Written by Yorky_Ray

22 Mar 2009

Something very bizarre happened to me yesterday night (22 May) anyway the story goes like this.

At about 01:10 I got a email/message on my computer from this dormant chat site I don’t go on as much but leave it running in background. This message did a quick introduction then asked if I travel and how far I lived. I told them I was pretty close to them and they invited me round to theirs for a drink and some fun.

As weird as it sound, I’m thinking to myself this has to be a joke or a wind up. So I played along they told me where they lived and if I wanted to go over to theirs. They said I wont regret it.

I asked then what would I expect, they kept on saying come over and find out. So I asked them to send me a picture via email. They said they didn’t have one on the computer, but gave me the details of this guy and this girls. I asked them if they had a picture camera, and if they could send me a picture, which they did actually they sent two.

They kept on pushing me to come over, and I’m think bullshit to this, something isn’t right. Still playing along I thought I’d ask what would I need to bring along with me.

They said nothing as they had all the alcohol, all I would need is some condoms. I really debated about this, I thought whats the worst that can happen?

Well when they told me where they lived, well that really put doubt in my mind. Then they asked if I was black or asian. The place they lived in was 15 mins away from me and they not the best place to live, or the friendliest if you know what I mean.

I was certain this was a wind up and a ambush, but I was really curious. One day this will get me into major trouble. Anyway they gave me their phone number so I could have a chat.

Phoned them up and the first and second time it didn’t connect, saying not possible to connect at this time. Alarm bells started going, so I went back on the computer and told them the phone number didn’t work.

They told me to try again, which I did and a guy answered. Was very careful to listen to the background noise, which there wasn’t any. We spoke briefly, then he passed the phone to the girl which she was 25 and a size 10 totally meaningless to me.

She sounded alright if not quite sexy, not a rough voice but a pretty sound looking vice and calming. She asked if I was coming over, I told her I dunno cause I’m pretty nervous at the minute. She said she had some alcohol over at hers and that I would enjoy it and she’d calm me down.

I said I don’t know what to expect or do, but I’ll come over and have a drink as I wasn’t doing anything else. She said great I wont regret it, but every time she says that I feel this lump in me saying dickhead your so going to get into trouble. But being major curious, and the thought maybe its all real and being alone and depressed was taking its toll.

So I quickly get changed, took my jewelary off and left my wallet at home and bare minimum keys. Went to the petrol station to buy some condoms, in the process of buying them this girl obviously chatting up the cashier goes good to see someone being careful. I made a lame excuse something about no they only to be left in the car just incase. Then she goes well im quite down there…………. Shit did I not fucking run out the fucking petrol station fucking fast. Do I normally turn a blind eye to all these or wasn’t I just aware, or has females got this homing beacon thing where it can detect single guys?!

On the way to our select meeting point, ie a morrisons car park at 01:30 in the morning. She text me couple pictures, none face and none nude but very sexy clothing and assuring that I am on the way and where about I was. The journey there all sorts of things were going through my mind, I was certain I was going to get ambushed, get robbed or even have the car nicked which wouldn’t be a bad thing but try explaining to the police why im 8 miles away from home, early hours of the morning and my car got nicked, mugged, beaten that I ws on my way to meet up with a couple I just chatted on the internet and im going to have sex with her….. wouldn’t go down very well.

I decided not to park my car at the Morrison carpark, but about 400 metres away on a well lit residential street and walk down to the meeting carpark. I was beginning to think they were staking me out watch where I was parking and all that. Shit I was getting more nervous by the minute and by the distance. In the 8 miles I must have received about 14 texts from here and everyone ended with the work huni. One of the text I sent on route was to say im straight and I hope her other half is, cause I got thoughts going through my mind getting mugged or beaten up is nothing, but the thought occurred to me getting fucked by a guy is a bit lousy. Even worse if I was going to have sex and he sneaked up behind me……. No stop thinking.

Racking my brains who the hell do I know that’s called Vicky, one reason why I phoned up to see if I knew the voice. Anyway walking down the road in middle meltham middle night totally shitting myself think what the fuck am I doing…. I kept telling myself I must be insane.

I texted to say I was at morrisons, and they tested back saying which direction to go. I started the direction they gave me, then more text kept on coming with updates where I am every 10 seconds. I thought shit, must be close to be getting clubbed or they sending so many text to keep me occupied but I was pretty alert.

Totally wasn’t what I expect because I came to this pretty nice decent looking estate, well all except a block of flats on the left. I text to tell them passing morrisons on right and block mills on left what at first I thought was flats. The y said follow the road round, when I went round the road, I for some reason stopped and corning my eye I thought I saw some curtains moved behind me across the road. Then I got a text saying they seen me across the road, the told me to turn around and cross the road and head towards the van.

Then another text told me to head towards house 37, I stood for a few seconds to recollect my thoughts and what plan of action would be. No plans, no thoughts, no sense of danger I walked over to the door leaned against the wall and took a deep breathe.

I have to admit the excitement was there, the curious bit was there…… just what the fuck am I thinking and doing. Then I heard the door unlock and a familiar voice said hi and to come in. she stood behind the door just popped her head through. By this time I was so nervous I had shut everything down and thought I can always go in for a drink and walk out again, except probably 6 guys hiding upstairs ready to pounce.

I shut the door behind me, and as I turned I could see she was wearing a dressing gown. Walked into the living room and he was sat down and in a dressing gown too. On the tv what I thought was a porn film of him and her on tv turned out to be big brother scene showing everyone was in bed.

I sat down next to Vicky, in the lighted living room she was amazing attractive. I had thoughts of someone really ugly and overweight and all that, but here she was next to me everything the opposite what you could imagine. Im now starting to think something isn’t right, she is was too attractive.

She asked if I wanted a drink, a beer or something I said yes as I definitely need something to calm my nerves down. She got up that when I realised she had a great pair of legs, she had them crossed while sat down but while getting up it showed a lot more. While she was away the guy asked what I think, told him in bloody nervous as hell, he goes about his girlfriend.

I said gob smacked and speechless, very attractive. He goes that’s good and feel free like at home and I can play with her breasts when she comes in. of course I don’t when she returns but we continue with conversation about all the background and chit chat. They didn’t have any more beers cause he was drinking the last one, she brought a bottle vodka in with about quarter left and some orange juice. How much I cant drink spirits straight, I drunk a glass of voka neat and got myself another before I knew it I finished what was left of it.

He assured me no one was in the house, and no cameras were set up. I said I wasn’t too bothered anyway because im not politician and that im single. She popped out the living room again, when she came back he told her to take the dressing gown off which she did, I thought to myself fuck me. He said what do I think about the breast, playing with one and then getting it out. I was totally gob smacked, speechless and think what did I do in my last life, infact what did I do yesterday.

He told me to have a feel, she came over to me and sat down. And she put my hand on her breast, I must have muttered some words but before I knew what was happening I was sucking her nipples.

Will let you workout the rest from here……. He never touched me, all he did was watch me with his girlfriend. She was amazing, did everything you possibly could have thought off and never objected. I didn’t leave the house till 05:10

Went home, went to bed and woke up feeling like it was all a dream.