert 32B tits and a pussy that was shaved and looking delicious. She agreed to meet for a coffee the next day and when she walked in to Starbucks, she looked even more stunning than her pics. She had a gorgeous smile and was wearing a just below the knee black skirt and what I found out later were black stockings and a smart cream blouse. She smiled and came over and after a coffee and chatting we were clearly getting on well and I have to say again she was absolutely stunning. I am a very oral guy and this is one of the things that attracted her after she read my profile and we had chatted. I also love a girl to wear stockings and heels and lacy lingerie and she was more than happy to oblige as she loved feminine lingerie. Wondering how to make a move, she suddenly said “ok are you taking me home then” as she smiled at me. I couldn’t believe my luck really, but quickly cleared up and took her to my car. Her legs were gorgeous and she saw I was staring so as we drove to my house, she slid her skirt up and exposed the lovely lace tops of her black stockings. My hard on throbbed even more at this erotic sight and she giggled as she reached across and rubbed my groin. We soon got home and I was so horny for her. She was quite tall around 5’8” and she pulled me close and we kissed as I felt the warmth of her young body close to me. She knew I loved to feel up a girls skirt and sort of smiled looking down at her skirt as if to say, ok go on then. Well I couldn’t resist and my hands were sliding up her nyloned legs under her skirt to find those lovely lacy stocking tops which I caressed and stroked lovingly as she stood with her legs slightly apart. “ok on your knees” she ordered and I was quickly in position as my head moved up under her skirt and found her lovely lacy panties. She parted her legs wider for me and my lips found her panties as I kissed her lips through the lovely panties. I could smell her sweet young sex as my tongue explored her pussy through the scanty material and she was now holding my head to her groin and groaning gently. I pulled her panties aside and had my first taste of her sweet pussy juices as my tongue slipped inside her and she pushed me harder to her and groaned again, louder this time. Then she pulled me away and told me she wanted to enjoy this properly, so we moved to the bedroom. She slipped off her skirt and blouse and her lovely pert tits were so inviting in her white lacy bra and she let me feel her tits and I slid my hand inside her bra as I stood behind her fondling and stroking her tits and nipples. She reached back and undid her bra and faced me moving my head down to her lovely hard nipples. I sucked and licked her lovely nipples again not daring to believe my luck. Then she moved me away and laid on the bed, now in just her stockings and panties and told me to take off my clothes. I was very aware of my spreading waist and stomach that at my age is so hard to control, despite my regular visits to the gym, but she just smiled and kissed my stomach as she stroked my throbbing cock. She laid herself down and slipped off her panties, passing them to me. She knew I loved to lick wet panties and she watched smiling as I licked the gusset enjoying her juices as she fondled my balls. She then spread her legs wide and her tight little pussy looked so puffy and wet and inviting as she told me to lick her good as she needed a good licking, which was the main purpose of our meeting. I spent just over an hour adoring and loving her sweet young pussy as my tongue and lips enjoyed every warm wet inch of her sex and her bud was so enlarged and so beautiful. Finally I concentrated on her lovely bud and sucked and licked until she was bucking like crazy and moaning as she pressed my face hard against her. She absolutely poured her juices into my waiting lips as I drank them down enjoying every drop and the aroma of an aroused young woman was just wonderful. She shouted out several times asking for more and just saying God I’m cumming, I’m cumming, eat my cunt. It took ages for her to calm down and she kept telling me she had never felt so good and never cum so hard as I continued to slowly kiss and lick her tight pussy as she began to relax.

Now the deal was if I could make he cum she would suck me off and let me cum all over her face as we had discussed this by email and god was I hard for her warm lips. She got me to lie back on the bed and I watched in ecstasy as her warm lips engulfed my head and her tongue worked her magic as she looked up at me. Truth be told, I was so turned on as I watched her suck me and lick my cock as she fondled my balls with her hand, I couldn’t hold back for long and soon I told her I was cumming. Jenny took the first spurt in her mouth and then held my cock as it sprayed all over her face and long dark hair as she closed her eyes and just let my creamy spunk spurt all over her gorgeous young face. And god did I cum it just seemed to spurt and spurt as I covered her face and hair. She looked gorgeous with my cum dripping from her face and I pulled her to me kissing and holding her close as we shared my spunk together, I could taste it in her lips and face as we just enjoyed the calm after such a good erotic cum fest.