Written by Ben

8 Jan 2011

Hi.This may be too long to print, no probs if it is, but ive made it as i can.

My wife and i enjoy sailing our radio controlled yachts, we can no longer afford a proper yacht as anything to do with boats now cost a fortune.

Helen is 50, size 12, with grey blonde hair, her boobs would by most be considered small (34B) and her nipples are inverted, in general i'd say she was very beautiful.

As we don't have children she's kept the same figure for the last 30 years.

I on the other hand am 52, and in inches that's also not far off my waistline as well. Ive lost my hair and don't enjoy good health, but my wife still loves me and fail to see how much she has outgrown me, nor does she notice all the admiring looks she get.

Anyway, we recently saw and advert for a model yacht and after contacting the seller we arranged to go over to view it.

Paul the seller was so friendly and had a beautiful collection of model boats. We got chatting about all the tools etc that he uses to make his boats and within minutes he was showing me how to use a multi tool that could cut, grind and sand. All in all we were there all morning and were also invited to stay for a snack.

It was whilst eating a chicken wrap that we spoke about other hobbies and he showed us some of his photographs. Helen thought they were wonderful, although most were nudes involving one or more models you couldn't of been offended by them because they were erotic but not really pornographic.

Im not sure how we got to the point where Helen asked if he did photo's for other people? Paul said he did, but a lot depended on who they were and what they wanted.

I was quite shocked listening to Helen be so cool and open about such a personal topic, so imagine my shock when without even asking me she said that she'd quite like a few photo's, but maybe not quite as rude of herself.

Paul said he'd happily do them but felt he'd somehow put the idea in our minds, so would prefer it if we discussed it at home in private and got back to him.

Helen said she was very comfortable in his company as was already sure, but Paul said he'd be happier if we did it at a later date.

I tried to stay indifferent as part of me was shocked because this was so unlike Helen, plus we'd never even mentioned her doing a set of photo's before, but a part of me was quite excited because although i can't show her as much as id like to, i'm very proud of my wife and love the feeling i get when i see people admiring her.

I paid Paul for the model and after a further cuppa tea we left.

I wanted to talk about the photo idea and what made Helen even mention them, but weren't sure of the best way to broach the subject, thankfully Helen asked what i thought about them. As i was driving i could pretend i was interested, but was able to focus on the road which took any heaviness out of the conversation.

By the time we got home it was agreed that we'd love some nude keep-sakes of Helen and I was to call Paul and arrange it.

Over the next few days we spoke about what Helen should wear or not, what sort of poses we'd like and how naughty it all felt. The outcome of all our plans was to phone paul and ask what he thought helen should wear? He said that a story line involving us both may be easier, so after some idea's from me being me being a plumber and Helen flshing me, to her pretending to be an artists model, they settled on her just playing around as i built a model beside her.

I don't know how i felt about getting involved as i went from an onlooker to being a prop and to some extent a model. In truth my main fear was my shape and how ugly i'd look in the background, but helen was so excited i thought by being quiet about it, my fears may go away?

They didn't and i hardly slept.

On the drive over to Paul's Helen was full of chat and clearly very happy, i on the other hand was in termoil and my willy felt so shrivelled up i'd have to sit down for a wee, yet i was desperate to see Helen naken in front of another guy as no one other me and our Dr had ever seen her naked. She did go topless on a holiday we had in Spain, but that was about 15 years ago and we've been unable to afford one since.

Paul had his workshop all warm and the camera and lights all ready to go. Helen declined a tea but said id love one, plus i could drink it as part of the shoot.

So there i sat sipping my tea and pretending to work on a model as Helen lent over me. She wore a black pin strip skirt, black hold up stockings with black court shoes and a white blouse. With her rimless glasses she looked like a secratery and very attractive.

The Problem was me, i was so wooden and it was obvious it wasnt going to work.

I said i was happy for Helen to just pose alone and would pick her up later, but she said no, she wanted me to be part of it, as it was our keepsake.

Paul continued taking some photos of her as we spoke and showed my what he'd taken in the viewing screen. He told me just to chill and took a few more photos. It was then that Helen asked Paul if I could take a few pictures to relax me. He happily handed me the camera and after a moment of instruction on how it worked i was clicking away.

Helen then asked Paul if he'd pose with her, he reluctantly agreed saying he normily only took the photos but didn't pose for them.

After a few innocent huggy shots i asked them to embrace and maybe pretend to kiss.

It looked more erotic through the lens than it did just watching, i think that was because all my attention was focused on the pose alone, and i somehow felt detached from it all.

I watched and clicked the shutter as they tenderly kissed and carressed each other.

I watched with baited breath as Paul began to unbutton Helen's blouse and as each button revealed a bit more of her breasts i felt myself becomming more aroused. For her part Helen was running her hands over paul's body and had undone his shirt. As she bite his nipple she looked right at the lens, i stupidly nodded, as if to give her the go ahead.

As Paul eased the blouse from her shoulders her breasts came briefly into view before his hand covered one and his mouth the other. I could visulise his mouth teasing her nipple to show itself. Although inverted, once she is excited they do stand out.

As they moved their positions i could see that Helen was aroused and her breast capped nipples looked beautiful.

Watching Paul ease the skirt from her hips caused me to hold my breath as i noticed the globes of her bum come into view. It was then i remember him asking Helen not to wear any undies as it leaves lines on the body.

So very soon i was about to see another man looking at my wife all but naked.

Helen, was obviously focused on other things as she pulled Pauls shirt free and began to unzip his jeans.

I then heard her ask him was it ok for her to continue?

I was screaming to myself for him to say yes.

He must of because Helen suddenly knelt before him, reached up and taking hold of his waistband, she began to pull his jeans down.

I'd forgot to click and focus as often as i'd of liked, but must of done it on auto, as the flash registered in my mind every now and then.

As his jeans cleared his bum, i realised he was also naked underneath, and at that second his penis came into view, but even more exciting was the fact that Helen's face was only an inch from it and as i focused carefully on the scene before me i watched as Helen looked up at him, smiled, then took him in her mouth.

She rarely did that to me as im a bit embarraressed about the size of my belly and the fact that my willy may not get hard.

I snapped as she focused on taking him deep into the back of her throat.

Within seconds he was hard and slowly fucking her mouth. As they made themselves more comfortable on a old sofa, Helen asked if i was ok?

I just nodded and said GREAT.

Paul asked what the photo's were like?

Again i just said GREAT and for them to just carry on and to forget i was there!

By now Paul was naked and Helen was only wearing her hold ups.

As Paul carressed and kissed his way down Helen's body i felt my dick. I wasnt hard, but I was so wet with excitment.

I focused and shot as Paul spread Helens legs and began to eat her, i zoomed in on his tounge as it flicked, probed and nibbled on Helens clitorus.

Whilst his tounge was causing her to wriggle about in extasy his fingers were pinching as twisting her nipples.

I watched as Helen took hold of his head and pulling him up her body said Please Fuck me.

I heard Paul say he didnt have any comdons, Helen said she was ok with it if he was.

I all but shouted out that I was ok with it, but managed to remain silent as i snapped him slowly and gently ease himself into her.

I must of taken most of the shots on full zoom because it looked wonderful as i saw his willy gently slide in and out of her.

After what seemed ages and a few different positions I was overjoyed as his pace quickened and I heard Helen say come inside me.

I could tell when he came, and to hear my Helen so happy made me happier than i'd been for years.

After they showered, we downloaded the immages and had a cuppa tea.

It was agreed that paul would edit the images and get in touch next week.

I couldn't of been happier, more shocked and surprised by Helens behaviour and im already wondering when we pick the prints up, if paul will agree to doing another shoot?