Written by cabernet49

31 Jul 2011

I had dropped my wife off at the local shopping centre at 10 yesterday morning and had arranged to pick her up at 12.30. Decided to call in at my mate's house for 10 minutes, hoping that his wife would be just out of the shower and would be wearing her short dressing gown. I was going to ask her for a flash of her big 38DD tits as is usual when I call at that time. We've been having threesomes for the last 15 years so she knows the score. I got to their house, garage door was open and I went on through to the back of the house where my mate was working away at his plants and fruit trees. No sign of his wife. I called out and walked into the patio area. It turned out his wife was getting ready to go out, so no chance of a flash. We chatted away about the garden and then before she came out the talk turned to sex . Talk stopped when she appeared and I complimented on how she was looking. She is a quite attractive 58 year old woman, a bit overweight (not much),good tits and loves sex---but not at the moment. Anyway she asked me to fasten her bracelet as neither she nor her husband had their glasses on. I did so and she said her farewells.

My mate and I chatted and he started to tell me about his wife. Last Sunday morning when he was playing and stroking her he said she was soaking . I asked if she squirted---I love it when she squirts over my face---and he told me she had absolutely saturated him. I told him he was a lucky so and so. End of conversation and I said I had to go. Out of the blue he asked me if my cock was hard. It was really. We were sitting outside on the patio, and then he asked if I'd like him to suck my cock. Now I'm the one who usually wants to do that, but I told if he wanted to, no problem. He went into the house to wash his hands and I slipped off my shorts and underwear. Somehow my cock was still soft when he came back. He told me to stroke myself, which I did and he watched as my cock stiffened.

He came over to me, dropped to his knees and began playing with my balls and cock. I'm very hairy and he told me how he loved feeling the hair round my balls and cock. Stroking me slowly he lowered his mouth to my cock and his tongue and lips slid up and down it. When he took his mouth away , my precum was leaking like mad and he began licking it up before engulfing my cock with his mouth.

I held the back of his head and spoke quietly (didn't want the neighbours to hear) calling him a cocksucker and a cumslut. This spurred him and his mouth worked furiously as I began to fuck his mouth. Needless to say I didn't last long and shot my cum into his mouth.

Now he knows I love eating cum out of his wife's pussy after we've fucked her, only now he stood up , forced my mouth open and snowballed me, my own cum, oozing and dripping from his mouth into mine.

As I swallowed he bent down and kissed my open mouth , our tongues meeting and licking. Then he dropped to his knees again and licked my cock clean.

I sat back totally satisfied and then asked him to get his cock out so I could suck him. He told me no as he wanted to save his cum for his wife later that night when he would be fucking her and he was going to tell her about sucking my cock.

I left and went home . Lucky for me the house was empty because when I got out of my car, I saw that my cum was still leaking from my cock and had stained the front of my shorts.

Just can't wait until our threesomes start up again in September.