Written by MichaelG

4 Oct 2014

After my last session with the Prof and Sophie I was exhausted. Sophie knew how to use her strap on, and even with the Prof sucking my cock it was hard to bare. In comparison when the Prof mounted me for the final action of the evening it was almost a relief. Eventually under the influence of Sophie's skilful hands and mouth I shot an enormous load which splashed all over her huge tits.

I had almost recovered by the weekend which was just as well as my girlfriend was coming to stay. I did my duty, which is to say that I fucked her hard both Friday and Saturday night; but I almost made the mistake of sticking my cock in her arse which I had never done with her before, and which was not on her list of things to do with me. The trouble was that I had experienced so much variety recently that it now seemed quite normal to fuck her in each available hole.

After a quiet start to the week I received an e-mail from the Prof:-

' We would like to invite you to dinner on Thursday evening if you are free, besides yourself there will be one other guest.'

I replied in the affirmative, but as I walked to the Prof's I wondered who else was coming and what they would be like.

Amelia was a pretty blond, quite tall , lovely legs and small boobs. I fancied her from the start.

' Amelia's in her final year' the Prof said, and ' she's a keen student. ' There was a clear double meaning in the Prof's words as Sophie giggled out an 'Indeed she is!' As we withdrew into the sitting room I walked behind Amelia, watching how her arse cheeks moved under her tight mini skirt. I started to get hard.

Sophie took charge as usual, directing the Prof and I to sit on one of the sofas, while she sat opposite with Amelia. Almost at once Sophie started to strip Amelia before shedding her own clothes. For a moment they both stood naked together, and what a contrast . Sophie with her huge dangling breasts and Amelia with erect nipples but virtually no tits at all. Sophie was shorter than Amelia whose long legs seemed to go on forever up to her shaven pussy. Amelia was certainly pretty and she had an innocence which made her all the more attractive; however, this innocence didn't stop her dropping to her knees in front of Sophie and then burying her head between Sophie's legs. This was just a preliminary as both women sank to the floor.

The Prof started fumbling with my flies and began playing with my cock as we watched Amelia kneeling between Sophie's open legs as though paying homage to her hairy cunt. She went down on Sophie like an expert and if Sophie's delightful squeals were anything to go by, Amelia knew how to lick a cunt.

The Prof let go of my cock and leaned forward to get a better view

' That's what years at a girls' boarding school teaches you'

I nodded in agreement mesmerised by the panting bodies entwined below.

Amelia was now using one hand to gently massage Sophie's clit, while with the other she began to ease her fingers up into Sophie's gaping cunt. First two, then three and then her whole hand seemed to disappear as Amelia thrust in and out, in and out as Sophie grunted and groaned with increasing pleasure. Then the Prof was on the floor as well , squeezing Sophie's nipples in time with Amelia's thrusts. I joined them reaching under Sophie's bottom to slide a finger into her arse hole. Sophie began bucking and flexing as she raced to orgasm, and then with a screamed, echoing 'FUCK' she came.

All was still. I looked up and saw Amelia's face - it was bright red as though she had been caught in an embarrassing situation. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the Prof taking his clothes off, and I did the same. He went forward to Amelia and held out his hand, she took it and he helped her up then lead her to the sofa. Amelia laid back on the sofa , opened her legs and in a moment she was getting a very hard fucking. How she took it I'll never know, but the Prof fucked her in every conceivable way and Amelia seemed to orgasm with every new position. He finished off by bouncing her up and down as she sat on his ever hard cock. After he came Amelia seemed to slide off him onto the floor.

I was rock hard and Sophie stared at my erection :

'Well Michael, you'd better fuck Amelia in her arse hole.'