Written by ian

1 May 2007

I`d always wanted to be a part of a MMF threesome, preferably me, my wife and another guy, as I was convinced my wife would enjoy it as much as me. Well after 3 months of trying to get my wife to agree and not succeeding, I decided it would have to be with someone else.

I joined a few websites and came up trumps about 3 weeks later. I met up with Pam and Gary who were looking for a guy to join them. They had met a few guys already but were wanting to meet a fresh face (and cock), and that was going to be me.

I had a day off so met at their house while my wife was at work, Pam had told me that she always fucked the guys she met and I was guaranteed a good time, so I entered the house with a hard on straining my pants. We all had a glass of wine to relax us, then Pam sat next to me on the couch and got my cock out to wank it. Gary was taking photos as she pulled my trousers down to get better access to my cock. I lifted her skirt to find no knickers and my finger slipped straight into her juicy pussy as she parted her legs and started to gasp as she wanked me harder.

Soon I knelt before her and pushed her knees apart to tongue her sweet pussy. She soon told me to get my cock into her, which I gladly did, after only a few thrusts of my cock she was squealing, and telling Gary that she was loving this and was about to come, Gary took more pics as she bit into my shoulder as she came with a series of whimpers and I unloaded my balls into her fanny.

Gary was rock hard and pushed me out of the way so that he could push Pam to the floor to fuck her doggy style, I watched amazed, as his cock squelched into her and my spunk was forced out of her and dribbled down her thighs.

Pam told me to stop watching and get my cock into her mouth. This was what I was here for and was so turned on as Gary fucked her hard, while pushing her head onto my cock, she greedily gobbled it and I felt my second load of spunk welling up. I asked Gary where she liked it and he said try to hold on as she liked his come in her pussy at the same time as swallowing another guys, I managed to hold back until I could tell Gary was about to add his spunk to what was left of mine in Pams Pussy, then I let fly with mine...........there wasn`t much this time and Pam swallowed it all and we all collapsed with a smile.........But Pams was the biggest.

We had a glass of wine then she sucked me back to hard ness, I wasn`t as hard as I would like, normally I wouldn`t get hard at all after two lots of spunk, but the situation helped me get quite hard and I managed to fuck Pam again as Gary took more photos.it was quite gentle and sedate compared to our earlier frenzied efforts, but we both enjoyed it and Pam came gently as Gary kissed her breasts.

Gary has asked if I would perform with Pam, and one of her other lovers, while he films it.......I will let you know what happens