Written by tamscot

11 Apr 2011

i was at a sports centre not far from home and had no gym gear with me - i was hoping to leave the changing room door open and walk around in there naked for all to see as they passed. I adore being seen naked. I had been there about fifteen minutes and had flashed a few women who had a really good look - i wasnt erect though. it looked like i was getting changed. Then a man appeared. he just came in the room and sat down and chatted small talk. I could see him looking at my naked body and i didnt want to be there anymore so i started to get dressed. then he said dont get dressed on my account so i said, why? what you here for? He said i had a great body so i stayed in my boxers for a while longer. i was 27 and he looked mid fifties. He was wearing unkempt clothing and reeked of stale booze and cigs. I looked into his eyes and he askd if he could close the door. He did. then he asked if id bend down and touch my toes for him. I did. then i found myself asking if he wanted to take my boxers off. He pulled them down for me and i could feel his breath on my cheeks. Things changed then....

I realised this old guy was just a letch and a perv and he liked younger men. I also knew i was about to do anything he wanted. He lightly stroked my bum while i was bent over and then he spread my legs a little and fondled my swinging balls from behind. I was shaking with fear and excitement. Did you come here to play sports? he asked. I nodded but he said, well, wheres your gear then? I knew he'd found me out. You came here to show off, didnt you, you little cunt. he said! He laughed loud. I was trembling now. He said now this is whats going to happen, you dirty cunt, you're going to suck my cock until i cum. He stood up and ordered me to my knees. "Get on with it then, he said in a firm voice. I kneeled down and pulled his zip down and put my hand inside his stained boxers and felt a semi hard and smallish willie and pulled it gently out. I played with it then he grabbed my head and forced it into my mouth. It tasted of stale piss, some even trickled out of his eye and into my mouth. I sucked and licked him and he was smirking as he watched me pleasure him. I couldnt believe i was doing this. sucking a dirty old man's cock. Then he said...right you fucking twat...i'm gonna cum in a minute, remember and open your mouth when i do. My knees were sore, i had been sucking him for about 10 - 15 minutes and could taste salty pre-cum seeping out. It tasted foul. Then he groaned and said firmly - open your fucking mouth. I felt a big spurt hit my tongue then another and another and knew he'd spunked in my mouth. He was grinning like a cat now and had a satisfied look in his eyes. The spunk was still in my mouth then he said swallow it then, for fucksake. I just did it, didnt think about it. I hated the taste though. He sat down for a minute and asked how i felt. I said i didnt enjoy the taste but i loved making you cum.

Then he said come over here and lean over me. I kinda knew what was coming next so i bent over his knee then he spanked my bum cheeks lightly. He asked if i liked that. I said no but do what you want sir. He spanked me till my bum was sore and red then he pulled me to my feet and said bend over that bench, which was about waist high. I did as i was told and felt his shoes kick my feet apart. I could feel his hardening cock against my legs and thought he was going to wank onto my bum cheeks. Then i felt him trying to enter me. I pleaded him not to and said ive never done that before and he had no jonny. He spat on his hand and rubbed it against my anus then again tried to enter me. He got in a bit further this time, despite my pleading. I was bloody sore then he said relax and give your bum to me, you fucking dirty flasher. I realised then i had no choice. I felt his cock slip up me, past my sphincter and deep inside. He groaned and said - good girl! He didnt last long and said i had a really tight ass. I was in agony but it felt bearable and i loved that i was pleasing him - again. Suddenly he went stiff and moaned deep and gutteral and i felt something hot inside my bum. He was holding me tight as he obviously unloaded into me then he pulled out and i saw a puddle of spunk under my feet. I stayed bent over and watched it drip out as i heard him zip up, open the door and leave. I hadnt even cum myself but this total stranger had cum in my mouth and virgin bum. I dressed and left soon after. My bum was so sore and i could feel the spunk still leaking out the i went to the cafe and he was there with his wife. He saw me struggling to walk and he laughed, i heard him say to his wife - that guy looks fucked. He was right....i had just been fucked....by him....BASTARD! I loved every minute though.