Written by Stud of Mrs G a Hot Wife

11 Feb 2011

You may have recently read about my meeting and fucking with Mrs G in her new car just before Christmas, and I mentioned that whilst I would be fucking her next time, her cuckold husband will probably be sat at home wanking and reading that story if he is allowed to do either. Well I met my gorgeous hot wife Mrs G again in late January to make up for spending Christmas apart and to give her the first good fuck of the year which wasn’t going to come from useless cuck.

We arranged for two nights away to cram in plenty of fun, good flirting, flashing and fucking for Mrs G. I met up with Mrs G after work and she followed me back to my place so I could pick up some things for the weekend. It was the first time Mrs G had been to my house and it wasn’t long before my beautiful guest was making her self comfortable. She pulled me towards her and we embraced and started kissing passionately. Our lips pressed hard against each other our hands wandering all over each others bodies. I could feel her tongue and mine searching each other out and we felt each other with our hard but wet deep kissing.

We didn’t intend on staying as we had booked a hotel for the weekend, but we both had a good mind to cancel as it was getting well into the evening and we were both feeling sexually excited by each other we could have stayed at mine and just fucked each other there and then. Mrs G is such a hot wife who wouldn’t be attracted by that pretty smiling face and elegantly heeled woman, but deep down she is such a slut for her stud as she doesn’t get the cock she needs at home.

It was cold outside and Mrs G lit the fire in my living room whilst I made efforts to pull away from my distractingly attractive girl and collect my things. On my return the naughty girl pulled me towards her on the sofa. She parted her legs and I knelt on the floor between them. Her legs were clad in elegant black hold up stockings and I do appreciate very much her style. She was being a right tease and I was most pleased as you can imagine when I saw her hitch up her skirt to reveal her delicate white panties hugging the shape of her pussy mound. My cock was so hard and Mrs G pulled it out of my trousers for a feel and to tease me further. She rubbed my cock against crotch and I was aching for her to invite me in closer.

We then decided to take some pictures to illustrate our activities to cuck. Mrs G laid back on the sofa, skirt up around her waist and me knelt between her legs having my cock wanked over her knickers. I took some pictures of her looking so wanting and hungry for my cock then sent them to cucks phone. It was getting hot in the living room not just because of the fire but because of the sexual heat rising in us both. Mrs G stood up and bent over the fire place. It was such a turn on to see her perfect arse bent over my fire place. I so wanted to fuck Mrs G’s hot love hole. I moved in behind and took a picture of her posing and sent that to our cuck too teasing him about how much she needed my cock tonight. Mrs G turned around and pushed me on my back, grabbed my cock in her petite hands and began to lick my shaft. Mrs G is an expert cock sucker – “plenty of practice” she stated. She gently wanked my cock into her hot wet mouth and swirled her slippery tongue over the head of my cock before taking it deep in her mouth once more. Her mouth formed a perfect “o” shape over the head of my cock as I captured another picture. She continued to gently suck me off and still kept eye contact with the camera as if to look cuck straight in the eye in the photograph – her eyes conveying the satisfaction she wanted to communicate to her useless cuck on the receiving end of the pictures.

After some further embraces and kisses we decided we should make a move for the hotel otherwise we were not going to make the most of the night. I was more than happy to grab my bag and head off into Mrs G’s car. No cum stains on the seats this weekend we were going to be staying warm in doors this time. We arrived at the hotel and we did the usual booking in and headed straight to the room. Due to our prolonged stay at my house we were running late for dinner but managed to get a table and had a flirtatious evening together whilst still teasing cuck about our impending intimacy.

When we got back from dinner we were eager to be close to each other. We quickly began to strip each others outer garments inn between deep passionate kissed. I held Mrs G in my arms and kissed her on the lips and at the side of her neck. We both swapped between licking and kissing each other with highly charged erotic sensuality. I pulled at Mrs G’s bra clasp and released her full boobs into my hands, moving from nibbling her ear lobes to tracing down her soft skin and around her breasts until I was licking, nibbling and even biting at her nipples. She likes this hard edge border between slight pain and sensual teasing and I find it erotic as she responds I moved my hands towards the gusset of her panties and I could feel the response, she was making her knickers very moist.

We continued to kiss and I mixed my actions between stroking her tits when not licking them and stroking her pussy through her panties which were drenched in girl juice by now. Mrs G meanwhile had resumed her acquaintance with my cock, stripping me of my boxers leaving my hard cock spring at the inside of her legs and then captured in her hand rubbing the precum against her inner thighs. She stroked my cock rubbing the tip against her kickers. I decided it was time to prepare her love hole to get the fucking she needed.

I pushed her down on the bed and she raised her legs in the air urging me to pull off her panties. I needed no encouragement as I was very keen to taste her delicious pussy. Both now naked on the bed I placed myself between her legs we kissed a short time and then I moved slowly down her body kissing and licking her smooth sun kissed skin. I reached her honey pot and began to drink from her smooth pussy hole, licking from the hood all the way down her thin lips and then darting my tongue inside her to taste the sweat and cum juice. I rubbed her pussy and she also guided my hands whilst I tried to concentrate on making her cum into my mouth before she was ready and demanded “fuck me – I want you to fuck me”.

I moved up from licking her out and kissed her again our mouths locked and her sucking all her cum off my tongue. She placed her hands on my cock once more but this time not to wank me, instead to guide my cock into her smooth, hot and dripping wet snatch. I felt the head of my cock press against the soft opening of her pussy and my self weight pushed my cock into her body, my shaft disappearing into her vagina. Mrs G was in a state of heightened sexual sensitivity and implored me to fuck her, but I resisted and just eased in and out slowly and gently my cock pushing against the walls of her vagina and forcing her cum to trickle out of her hole and down her arse.

We continued to rub each others bodies and kiss passionately until she begged to be fucked hard at which point I increased my vigour and pumped my hard cock into her cunt. I pushed my cock as deep as I could with my balls hitting the bottom of her pussy and getting a coating of the love juice trickling down her arse and staining the crisp white bed sheets. I fucked Mrs G hard and fast and she screamed with delight. We’re always very noisy when fucking in wild abandon. I continued to fuck her as she came with my cock almost all the way out of her cunt before plunging it deep inside her again. Mrs G took my cock and sucked all her own juices off. It was too much and I could not contain myself any longer.

It was a very hot fuck and Mrs G was very pleased that she would be waking up with her stud in the morning and not having to leave. That meant we had another day and night to spend in each others company to make sure she got all the proper fucking she needed and that her cuck fails to give her. Meanwhile Mrs G and I drifted off to sleep knowing that we would want each other again by the morning, but for the time being she was happy she had the first good fuck of the year.

Look out for the story of the following day next which I will be happy to write with your interest.

By Stud of Mrs G a Hot Wife