Written by Bens

19 Feb 2011

Hi all, as you may recall from our previous letters (one on the 19-1-11 and one the week before), Helen and i enjoy sailing our model yachts and following an encounter with Paul a fellow model-er, now add photography to our list of past times.

Following our photo shoots with Paul we took the plunge and advertised for a model to pose with Helen, whilst i took some photo's with our newly acquired digital SLR.

Well after a load of replies, some from as far away as Wales, eventually we picked Tony, a guy from Woodbridge as we'd hoped, being fairly local we could have regular meets.

Despite being a handsome guy with a fit and toned body, Helen wasn't entirely comfortable and it was obvious to me that she weren't enjoying the shoot. To cut short a long and uneventful encounter short, Tony sensed all was not right and asked if Helen would prefer to do the shoot another time?

She apologised and thanked him, saying it was just first time nerves. He didn't mind and after a coffee bid us farewell.

To be honest, i was less understanding and we ended up having a bit of an argument. Amongst some of the comments we exchanged, it became obvious that for some reason Paul made Helen comfortable and his presence gave her the strength to let go and act out her naughty side.

I made light of it, but inside was jealous that a stranger could give her the support that i for some reason couldn't.

Life was a bit strained for a day or two but eventually things went back to normal.

I bought a multi tool like the one paul showed us and made a start on my next model.

It was whilst working on the hull that i phoned Paul to chat about glues and that i'd noticed he'd put a boat on ebay. I also said how much we'd enjoyed the photo shoots and would love to do another one.

He readily agreed and asked about any themes? In the end i left it for him to come up with something.

When i told Helen that i'd organised another shoot with paul, she was pleased but not as much as i'd of thought.

On the day of the shoot Helen seemed happy enough and when she came down stairs, although she only wore a simple dress she looked stunning. I was so excited and on the drive over to Paul's we hardly spoke, mainly down to my mind working overtime, between images of Helen and the boat i was building.

Paul greeted us like old friends and taking Helen by the hand lead us, not into the boat shed or his home studio but into the flat upstairs.

As we entered he took us into the lounge and there, introduced us to Bret and Sue. Bret was afit young guy and very friendly. Sue weren't his partner and was also a friendly lady of about 35, she stood about 5'5" and was a size 10 with beautiful red hair.

As we sat chatting over a coffee Paul took control and said, as we're all here to do some photo's we ought to make a start?

We all agreed, even though helen and i still didn't know the theme of the shoot.

We all followed him down to the garden and into the large shed he used as a studio. But instead of lights and back drops, it was done out like a witches temple.

After a few comments, it was obvious that this wasn't a photo set, but the sheds true use.

Paul was to be a Witch priest whilst Helen, Sue and Bret were his coven members.

He told me to set my camera to program and for everyone to strip off. We were going to shoot a ritual and as their proper group worked skyclad (naked) that's how they'd do it.

At first i was disappointed as i was looking forward to photographing them doing a slow and sexy strip of each others clothes, but never mind, watching them, especially Sue remove her clothes was a lovely sight. Her boobs were small and about the same 34 B cup as Helen's, but her nipples were so large and erect you could of hung your coat on them.

Music played very quietly, candles were light and Paul positioned the group around him. I was told to stay where i was but could start snapping from then on.

After a circle opening sequence he told Helen to Stand before Bret and Sue before him. He explained to helen the drawing down of the moon ritual they were about to do.

when that was done along with a lot of words, all said without reading from a book which greatly impressed me, Paul told them to change places and the girls would do the same movements as the guys had done on them, but this time in silence.

Knowing what was going to happen excited me and I snapped Helen as she kissed Bret's feet, then his knee's, i was dripping with excitement as i focused on her lips gently kiss his penis, then looking over at sue who lingered slightly longer on paul's dick, Helen turned back to bret and took him deeper into her mouth, following Sue movements, she then kissed Bret's nipples, then embracing each other she kissed his lips and they stood snogging for some time.

The ritual, although adapted heavily for us was both exciting and quite erotic.

After various blessings and passing a chalice of wine around, they all laid down to chill whilst some chanting music played in the background.

As they chilled their legs and arm's moved with the rhythm of the chant and became entwined.

Bret's head was resting on Helen's stomach whilst his hand was resting on Sue's boob and i snapped away as Sue's hand began to caress Helen's other boob.

Bret slowly turned over and as he did so helen opened her legs.

Bret then began to kiss his way down and over her exposed fanny.

I zoomed in as his tongue gently flicked and teased her protruding hood. By this time Sue was gently sucking and biting on Helen's nipples.

I took some great shots as they all moved around and eventually Sue was eating Helen, whilst Bret was taking Sue from behind and Helen was sucking paul's dick as he knelt beside her.

As they moved again i had a perfect view of Bret's large erect young penis going slowly into Helen's glistening fanny

They swapped and played with each other for the next hour or so before Paul closed the circle.

After a cuppa and chat upstairs we left for home.

The mood in the car was one of happy thoughtful silence if you know what i mean?

Over the next day or two i finished the editing and Gave Helen a slide-show of the evening.

She said my photo's were good and i had bought a good camera, and yes she had really enjoyed the evening, but the truth about the photo shoots also came out.

It is me that enjoys watching Helen get screwed, although she enjoys it, its me that get the most pleasure from it.

With Tony, it was i who didn't gel with him and not Helen. It was me picking up on her concerns about me not enjoying it that prevented her from letting go. And none of it had anything to do with Paul. Yes we enjoy his company and as Helen's first partner he's a special friend, but the truth is im a voyeur and love to watch helen getting screwed as long as im comfortable with the guy and don't feel threatened or he looks at me as if im not a real man because i like to watch another guy fuck my wife.

This may not of been a sexy story, but one i had to air as i can now accept what i am and although she enjoys it, what Helen does to make me happy.

Thanks, Ben