Written by Dk69ob

2 Jun 2012

My Friends Blossoming

Kim was always a bit of a prude but was pretty in her very controlled and reserved sort of way. She was attracted to guys who would offer her comfort and give her the space to dream whatever dream she had. When we met at University we made an unlikely pair of friends. I partied and stayed out late and she studied and buried her head in books.

She would get me up in the morning and help me to dust off the haze from the night before and we always chatted about nothing it seemed at the time but now I know was quite deep. I guess I loved her in a strange sort of way. It wasn’t lesbian stuff but two girls who got along well and balanced each other in a nice sort of way.

I guess I am really a bit of a slut…I love guys and have always enjoyed my independence. After establishing a career in marketing once I left University I preferred dating to settling down. It was great I had fun when I wanted to and had quiet nights when I couldn’t be bothered. There were always plenty of takers. I’m a slim redhead, green eyes, fit and small but firm tits, bobbed hair, cute smile, and a very wet puss. My ass turns heads. I always get what I need.

When Kim split up with her husband after four years of marriage she became very introverted. She was shattered by the experience and fell to her default place of being on her own. When I tried to arrange things she always had an excuse. I became frustrated and knew she was too. He rose through the ranks and left her for a work colleague. Her confidence took a big hit. Kim felt betrayed and inadequate.

I finally convinced her to meet for a coffee after work. We chatted, she looked forlorn, and work was getting tiresome as she wanted more. Yet there was a glow there. She had a buried fire within. I could sense it. She had filled out a bit and appeared quite glowing. Her face was pretty, her make-up carefully applied, at 28 she looked great. Her dress gave away her intentions. As we chatted I realised she had finally become herself or at least someone new.

‘Sam I’m good thanks, when Henry left I must admit I was crushed. But now I am starting to think its time I think about having some fun. Why can I not be more like you’ she pondered.

‘Kim the guy was not good enough for you. He used you as a safe place to be until he cashed in and could move on. Asshole springs to mind’ I was cruel knowing she was ready for this exchange,

‘Don’t get me wrong Sam, I am ok, I just feel the need to branch out. I have had plenty of time to think on my own these past few months.’ She softened, ‘I have started to realise I am the most important person here. I feel strangely renewed.’ I sipped my coffee.

The staff milled about in the coffee shop. I got a sense a drink was in order. At last I decided to speak after a long pause. ‘Let’s go to the Gray Owl’ I suggested. She nodded, placed a pound coin on the table as a tip from her purse and got her coat on. We got in my car and drove around the corner and down the road to the country pub.

As usual the locals were in including Todd who was a lodger above the pub. The guy was a tradesman, handsome, slim, and tall….he was also a sexual animal. I had him on a few occasions. Needs must you know. His flat was spartan but he had a huge comfortable bed. Additionally he was hung like a horse. The man had tamed most of the single women in the village and a few wives to boot. Todd smiled sitting at the bar with a pint in hand as we walked in and sat at the window booth table.

I bought a bottle of white wine, two glasses, and a bucket of ice. Perfect I thought as I sat down. Then I thought why not. What the hell. I should make something happen for Kim. She’s my best friend and has been shafted. We drank the wine and chatted. Todd kept smiling from his perch at the bar.

‘What do you really want Kim’ I asked as we chatted. She smiled looked into my eyes and said ’Hard cock. I nearly fainted, my best friend the prude being so rude. Damn she even looked greedy. What the hell, why not I thought who could blame her. While she studied all of those years I partied and gave BJ’s. Fuck she has finally waken up I thought.

‘Ok I uttered. Consider it done.’ I went into the wet puss mode. I knew what to do to make it happen for her. Jesus my librarian friend was turning absolutely slutty. I could see the rose in her cheek. Obviously she was working on getting over Henry. ‘I have been thinking she stuttered… oblivious she drifted…I am tired of being good.’ Poor girl I thought. My crotch softened and moistened.

I looked at her ample cleavage and thought cool. This girl’s ready for a fucking. I loved Kim and relished the thought of sorting things out for her. I stood up walked to the bar and faced Todd who continued to smile. I glanced at his package knowing full well what he packed. ‘Fancy a drink with the girls Todd?’ I asked winking. The barman smirked. I could almost taste his balls as our eyes met.

He stood took my hand lifted his pint and we walked back and sat down. ‘This is Todd’ I said as we seated ‘and this is Kim’. They both looked at each other. Smouldering. My legs wobbled a bit. They then both looked at me. I was the culprit, the lady of darkness, the lady of carnal knowledge. We understood one another. She was the prey and he the hunter. I was the matchmaker.

Todd chatted and as always he was charming. Kim loved his banter and reinforced his place at the throne. She was for the taking. I frigged in the toilet when I went for a piss. I didn’t orgasm but just loosened up. Damn I thought its time for a fuck. Kim flashed before me as I tidied my hair in the mirror and saw her doing things unimaginable. She walked past me and sat in a cubical. ‘Thanks Sam I heard her say as she pissed. Todd has invited us up to his flat for a bit of a party.’

I left the toilet and found our table empty. Todd had gone upstairs. Every girl knew you picked up your things…muttered about going home…and went around back, up the stairs, and into his flat. If a member of staff was having a fag out back they watched and knew. I went out and up and tapped on his door. It opened very quickly. Todd let me in without a word. He was eager.

I did as routine requires and decanted to his lounge, lit a fag, and sat and waited until I heard the doorbell go and Todd greeting his new guest. He was very attentive tonight it seemed. I heard Kim’s voice, trembling yet excited, innocent and yet not so pure. I could almost smell the sex in the air. I rubbed my puss through the thin fabric of my panties a bit as I smoked. Its time for hole I thought then laughed. I love this shit.

Kim came in first then was quickly followed by Todd. He sat her down then opened his trousers. The guy was hard as fuck. Ten solid thick inches of pulsing love was Todd. The animal was unleashed. He handed each of us a glass of wine with his prick unleashed. As you can imagine we were both pleased. Who would make the first move? Ours eyes were both gazed at the prize. He grinned like the Cheshire Cat.

I couldn’t help it ‘Is that all you can think about Todd’ I asked. ‘Of course he said. I only do it cause the ladies like it.’ He stroked his generous cock in front of us. Kim seemed transfixed by it. Her eyes followed his movements. Thick hard pole, heavy balls, rounded and handsome head, and a drop of translucent cream on the tip…he stood proud. My loins stirred. Kim licked her lips. Todd stoked naked below the waist in front of us. Who would make the first move? Todd would decide. I decided before him and hiked my skirt and stripped off my panties. My legs apart and drawn up it glistened in the sun coming though the window. Girl cream oozed from within me. I felt good being so naked in front of Todd and Kim. She lifted her dress threw it to one side unclasped her bra, and flung off her panties. Only her heels remained. She literally sprawled naked and began to play as Todd prepared his weapon.

I took a big draw off my fag and played with my slit. Kim shoved her index finger up her puss and sighed. Her ass twitched. I loved it. Todd moved towards his target. Then things changed.

She held up her hand as if to stop Todd in his tracks. He seemed surprised yet alert to her wishes and froze. ‘This is my party’ she said whilst fingering her wet puss, legs sprawled apart. ‘I will decide’ she said sultry and so horny. ‘Do you like my wet pussy Todd’ she asked as he stood and stroked his bone in front of her. I must admit I froze, fingers resting on the exposed lips. The tension rose. His prick looked incredible. He nodded his approval, totally silent. I snacked a little finger up my asshole. My knees met my chin.

Kim stood up looking hot and fiery. Her gait was assured and feline and endearing. Todd stood transfixed. She walked over to him and placed her index on the tip of his head. She lifted a tiny drop of his pre-ejaculate. She then walked over to me and almost dreamily said ‘I want to see it kiss this’ touching my pert asshole. The drop made it glisten. I nearly melted. My studious quiet sweet friend had turned into a whore. Todd nodded, his big hand polishing the pole. I winced, he had never been there, nor had anybody else except myself. And damn he is huge I thought.

Kim walked over, took Todd’s tool in her hand and led him to me like a dog on a leash. He obeyed wonderfully. I nearly cried as a tiny drop of girl cum dribbled down my thigh. I could only think damn her tits look amazing and her skin is so smooth as she held Todd by his compass and brought us together. The head of his cock pressed against the opening of my anus. I breathed deep.

‘Make them kiss she demanded’. We looked into her eyes. ‘What do you want tonight Kim’ I asked, her eyes dark, demure, and slutty? ‘To feel like the whore you have always been Sam and to control things for a change. ‘Jesus’ I muttered. Todd just grinned. This was the beginning of the sin we would commit. Kim was certainly in control. His solid prick pressed up against my bum hole. Kim leaned over and tenderly kissed me and said’ relax dear you will enjoy this for all its worth.’ She then lifted my thighs higher pressing them against my face allowing Todd the full easy way to give that kiss. I nearly hit the roof when all ten inches were inside me.

The sight of Todd’s ten dick inch deep all the way up my asshole sent me into spasms. Kim looked down into my face and smiled sensing my utter violation. He grunted like a mule. We all grimaced.

‘How feel Sam’ she demanded as Todd began to stroke his tool inside me. ‘Do you like it up the ass or would you prefer it in your mouth. ‘Filthy bitch I retorted.’ She laughed at me. ‘I changed my mind Sam I want you to suck my tits’ all the while leaning in placing her flushed breasts and nipple onto my mouth. I eagerly suckled and fondled relaxing into Todd’s anal intrusion. He felt nice inside me.

Kim pulled away and hoisted her thighs over my face and cooed ‘lick me hun I always wanted you to taste my pussy.’ Todd’s balls were slapping against the base of my bum. I reached up with the tip of my tongue and tasted her. It was alive. Bathing in her sweet crevices I tasted her for all she was worth. I knew that smell but now knew the taste I thought as I ate her lovely fresh vagina with relish. ‘Screw her pussy Todd she then grunted.’ He happily obliged leaving my ass void yet stimulated and plunged up my dripping puss my legs dropping as I fell away with his movements. My feet hit the ground. Her slit dripped nectar and her bud grew. She shifted so her asshole replaced her puss. Todd filled me deeply with his expert strokes. I gave her a little kiss. Her thighs trembled.

I could see the muscles in her back tighten as I rimmed her and took Todd’s pole like a good girl. She leaned over and began caressing his heavy balls as he screwed me. My tongue pierced her ring. It was the blossoming I mused. My body shuddered as he thrust harder. Sensing Todd’s urgency she demanded ‘cum in her mouth like all the guys do…I used to lie in bed all those years ago playing, thinking of you Sam swallowing cum as I lay alone.’ Damn I used to cum so much and sometimes when you came home I could smell cum on your breath.

Damn she really is a slut too I thought as I released Todd’s cock sat up swallowed him as much as I could and drank the thick creamy hot load that hit the back of my throat, flooded my mouth, and dribbled over my tits and belly as I coughed it out. Kim sat above her cunt swollen and pink, mesmerised as I took his pearly prize.

‘That was pretty Sam she said thankfully, maybe we can do this another time.’ Todd’s cock hung heavy, cum stained, and dripping. I looked into her eyes and saw a flower opening inside her.

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