Written by calpe1984

14 Oct 2010

This story all started many months ago. Like most people I guess it took me a while to find the right couple who were not timewasters and were genuine.

I first started speaking to Mr & Mrs S back in March it was the usual emails back and forth then the move to MSN which is where the real fun took place web cams are great.

It was finally decided that we would meet at first I was highly excited about the prospect of being able to fuck another mans wife while he was there and after the months of looking and playing with her online I could hardly believe my luck. To be honest as time got closer I was getting more and more nervous and at one point very close to calling the whole thing off. I spoke to Mr S who was great he settled my nerves and made me feel much better.

The meeting was finally going ahead it was decided that Mr and Mrs S would check into a hotel in Kent and I would meet them in the hotel bar at 7pm. I made my way to the hotel very nervous but excited, I pulled up into the car park and texted Mrs S to say that I was here. It seemed like forever until my phone went off with a reply saying “Great can not wait we will be right down we will be at the back of the bar sitting hopefully out of the way”. I texted back saying I would wait a couple of minutes and make my way in. I sat in my car butterflies in my stomach as I could not believe I was finally going to be doing this.

I decided that after the song finished on the radio I would go in to the hotel, the song finished and I got out of my car locked it and made my way into the hotel, I walked straight past reception and into the hotel bar, I looked around frantically looking for Mr & Mrs S until I finally caught a glimpse of her at the back of the room I will always remember this part she lifted her head up looked straight at me and smiled and waved me over. I made my way over to the table which was by luck right at the back of the hotel bar. I was very nervous but excited I sat down giving Mrs S a kiss on the cheek and shaking Mr S’s hand. We sat at the table first just having idle chit chat about all types of things until it moved onto sex and this site. I asked Mr & Mrs S if they had done this before and they both said No I could tell they were both as nervous as I was. I made a few jokes and talked about my previous experiences and the tension seemed to just disappear. Mr S asked me if I wanted a drink and I asked for a Coke as I was driving and Mrs S asked for a glass of wine. While Mr S was away I told Mrs S that I was very excited about what we were going to do and told her that things would be great. Mrs S stated that she was very excited and was getting very Horny. Mr S then joined us back with our drinks. I told Mr & Mrs S that if at any time they wanted to stop or became uneasy then that was fine just to say. This seemed to make then very relaxed. I then wondered how they wanted thing to start, both of them were unsure so I stated how about ME and Mrs S go upstairs to the hotel room and Mr S to join us ten minutes later. Mr S seemed very excited about this and Mrs S looked at her husband I guess for approval and said yes. Mrs S stated that she would get up and head towards the lift and hold it then I would get up and join her leaving Mr S at the Bar. Mrs S got up and oh my god she looked amazing she was wearing a knee length black skirt, with a white shirt and a little jacket over the top, she had black stockings on and a killer pair of high heeled shoes, My dick instantly sprung up at the sight of her and all my nervous went. I watched Mrs S walk through the bar to the lift, she waited at the doors while the it came down, this seemed to take ages. Finally the doors opened and Mrs S looked over at me, I got up and walked through the bar and joined Mr S in the Lift, She pushed the button I think to the third floor and the doors slowly closed. As soon as the doors closed I pinned Mrs S against the Lift wall and started to kiss her I was holding her head with my hands slowly stroking her face and neck with my right hand and running my left hand down her body. The doors finally opened and we broke apart from each other. We made our way to her room where she opened the hotel room door. We entered the room and Mrs S popped into the bathroom and I walked past into the bedroom and waited sitting on the edge of the bed. Mrs S was speaking saying that I could turn the TV on and she would be out in a sec. I sat on the end of the bed when I heard the bathroom door open and the light being turned off. Mrs S came out and OH MY GOD she looked amazing. Mrs S was dressed in a Black and Pink Bar, matching French knickers with a matching garter and stocking with pink bows on them. Mrs S was still wearing her killer high heels as well. Mrs S came over to me and I stood up and just kissed her as passionate as I could. I started to rub my hands all over her body exploring every inch I could. I then swung around laying her down onto the bed with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed. I then dropped to my knees and kneeling on the floor I started to kiss up the inner thigh of her legs working my way up too her perfect pussy. I then with my fingers moved her knickers to one side to reveal a shaven and perfect pussy. I could smell that she was soaking wet.

I started to work my tongue all around her pussy until I found the sensitive part. I could feel Mrs S moving around and arching her back as I licked away. Mrs S told me to take her under ware off as it would be easier. I then had to unclip her stockings which we did laugh about but after a few seconds they were undone and the under ware was off. Mrs S being a perfectionist insisted in doing the clips back up. One done I went back done and went to work on her pussy, Mrs S was softly moaning and obviously really enjoying the movement of my tongue as she was now running her fingers through my hair and pushing my head into her pussy. I moved onto the bed this time licking Mrs S pussy from the side this is so that I could slowly start to play with her pussy with my finger. This made Mrs S moan loader which was great I was getting harder by the second. I then heard the door opening and looked up to see Mr S standing in front of me. Mrs S called him over and franticly pulled at his trousers to realise his dick. Mrs S finally got to Mr S dick and started to suck on his dick. Mr S was smaller then I was about 6-7 inch’s of a small girth. I knew that my dick would definitely stretch Mrs S. Mrs S moved on to her side so that she could better suck her husband. Mr S then said that he wanted to see Mrs S suck my cock. I stopped and got off the bed, I walked round to the side of the bed where Mr S was while he moved down the bed and fingered her Pussy. Mrs S again started to pull my jeans finding the belt hard to take off. I laughed as Mrs S was getting upset not being able to undo it. So I gave her a hand a realised my trousers letting them fall to the floor. Mrs S pulled down my boxer shorts saying “oh my this is bigger then on the internet” With this Mr S looked up and smiled. Mrs S then started to lick my cock and run her hand up and down my shaft. My cock is about 8-9 inch’s long of a thick girth definitely more then a handful. Mrs S then gave me a great blow job she was sucking and licking my cock all over she was looking up at me which was a great turn on. Mrs S jumped up onto her knees and moved her hand down and grabbed hold of my balls while she carried on sucking me. Mr S then positioned himself behind Mrs S and entered her from behind. Mrs S let out a moan as Mr S entered her. Mr S soon got up to a great rhythm Mrs S was finding it hard to carry on sucking me while her husband was fucking her from behind. Mr S was saying to his wife “you fucking dirty slut look at you sucking another mans cock while your husband is fucking you” Mrs S replied saying “ I’M your dirty slut fuck me and teach me a lesson” Mr S continued pumping away until he announced he was about to cum. I was glad as I could feel my first load building up and me about to explode. Mr S then with one last pump spunked all inside his wife. I told Mrs S I was about to cum and she stopped and said “ I want to taste your cum in my mouth”. Mrs S I know did not swallow she said it was not very nice so I wondered if she would with me. Mrs S continued until I cum deep into her mouth. Mrs S looked up with me with her piercing eyes with a satisfied look on her face. Mrs S then jumped up and ran into the bathroom. Mr S said she properly wanted to spit the cum out. We both laughed when she returned with a glow to her. Mrs S then said “right its your turn to fuck me now”. Mrs S then got back onto the bed and span around this time presenting her sexy bum to me. I quickly got hard again and put the condom on Mrs S was already sucking Mr S when I climbed onto the bed and slowly entered Mrs S. She let out a big moan when I slowly entered her, she said that she could feel her pussy stretching. Once fully In I grabbed Mrs S by her hips and started to pump away and got my self into a good rhythm. Mrs S said it would not be long until she was going to cum I thrust a couple more times until she started screaming it was such a great feeling. Mr S unbeknown to me had spunked all over his wife. Mr S stepped back and sat in a chair while I flipped Mr S Over onto her back I moved my self in between her legs and slowly entered Mrs S again. I lifted Mrs S legs up and put them onto my shoulders. I then started to push my cock in so that every inch was inside her. Mrs S was screaming and panting at each thrust of my cock. Mrs S announced she was going to cum again. I could feel that I was going to cum soon so I stepped up and got faster and faster feeling my cum rising until after pumping away hard I cum hard into the condom, Mrs S cum at the same time and we both just fell back on to the bed both trying to get our breaths back. We continued to play and suck for most of the night me, Mrs S and Mr S. I remember I then had a shower with Mrs S and left leaving a very happy couple in the room and made my way home.

I have meet Mr and Mrs S several times since this encounter for dogging and other experiences and would love to meet more couples out their. If your interested please get in touch. I’m sure you can work it out.