Written by Ale_851

12 Oct 2010

Hiya I would like to tell the readers of this site about my first meeting with a guy for many years.I am a happily married guy with 3 grown up kids, both my wife and I are Bi, but she does not like to see me play with guys.

I had been chatting to this guy Andrew on another site for quite some weeks, and things were rapidly gearing up for a meeting.

Due to my work I am out of the country alot, it was onmy last trip home I texted Andrew to see when he was avaialable. He text me back saying how about this morning. I felt a bit nervous whilst getting ready, shaving my cock and balls and defuzzing my ass so I could be nice and smooth for Andrews Tongue to explore my ass. I got directions to his house for my satnav and set off. On the 30 minute journey that would take me to a guy who I only knew via text and messaging on the other site.

I arrived at his house, he opened the door, he was quite a bit shorter than me, but that does'nt matter. My COCK was rock solid onmy arrival. Andrew took my jacket and showed me upstairs into the bedroom. My stomach was doing flick flacks due to nerves. But I quickly got undressed and lay on the bed in anticipation.

Andrew cam into the room and immediately took my throbbing cock in his had and started to wank me off. He was still dressed so I pulled down his tracksuit bottoms and underpants to release his cock which was semi hard, Without hesitation I took it in my mouth. the full length, I could feel it growing as I sucked and nibbled on his cock.

He said that he was a bottom so would not be fucking me. so we just sucked each others cocks we kissed very hard and passionately, this went on for about 20 minutes then he said I am going to give you a massage, I turned over on the bed so he could start massaging my back. He went straight to my ass and started to lick and kiss my ring which felt everso good, he then put lube on his fingers then then started fingering my ass first with 1 then 2 and finally 3 fingers in my ass. I was close to cumming by then, and thought if he did'nt stop I fuckin would.

I said let me fuck you Now, he stopped fingering my ass and got on all fours on the bed. I put a bit of lube on my finger and popped it into his ass, I then slipped my cock slowly in, he was moaning almost straight away. I started building up speed and was pumping the full length of my cock in and out of his ass. I could feel that I was about to cum which I did. I shot my cream deep into his ass.

It was at that point that Andrew said he had to go to work, but he promised me the next time he will get some of his other Fuckbuddy's in to fuck my hole and mouth. I left Andrews house fully satisfied and looking forward to the next time in anticipatio.