Written by Lipspreader8

13 Feb 2009

My first time.

I had been speaking to this girl on the internet for some time. So after awhile we decided to meet up one evening. I drove to her place where upon arriving, I knocked at the door and she answered it wearing a short skirt stocking, high heels a blouse and bra.

I had taken a bottle of wine with me and she got a couple of glasses. We sat and had a couple of glasses of wine and she was stroking my leg with her hand from my knee up my thigh just stopping short of my cock then her finger brushed against the tip of it and it stirred a little then the thought was planted in my mind and then she touched it again this time it was no accident and she ran her finger along the length of it as it got hard. She stood me up and stripped me naked and ran her fingers over my body and cupped my balls with one hand and took my cock in her other hand. Then she dropped to her knees and slipped her lips over the tip of it and whilst she just engulfed the tip of it in her mouth, she played with my P hole in the end of my cock with the tip of her tongue flicking her tongue back and forth across the hole and running her tongue round and round. Then she slipped the whole length of it into her mouth and down her throat then back and forth. Then she stood up and took me by the hand and led me to the bed she told me to lay on my back. Where she carried on giving me a blow job. Then she rolled me over on to my side and said bring your knees up to your chest. Then she slipped her wet finger into my arse and she reached to the bedside cupboard and took a tube of lube, she put some on her fingers and spread the lube over her fingers then she put a blob of lube on the tip of her fingers and spread it over my button and worked it into my hole. Then she slipped one finger right in and out again the in again then two fingers, she was working two and three fingers in and out of my arse. The feeling was ecstatic and then she reached over and got this but plug and spread some lube on it and worked it in and out in and out then pushes the whole but plug right in up to it’s flange then my arse pushed it out and she pushed it in again then she held it in there while she wanked my cock. She was lying on her side directly behind me. She pulled the but plug out then a split second the but plug was replaced with her hot hard cock and she slid her hands on to my hips and forced her cock all the way in to me and then she fucked me good and hard. She held my cock like a fucking handle. The feeling was out of this world a feeling I had never felt before ecstasy, she fucked my arse for about ten minutes.

Then she slipped out and I had a raging hard on. She turned me on to my back and she said we cant let that beautiful cock go to waste can we so she straddled me and slipped my cock up against her arse and slipped down on it and rode my cock like she was riding it like a bucking bronco. Up and down up and down with each downward stroke she forced more and more of my cock inside her tight man pussy. With her hands holding my man boobs. She rode me like that for about ten minutes till my cum exploded inside her and she let out a scream as she felt it hit her inner depth. She then cleaned me up with some wipes which were cold to the touch which felt great and gave me a massive erection again so she cleaned the rest up with her mouth. To have someone else’s touches all over the most intimate parts on your body is something else again, especially when it is a she male.