Written by Paul-paul

16 Sep 2010

I’m stood at the bar drink in hand, passing the time away on another boring night away with work. I’m making small talk with the barman, one eye on the tv, when something catches my eye. I turn fully to see a vision of beauty leaving the lift walking confidently towards the bar. She is wearing a skirt, blouse, black boots and stockings and her heaving chest is pleasure to watch. As she stands at the bar next to me and orders her drink, I can’t help but lean into her and brush my now erect cock against her sexy skirt clad arse.

“ Hi there, Can I buy you that drink ?”

“Ok then.” You reply with a sexy smile.

“Great, my names Paul and your name must be Gorgeous ?”

“Close, it’s Claire” you say with a cheeky little giggle.

As I take in the full sexyness of your body I notice your nipples stood hard and proud, when your mobile phone rings breaking the momentary silence.

“Excuse me” you say “I need to take this”

You walk away from the bar which allows me to take in your sexy arse as you turn away. I smile to myself and mutter under my breath “Mmm, I wouldn’t mind a piece of that ass”

You return to the bar with a disappointed look on your face and I enquire

“What’s wrong Claire ?”

“Been let down !”

“Who by hun ?”

“Had a meet, but he’s let me down. What am I going to do with a room all to myself”

“Well, I could always help you out”

“Come on then, lets go” you whisper with a wink.

I pick up your glass, order a bottle of wine and slip my arm around your waist, giving your sexy arse a quick squeeze as we head for the lift. As we wait for the lift to come, I can feel my cock straining against the material of my trousers. The lift arrives and we step in and before the door has fully shut I have you in my arms kissing you deeply and passionately. You push me back against the lift wall and my hands reach down and squeeze both cheeks of your sexy arse as you slide down onto your knees and unzip my flies and release my cock. It stands there hard and proud the tip glistening as you run your hands the length of my stiff cock, before leaning in and licking the head with your soft tongue. I groan out loud, as your hand cups my balls and slowly your lips encircle my shaft and begin to suck on my twitching cock. You take the entire length and begin to greedily gorge on my prick as my hands run through your hair. You are such an expert with your tongue and lips on my prick and your hands on my balls that my cock is soon twitching and I can feel the hot spunk rising ready to explode for you.

“oh god, Claire, I’m going to cum !“

But you don’t stop as your desperate to take it in your mouth. The white sticky stuff explodes from the end and you take every last drop before slowly standing back up.I pull you into me and kiss you deeply as you’re cum covered tongue swirls into my mouth.

The lift door opens as I slip my flagging cock back inside my trousers and you lead me from the lift towards your room. I can’t resist feeling you up as we go and every couple of feet we stop and snog one another hornily. We get to your room but before you can get your keycard out I have you pinned to the door kissing the nape of your neck while my finger traces a line up the front of your now sodden panties under your skirt and slowly rubs your engorged clit. You manage to open the door and we fall into the room and continue to embrace. As we continue to kiss, my hands expertly undo your blouse and through it too the floor and just as quickly release your fantastic tits from your bra. Your nipples stand proud as I take one in my mouth and skilfully massage them while sucking hard and gently nipping it in my teeth. You moan with pleasure as my hands roam the soft skin of your sumptuous body and unzip your skirt letting it drop down your lush legs. I raise my head from your superb tits and kiss you deeply darting my tongue inside your mouth. I then step back to take in the horny site of you stood there topless, with sodden panties and your black boots. Mmmmmm, the site alone is enough to make my cock twitch and you turn your back to me and slowly bend over flashing your sexy arse at me. “wow, what a sexy sight Claire” I say as you lick your index finger then slowly slide it then length of you lips through your damp panties, before pulling them to one side and slowly pushing your finger in your wet cunt. With a wicked smile you withdraw your finger, beckon me forward with it and when I approach you gently slide it in my mouth and whisper “Taste me Paul, taste my horny pussy hun”. I do, and it taste’s so good I push you back onto the table behind you, drop to my knees part your legs and slide my tongue into your wet wanting hole. Your hands immediately grab my hair and you grind your pussy into my face. You moan under your breath” yes hun, yes. Right there. Ohh Yesss” My tongue darts in and out as my finger rubs your hard clit and I feel you squirming under me. Your hands push my head deeper into your wet mound as your breath quickens. I stretch my long tongue as far as it will go, twirling it as deep as it will go rubbing your clit harder, as you let go of my head with one hand and reach up and pull hard on your nipples. You bite your lip and continue to moan, tweaking your nipple as I feel your juices begin to bubble and I lap furiously at your cunt desperate to take in every last bit of those sweet tasting juices. My cock is rock hard and glistening with precum as I stroke it’s length, as I feel your body stiffen with the wave of pleasure your first orgasm gives you. You pull my hair upwards and I respond by rising as you lean in and kiss me slipping your tongue in my mouth. Your hands drop to my waist and unbutton my trousers and slip them to the floor as we continue to kiss. I move my head slightly and gently bite your earlobe whispering to you

“Claire, you sexy fucking slut, my stiff prick is ready and eager to fill you up!”

“Good!” you reply “because I want it right now ! Fuck me hun, Fuck me hard and fast!”

I lead you to the double bed and quickly get out of the rest of my clothes, bend down and slowly slide your panties to the floor over you sexy boots, kissing your soft skin as I go. I then move you onto the bed and bend you over onto all fours facing the mirror on the wall. It is such a wicked sight, seeing you on all fours, boots still on staring back at me through the mirror, gorgeous tits hanging free with a wicked smile on your face. I step forward and gently slap your arse, and you give out a little squeal. Your wet pussy lips glisten as I edge the tip of my stiff cock to the entrance of your wet hole. Slowly nudging my bell end inside your hot cunt, you wiggle your sexy arse enticing me in deeper. Inch by inch I edge my cock in, hands gripping your arse cheeks, moving my cock deeper until my balls are touching your sexy skin. The pleasure in your face is plain to see, as I begin to build a rhythm, and I watch your tits slowly swinging as our momentum builds.

“Fuck Claire, you are such a dirty bitch”

“Mmmmmmmm babe, keep banging me till I cum”

That’s all the encouragement I need, as I increase the pace a little and gently slap your arse cheeks in turn, making them tingle. You are beginning to moan, when we are both startled by a loud cough. There stood in the doorway is a man, with his stiff prick in his hand slowly wanking to the sight of us fucking. I’m a little startled to see him there, but you let out a shout of “oh yes” on seeing him.

“Keep fucking me babe, that’s my no show meet for tonite!”

“Yeah Claire, I made my excuses and had to get here to fuck your sexy ass”

“Good. Dave meet Paul, now get that stiff prick over here ….. NOW!”

I nod and smile as Dave approaches shutting the door behind him, as he loses his clothes his stiff cock glistens as you reach out and grabs it and pulls it towards you open mouth and lipstick smeared lips. The complete situation is enough to make me cum there and then…. My first threesome…. But I slow the pace at my end and manage to hold back from shooting my load deep into your wet cunt. You re greedily sucking on dave’s cock as I pump into your sodden twat, and slowly slide a finger inside your tight arse, which makes you groan out with your mouth full of prick. Dave now has your tit in one hand and your hair in the other and is fucking your face steadily away as you grind your pussy back against my prick, my balls banging your skin while I finger fuck your arsehole. Your pussy is begining to grip my cock as your second orgasm builds and my balls are tightening. I am pumping into your cunt for all I’m worth while you moan and greedily deepthroat Dave.

“You dirty cock sucking bitch Claire, I’m going to blow” Dave growls under his breath.

“Me too Claire!” I shout.

“oh God, I’m already cumming you pair of sexy bastards “mutters Claire, as she pulls away from Dave’s cock and continues by wanking him.

“ Don’t you cum in me, I want you both to cum over me”

“No problem” Dave and I say in unison

As I slide my cock out and carry on by wanking over you, you roll onto your back and reach forward and take my cock in your other hand. Dave and I stood side by side while you greedily wank us both off and it’s only moments before I begin to cum, splashing hot cum all over your face and tit’s and soft skin. Dave follows suit and is a heavy cummer and covers your face some more before spraying white sticky stuff down your body and over your sexy blackboots. I look down at your grinning face covered in cum and wink at you as you rub the cum into your skin.

“As horny as always I see, you sexy fucker.” Dave says

“Oh yes boys, but were just getting started aren’t we ?” Claire replies with a slutty smile.

“We sure our. Drink anybody ??” I ask with a grin.

“Hell yes” We all agree …………………………………………………………………