Written by redbull14

21 Dec 2008

Calling all coppers my wife needs attention from a fit horny man in uniform this is something she talks about and gets wet thinking about, She would like to be stopped and reprimanded I’m sure if you asked to come to our house to inspect her with a full body search she would be in her element.

You could rub your hands all over her inspecting her to see if she is guilty of being wet and horny, you could slip your hands into her top feeling her firm breasts and tweeking her hard nipples just to make sure she is not hiding things then slowly sliding your hands up her thighs until you reach her thong then slide it to one side while probing her very wet pussy and slipping your fingers one by one into her engorged wet pussy,

Then placing her over the table with her arms and legs spread eagle while you remove your hard member and place it at her wet entrance as she screams with pleasure and asking you to slip it up her.

As you start to thrust your hard cock in and out each time with more force she gets wetter and screams fuck me you bastard, then she looks around and I’m watching through the window with my cock in my hand she then realises this is the fantasy we have both been waiting for she then mouths for me to come in as she wants to suck me while you are fucking her doggy that’s driving her wild as she sucks me harder I can tell you are shooting your wad into her pussy I then unleash my wad into her mouth this is the first time she has had a spit roast.

After a few minutes she turns around and starts to suck the coppers hard cock tasting the own pussy juices while I taste the cum you have left dripping out of her warm wet cunt we then spit roast her in reverse again after a while we both unleash another wad of warm cum into her, we then dress while she is sprawled over the table and you give her a caution and tell her if you see her acting suspiciously again you will have to do this again.

She drives around most nights in Bognor hoping to be stopped by you or one of your colleges hears hoping as we fuck thinking about that night, hope to see you again Mr 999