Written by CB

16 Jan 2010

The internet is a fantastic way for people to meet through dating and swinging sites. But 30 years ago before the internet was invented one of the best ways to chat and meet strangers was CB radio. Let me share with you this story that I was a witness to involving my then best friend Zoe.

Me and Zoe were both 18 and inseperable. We would spend all day together, She was like a sister to me. We copied everything right down to our clothes and hairstyles. We even looked alike, both of us were 5ft and petite, although Zoe was much more outgoing and I was the shy one. I was a virgin still and happy to be one, I knew however that Zoe wasn't. She had confided in me that she had slept with a boyfriend. In the evenings and late into the night we would chat with each other on the CB radio. We were lucky in respect that we lived just a few miles from the M6 motorway so we often would find ourselves chatting to passing truckers. One trucker in particular we used to copy a lot. He went by the name of cowcatcher. That wasn't because of his taste in women, but because he drove an animal transporter. Cowcatcher who's real name was Jim came from Blackpool or towertown as it was known. He made no secret that he was 49 but he was a great guy with a wicked sense of humour and as 18 year old girls we found we could have girlie conversations with him. He was just a great charmer. We got to know Jim quite well although we had never met him.

Zoe one day sprung a surprise on me. She said she had aranged to meet Jim at Grange over sands about 30 miles away where he had a holiday caravan. She asked me if I fancied going along for company. I of course agreed and in the coming days Zoe made it clear to me that she was prepared to allow Jim to have sex with her if they hit it off. I was quite shocked at this and wondered where I fit into these plans since I certainly didn't plan to have sex. She assured me she just wanted company and one day we set off on the train to meet him. Zoe was dressed for the occasion in a short skirt and skimpy blouse under her coat, despite it being winter. She had arranged with Jim that we would be on that train and when we arrived Jim was waiting.

Jim was a strapping 6ft 2 and quite well built with dark hair, He was surprisingly handsome for his age. He towered over us two girls. We went first to a local pub for a meal and drinks and we all relaxed. I noticed Zoe was getting closer to him and she was wispering to him, in return Jim would smile and whisper back. Quite a cosy relationship was springing up. Eventully in the afernoon Jim suggested we go back to his caravan where he was staying and so off we went. I knew then that these two were going to have sex and it crossed my mind as to what I would do while it was happening. We arrived at his caravan which was on a fixed site where it appeared nobody else was on the site. It was a small caravan with just one double bedroom a lounge and toilet and kitchen area. Zoe and Jim sat next to each other and it was not long before they were kissing and fondling each other. It was the most awkward position I had ever found myself in and I had no idea where to look. Jim lifted Zoe's skirt to reveal her knickers and at this point she realised that privacy was needed so they headed off to the bedroom whilst I turned on the TV. Although they were in a different room the walls of a caravan are paper thin and I could hear absolutely everything. The caravan shook as they walked around the bed undressing. I heard Jim unzip his flies and Zoe unclipping her skirt, I knew Zoe had got onto the bed because I could hear it creak, when Jim got on the bed the whole van shook because of his 14 stone six foot two frame.

Everything then was in the minds eye. Jim told her to spread herself, bend her legs, and lift her kness up. "Wider" I heard him say. The bed began to creak as he was positioning himself, followed by "OOOhh ye" as he entered her. Immediatly the caravan began to vibrate and shake as Jim wasted no time in fucking Zoe. I could tell by the sudden violent shake of the van that he was pushing his dick up her cunt hard on the inward stroke. Zoe was not making much noise at all, It was all Jim as he was getting really excited. He was puffing and panting at his exertions. "Do you like being fucked by older men?" I heard, "Yes" Zoe replied in a voice that suggested she was not enjoying it as much as she thought she would. "I love your tight cunt, I love fucking a smelly tight cunt, yours is very tight and fishy smelling, have you been fucked already today" he said. Zoe made no reply but Jim just got more excited and dirty. "I bet your knickers smell nice, is having a big hairy dick up your cunt satisfying, do you like it, " yes she said in her soft timid voice. I got the impression that Zoe was not getting much enjoyment, certainly not what she thought she would, She was more just a good young fuck to Jim. "Are you on the pill" Jim asked, "yes" Zoe said. "Good because I am going to spunk up your tight smelly cunt girl and I spunk a lot". On and on this went and Jim got more rythmic and harder. The caravan was shaking and vibrating when the vibrations made the door pop open. I couldn't help but look in through the three inch opening. I had never seen two people having sex before and what I saw was fascinating to a shy inexperenced girl like me. Jim was on top of Zoe with his full weight on her fucking really hard. He would pull his dick nearly out so I could see it, God what a size it was. Average length but thick, thicker than the scrawny former boyfriend of hers from the past. Then he would push it up her hard and Zoe would let out a muffled OOOhh as he did. It struck me how hairy Jim was. Hairy chest and bum right down to his legs. His bum was going up and down like a piston as Zoe was fucked. Suddenly Zoe noticed the door open and me watching. "Shut the door quick" she said to Jim. "The doors open, It dosn't matter" he replied. "Let your friend watch you getting screwed". With this he just carried on as Zoe lay underneath him just staring at the ceiling. Jim continued with his dirty talk asking her if she had ever had it up her bum. Zoe looked shocked and quickly said "no" He looked at me and said your friends getting well satisfied. On and on this went as Jim got more excited at the situation. "I am going to spunk", shouted Jim followed by loud OOOOHHH yeee noises before he shoved himself up my friend and held it still deep inside her as he transfered his semen into her vagina. Once he had satisfied himself he withdrew his dick leaving Zoe laying there looking at me. "Your friends a tight bitch" he said as he headed naked past me on his way to the toilet. Zoe then got up and wiped her fanny of Jims leaking spunk and put on her knickers and the rest of her clothes. We didn't leave straight away. We spent many hours chatting before heading home. Me and Zoe somehow drifted apart after that. I still see her.

This is my true story from years ago. I hope some pleasure comes from it.