Written by coolerking1966

6 Sep 2008

Myself and Julie had been chatting on the net for a few days when she suggested that I pop round for a coffee one night, which of course I gladly agreed to, she lives about forty minutes drive from me, I’d seen her pictures on her web profile and although they were very sexy and nice I really was only expecting a coffee and a chat as we said we would like to get to know each other first before we jumped into bed. Anyway she gave me directions to her house on a nice new posh estate, but as it was new I couldn’t find it on my sat nav, so as I got near she said she would be standing on her street so I could find her, I pulled into her street and saw her standing a few houses down, immediately I thought “what a cracker” she looked gorgeous. I parked up and even though we where outside I could smell her perfume, I greeted her by kissing her cheek and I have to admit my cock did start to come to life at the sight of her.

we went inside her house and I was offered the coffee id driven down there for, we sat for a bit just generally chatting about various things, I think looking back we were both acting like kids on their first date because every so often as we sat on her settee we would begin to touch each other at first just a passing kind of gesture and as the night would progress become more lasting touches until when she sat next touch me I did the old “stretching of the arms in the cinema move” so that we were sitting holding each other then we kissed, it was a very deep passionate kiss, as we kissed I ran my hand slowly down her arm over her very firm bottom then round and up her stomach until I was caressing her breast through her clothes, by her reaction she didn’t seem to mind this, in fact I could actually feel her nipples harden, she gave a slight moan as I pinch her nipple through her bra, she had a v neck top on so I slowly reached inside her top and inside her bra so I could feel the warmth of her naked breast in my hand, by now my cock was rock hard and trying to burst free from my jeans. At this point she said stop, she got up from the settee I thought I’d gone too far but she left the room and came back two minutes later and joined me on the settee again she laid down beside me and said “just had to make sure the door was locked” at which point she reached down to rub her hand over the bulge in my jeans were my cock was straining against the material,( I know that sounds like some line from a cheap porno mag but that’s the only way I can describe it lol) I removed her top and reached behind her back to release her lovely breasts. I started to kiss down her neck then down onto her chest and around her nipples, then took her nipple in her mouth and sucked hard on her lovely hard nipples, I lightly bit them which she very much enjoyed she was moaning and holding the back of my head to her breast. I came up for air to kiss her lips, while I was doing this I undid the button on her jeans and without hesitation I reached inside her knickers and found her knickers were already soaked with her pussy juices, as I stoked her pussy through her knickers it was getting wetter by the second and she was holding the back of my head as we tongued each other’s mouths. Julie started to unbutton my jeans and rub my cock which by now was leaking with precum oozing out from the head, this felt so good, like it was meant to be, we stopped kissing, she looked me in the eyes and we went to the bedroom, it took seconds as we madly stripped of and jumped on the bed , and her naked body felt lovely and warm and soft against mine, she laid on top of me and she started to kiss down my chest over my stomach and took the head of my hard cock in her mouth, damn it was hard not to blow the back of here head of with cum. I was telling Sandra how good my cock felt in her mouth, she sucked my cock in her mouth slurping and lightly biting the head of my cock every so often stopping to wank my cock as she looked me in the eyes, that was so flaming horny, at this point I just told her that I wanted to fuck her hard, she obliged by climbing on top of me, her pussy was so wet that my hard cock just slid into her wet pussy in one go I moaned out loud as she rode my cock, as she pushed down I thrusted up into her wetness and she cried out in pleasure, after a few minutes I reached up and pulled on her nipples hard, she sat up and the is where she started to cum, but more than that she squirted all over my cock and balls, this had never happen to me before and it was an out of this world feeling, she didn’t just ooze female cum she soaked me, she collapsed forward on me and I reached back and lightly slapped her bum, she whispered yes in my ear so I did it again, “harder” she said, again and again I slapped her bum cheek then she took in a breath and squirted again on me flooding over my cock and balls, I could even hear t squirting on the bed, when she stopped cumming I pushed her of onto the bed and got her on all fours and rammed my cock in her wet pussy from behind, I was going to make her cum again as I fucked her hard, I reached forward and got hold of her hair “mmmm yes” she said so I pulled her head back as we fucked, her pussy was soaking but I could still feel her pussy gripping my hard cock, “I’m cumming “ Julie shouted, that was it, I came hard in her wet pussy I could feel her pussy walls grip me as if to wring out every last drop of cum from my cock, this has to be heaven I thought...

Once we had both cum we laid down and I held her close to me, stroking the back of her head, I felt her give out a small shiver.....do you want me to stay the night I said to her.....she kissed me...then fell asleep in my arms...........