Written by South-anon

14 Feb 2008

I posted recently about a liaison I'd had which attracted the attention of a fellow Swinging Heaven member 'T' with whom I began to correspond. It was tentative at first as I hadn't met anyone on the internet in this way before but soon it became clear that T and I had very similiar attitudes to sex and relationships - no strings fun - and I thought the pics on T's profile were sexy as fuck. I particularly liked the look of his cock which was long and hard with a satisfyingly thick girth - and began to think about how lovely it would look sliding in and out of my pussy, getting slick and slippery with my juices.

We'd swapped a few mails - nothing specific, no scenarios described just enough to create that buzz you get when you think you might want to fuck someone when I received a mail from T suggesting that as he was going to be in London this very morning would I consider meeting him for a coffee?

Now I have reckless streak in me which thought 'what the hell' - even though in my head I had already worked out a reasonable timescale for this new liaison which was based on what I thought was a safe way to continue (I was pretty sure I wanted to fuck T but for example I had wanted to get a headshot of him first so I could be sure that he wasn't a complete bullshitter etc although I guess there is never a 100% guarantee?). However from the mails we had exchanged I thought he seemed genuine and I also thought that if it didn't work out it was just coffee in a public place and I could walk away at any time. So I agreed to meet T.

I decided that as I knew that my previous story had made T as horny as hell I wanted to dress in a way that would remind him of the story and turn him on when he saw me - so although it was cold I wore a skirt above the knee with hold ups and killer heels and although I drew the line at going bra-less I left my knickers at home and wore a thin top with a plunged neckline that made my tits looks fantastic. I knew that if my nipples were hard they would be obvious through my clothes.

I walked over to the cafe and there was T as arranged (who looked very, very sexy), and I sat down - very nervous - shrugging my coat onto the back of my chair and saying hello and noting discreetly T's eyes drinking in my breasts as I turned to order coffee from the waitress. I could feel my nipples hardening under his gaze and I felt really horny (must have been the winter sun!) - all my doubts about the meeting disappeared so I leant forward and whispered that I'd forgotten to put my knickers on. T looked at me for a beat and without even looking around the cafe to check no one was looking I, very slowly uncrossed my legs to allow him to see my very damp pussy (which you should know is neatly waxed leaving a little dark hair on the front but very, very smooth underneath).

I think the first words T actually said to me were 'God, I'm so hard right now' and he went on to say that he hadn't actually checked out of his hotel yet and although it was very forward indeed would I consider heading to his room? All my plans of caution flew out of the window and I was quickly following him out of the cafe - before the poor waitress could even deliver my cafe latte!

As I followed him across the lobby I realised that I didn't actually know anything about this man other than his name began with a T and he wanted to fuck me - but nevertheless I entered the lift and as we started to move towards the fourth floor we were suddenly kissing very hard and he was pressing me back against the lift wall hungrily running his hands over my breasts while our tongues explored each others mouths.

The lift pinged and the doors opened at the fourth floor - an embarrassed old German couple got in with their luggage as we got out giggling and running down the corridor like a pair of kids (at 09h45 in the morning!) til we got to T's room, falling in through the door and onto the bed.

He rolled on top of my and burying his hands in my hair he kissed me again, grinding his hardon against my naked pussy and kissing his way down my body pulling my top and bra down to reveal my breasts which he sucked hard in turn before pushing my skirt over my hips so he could see my cunt which was by now soaked. Kneeling up between my legs he started to frig me hard for a second which was so intense, before sliding two fingers inside me and dropping his head to lap at my now achingly alive clitoris - and i moved against him, my turn now to grind into him as I came, gasping.

I wriggled out from under him (all tangled up in my own clothes) and climbing on top slowly and methodically stripped T until I could see quite plainly the body I'd admired from his SH pics. The atmosphere had shifted from frantic to intense now and I slid down the bed to take his straining cock in my mouth and I slowly slid my mouth up and the down the shaft, teasing the head each stroke with my tongue until he reached down and took my head in his hands and gently guided me to increase the pace.

I could taste the pre-cum on the head of his cock and I could feel his thighs start to tense so I pulled away from his grip and he in turn rolled me over and slid on top of me kissing me again but more gently this time. He asked me if I was ok and when I firmly nodded yes he drove his gorgeous cock right inside me, hard and I gasped into his shoulder at the sudden pleasure of being penetrated by him.

Once inside me he paused for a second before shifting his weight onto his arms and varied the tempo by fucking me incredibly slowly and gently, kissing me all the time - the change of pace leaving me tingling and he slid his hand between my legs to touch me til I shuddered against him, coming again (how selfish did I feel coming again so soon?).

I said I thought it was high time he took a little pleasure of his own and kneeling in front of him I stripped off my clothes before presenting myself on all fours in front of him. He positioned himself behind me and slipped two fingers in my pussy again and rubbed the juices all around my pussy and my backside before slipping his cock into my cunt. Although he pushed it in slowly the pressure was firm and I could feel his delicious length entering me until he was right in then gripping my hips hard he slowly drew himself right out before fucking me really hard again, and again which felt just so lovely I knew I could come again. Shifting my weight onto one arm - which meant dropping my head and sticking my bum in the air I reached between my legs and started frigging myself. I was soon tensing and rocking with the motion of his thrusts when T gently slid a finger into my arse and I was coming again when T gave his final extra hard jerks and gave a loud moan to shoot deep into me.

Afterwards I realised that we'd only said about fifteen words in total to each other but I figured there would be time enough for talking later, if we felt like it!