Written by skipper

27 Oct 2011

My name is john, im 44 and married to sue who's 31, a petite size 8, 32B cupped boobs and fairly toned legs, due to lots of walkies with Ben out spaniel.

During last summer we'd decided to go for a walk around Oulton water, our local reservoir.

As we came to the car park that we use, we noticed a guy sailing a radio controlled model boat, i later learnt it was of a Gaff rigged design.

We stopped and chattered for some time as its a hobby thats always been of interest to me, but never pursued.

The out-come of our conversation was an invite if we were ever passing his house so i could suss out his various models, in the hope of me deciding on what sort to buy.

Sue commented on how friendly he was and if he was the normal model boater she'd change her opinion of them all being a bunch of sado's with toy boats.

A couple of hours later we returned to the car, just as he was packing up. Again we spoke about boats. He showed us some photos of his various boats, and even Sue was impressed and was soon adding that being a wizard on her sewing machine, she could help by making my sails.

Over the next few days we returned to the car park for our daily walk, but he wasn't there.

It was Sue who suggested that as he gave us a card with his details on, he obviously wouldn't mind if i contacted him. So later that day i phoned him and true to his word, he invited us round whenever we wanted. We agreed to pop over later that day.

His garage/workshop was full of boats, glues and tools, I quite liked a tug he had, but Sue preferred a Large white yacht with two masts and massive sails.

We then went into his home to view some other boats and to chat over a coffee.

Being a keen photographer Sue commented on the various boat photos dotted around the place and how good they were. As they conversed about cameras X switched on his lap top and showed her some of his work. Amongst the land/seascape shots there was one or two glamour shots of his partner on a motor bike and in other locations.

She brazenly asked if she could see some others, throughout the photo viewing i tried to turn the conversation back to boats, X was happy to do so, but Sue was still commenting on his photos.

After some time she asked if he'd like to take some photo's of her?

Looking at me she said, " you wouldn't mind and would quite like some photos of me, wouldn't you John"?

Let me back track a bit, other than going topless on holidays abroad, sue has never so much as kissed another guy in 20 years of our marriage, so i was both shocked and excited by her statement, plus i wondered what sort of shots she meant?

It was decided that as the early evening light was so nice, the garden would be an ideal place to take the photos.

Thinking the further away from the bedroom the better, I was partly relieved as we made our way down stairs to the garden.

Behind a hedge of conifers was a secluded section of garden and beneath a wooden gazebo was a hot tub.

I could tell that Sue was quite excited and happily began posing and pulling funny faces as X sorted his camera out.

Asked what sort of photos she wanted, sue replied, "lets just go with the flow".

X snapped as Sue posed and after a few shots she said make me look alluring, then undid a couple of the buttons on her blouse.

X said she looked good and sue undid a couple more buttons and I became aware of the stirring in my trousers. i had mixed feeling about the scene before me, part of me was excited and i also felt jealous and angry but i didn't know why, plus i was surprised by Sue's behaviour.

As she slipped out of her blouse and posed with it draped across her shoulder i could see her nipples had become quite prominent beneath her bra.

The stirring in my trousers had grown into a full erection and i was forced to adjust my self.

Sue was really into the photos and suggested X took some of her with no bra on, but the blouse partly covering her boobs.

As she turned to take her bra off and replace the blouse, X continued to snap away. Seeing a side view of her, with the blouse loosely hanging and partly shielding her breasts looked great.

As the poses continued, Sue slipped the blouse off and stood facing us with her thumbs tucked into the waist band of her shorts.

High heels, toned legs, fairly tight red shorts, naked torso and erect nipples, topped by a smiling face with short blonde hair, i must admit Sue looked fabulous.

Without prompting, she undid the button on her shorts, and lowered the zip, X clicked away as sue moved from pose to pose, she then turned her back to us and eased her shorts down a bit.

I was gob-smacked as taking hold of her shorts, she eased both them and her pants down in one, plus she made sure by the way she was bent over that her sex lips were clearly on show. X was knelt fairly close to her and was obviously zoomed in on her fanny.

After a few more shots, sue asked if she could pose in the hot tub. X said as she was nude that would be ok as due to the amount of bacteria on costumes and the fact that his partner had sensitive skin by only using it naked they didnt have to use much chloride in the water.

After a few more poses Sue asked if we could have a break and just have a natter in the tub?

I wanted to, but as i was weighing up the situation, Sue mistook my hesitation, so to prevent me from an awkward moment, she asked X if he'd mind sitting in the tub with her and allow me to take a few pictures of them, just as a keep sake of a great evening she added with a smile.

X said ok and passed me his camera. After a quick demo on its used he undressed and slipped into the tub.

As i took a few snaps Sue said it looked too staged and asked X to sit closer, she suggested they pretend to kiss and try to look like a couple enjoying a romantic soak together.

X said if i went into the shed and flicked a couple of the switches on, the photos may look better if the gazebo lights were on.

The mix of tiny blue and white led lights transformed the scene and i had to comment on how nice it looked.

The pretend kisses turned into a gentle snog and i watched as X cupped Sue's breast and fondled her nipple.

With the lights on and no bubbles in the tub, i could see Sue was touching X's penis.

I was so taken by the sight before me that i had forgot to take any photos for a while. Sue moved so that she was sitting astride of X and i snapped away as he sucked and bite on her erect nipples.

I was now inwardly willing them to continue, i had never wanted it before, but at that moment, i wanted to see sue fucked by another man.

X manoeuvred Sue so she was lying back with her head resting on the tubs headrest and with his hands beneath her bum he raised her fanny towards his mouth and began to eat and suck her swollen and wanton clitoris.

Sue didn't last long as with half a dozen violent jerks she orgasmed as i clicked away.

X lowered her bum until she was sitting, hooked his arm's under her knee's then raised her again.

I watched as i saw his penis slowly penetrate her, with each movement he went deeper and Sue's moans grew louder.

After a good few minutes and god knows how many orgasms from Sue, X eased himself from her, stood her up and turned her around. Pushing her forward she was bent over so her vagina was exposed and clear of the water. I zoomed in as X slowly entered her, as he fucked her i adjusted my throbbing erection, unfortunately it was a touch to much and i felt myself cum inside me trousers.

What happened next really shocked me, Sue said to X stop a minute, i want to suck your dick. Oral sex was something she only did on the odd occasion and it was rarely more than just a quick lick.

I zoomed in as Sue took him deep in her mouth and was giving it her all. X was pushing forward to meet her mouth and i had another hard on beginning to stir, two erections in one session never happened to me and i unzipped myself, dropped my trousers and stepped out of my sticky underpants.

X said he was about to cum, Sue looked up at him and with a mouth full of dick said "i know", then went back to sucking him.

I had stopped photographing and was openly wanking as i watched X cum in Sue's mouth.

She continued to suck as his thrusts eased and she then looked at him and opened her mouth, saying "all gone".

I shot my load on the grass and my legs nearly buckled, i was so transfixed by what i'd just witnessed.

After a few minutes they dried off, got dressed and we went upstairs for a coffee.

X said he'd edit the pictures and give us a ring in a few days to see them.

When we picked them up, they were superb and it felt so natural to sit looking at a slideshow of another man screwing my wife.

Model boat wise, i decided to build a tug and have since added two yachts to my fleet.

Sue and i have met X a few more times, and we went away for a weekend down in Brighton with him and a lady friend of his. Although she was very good looking and we actually swapped partners for the whole weekend, i would of been just as happy watching Sue and X play.

X's partner is a beautiful lady, but isn't interested in playing. I thought it was an ideal situation as i was happy to allow Sue to have the odd encounter with X, because it has revitalised our sex life, but X's partner was't keen on that arrangement.

Whilst she was happy for him to play, she felt a permanent fuck buddy could lead to a relationship so preferred it if Sue found someone else.

Isn't it odd what we allow and deem acceptable?

We have seen X sailing his boat, but have never played with him again.

Sue has mentioned we ought to visit a club or spa as she found the time with x such fun, but as it rekindled our sex life im unsure about it as im afraid it could lead to problems between us if she found someone she really liked.