Written by sparxyv4

28 Dec 2010

hello all i thought i would write about a few of my meets i have had so peple get to no me more and no my experience and also i hope you enjoy then 2. first i would like to appologise about my grammer and spelling as i no it pisses somepeople off lol.

my first meet

i had joined a swingers site in search for new experiences and having lots of fun, i was 23 at the time so 5 years ago now but my first experience is still clear in my head.

so after spending some weeks on the site and getting to no people in the chat room i became firendly with a couple who have the own private swingers club and was invited to a small social party when i got there there was 4 couples and 3 single males. i was very nerous at first but after time and drink starting to flow i felt alot more relaxed. so as the night when on i started to see couples disapearing into diffrent rooms and having fun with other couples and me and another couple and the single males where all still drinking and having a good chat about meets ect ect. when one of the males (mr v ) from a couple came down to get a drink for him and his wife, as he was walking back up he looked at me and gave me a nod of the head as if to say follow me. so i was straight up and followed him to a room. when i entered the room his wife was lying on the bed. mrs v was beautiful about 5ft 10" long brown hair, green eyes, about 34 c boobs, and a beautiful bum nice and round and plum with a slim waist. so i sat on the bed next to here and mr v started to kiss her striaght away i was just watching at first but then mrs v pulled to close to her and told me to take my clothes off soooo thats what i did lol. she was no sucking his cock and hr kneld by her face, he told me to neel the other side of he face and as son as i got there she took my cock stright into he mouth. i couldnt belive what was happening, this guys beautiful wife was sucking my cock! and she was really good at it to very passionate and wet. so after about 10 mins of her sucking both of our cocks she said now she wanted fucking. so i lied on my back on the bed and she got on all fours so the bum was at the end of the bed and she started to suck my cock agaim while looking me in the eyes. her husband went behind her and started to fuck her from behind hard and fast! what a site the pleasure on her face and the swinging of her tits as he fucked her was to much for me and i told he i was going to cum. to which she responded cum on my face. so i unloaded my cum onto her face splashing on her nose and cheecks and the rest over her chin and mouth. mr v was still fucking her hard from behind and was near to cuming and agian what a sight to see his wife on all fours getting fucked from behind with my cum all over he face. mr v pulled out and cum all over her arse and back, mrs v collapsed on the bed and said thank you to her hubby. he came to me a shook my hand and thanked me for a great night. so i got dressed and whent down to meet the other again. it kinda felt like a dream i was shaking. lol

but anyway that was my first mmf and a great one 2. i did meet mr and mrs v again and had lots more fun but i will save that for another day because i want to tell you about my meets in order.

hope you enjoyed it

Sparxy x