Written by Photobazza

6 Jan 2011

As I explained a couple of weeks back I had this really good photo-shoot with a very sexy lady called Anita, now she told me she would like to do another shoot in a few weeks, but early this week I received a phone call to ask if I would be interested in doing one this week as her hubby was away for a few days, so I said I would love to especially as the weather was bad.

So on Wednesday I set out to carry out my second shoot with Anita, now I’m thinking to myself will this be as good as the first time !!! So I arrive at Anita’s house and I am greeted with a lovely smile so I gave her a kiss on the cheek and wished her a happy new year and we stepped inside, the kettles on Barry she said, so we sat and had a coffee and a chat mainly about the first shoot and what she enjoyed and how she felt we could improve on some shots, but she didn’t mention or even hint on the sex we had at the end, which I found a little strange maybe it was just a one off and she also seemed very relaxed compared to our first shoot, I put this down to we got on so well the first time round, as I said last time she has a cracking figure and is a very attractive lady but really down to earth attitude, which is nice.

So we eventually start the shoot very similar to the last time, Anita wanted some clothed shots as she had purchased two new dresses that she wore over Christmas and new year and she looked a million dollars in them, the first one was in black and an of the shoulder dress not to revealing and finished just below the knee, and with her figure she looked lovely, she had a quick change while I just looked around the room at various photographs of her and her hubby, then she said, what do you think ?

As I turned around you could have knocked me over with a feather, my mouth feel open and there stood Anita in this dress it had two thin straps on the shoulder with no back and the front was partly open displaying her ample breast and it was so short if she had bent over nothing was left to the imagination, she said, I see you like it then ? Yes I said you look fantastic, I wore this New Years Eve it turned a few heads, she said with a laugh, I’m not surprised I said, now this lady is so sexy I could feel the old fellow begin to move in the trousers, so I carried on shooting her in various positions she said this is exactly as I was on the night she then bent over to reveal she had nothing on at all under her dress, I said, what like that, she said yes I felt really good as well, hubby loved all the attention I was getting, well by now the trouser snake was itching to be released as Anita slowly dropped her dress of the shoulders and to the floor she said I see you liked as much as my hubby then, I said you look so sexy in and out of it, her nipples were very pert, she said would you like the same as before as I really enjoyed it, well who was I to say no, she said bring your camera I need a couple more shots, I thought I don’t know about this I haven’t done that before, but what she wanted were some shower shots with her body really soapy also requesting I help with the soap, I shot a good few then she said put the thing down and get in here with me, which I did we had another fantastic sex session, as I said before I have been shooting for over 20 years and have never had this happen before, I’m sure if I had made a few comments or got as hard as I did with Anita it may have well happened, but she was the first ever shoot I got a hard on for, roll on the next time.