Written by irish

1 Nov 2013

Well too begin......

Im 36 years old, avg kind of guy with a very high sex drive and another secert too revel later. I got talking at work too a married lady, my age, busty, great figure, and a very shy way about her. She said sh enjoyex this resturant and that f im ever looking too have a great meal go down there. I said sounds good. Weeks had passed and we hadnt spoke more about the resturant or anything just work.

The friday of that week i got paid and asked a fwb if she would go to this awesome restaurant was told about. She said great so we made a date saturaday night. I got dressed well, got the expensive sprays out and i looked good and smelt good. Turned up too resturant and waited, and waited, and well waited. An hour later i knew it was a flop of a night. I got up and headed out the door. I just got outside and the lady i worked with was standing there. I said hi how are u, we talked and said her husband was not going too make it. She looked like she had made quite an effort in her appearance. Red dress, black stockings, with a red seam up the back, bout 6" heels and a full face of make up. I had too say she looked amazing. I then chanced my arm and said should we have dinner then. She said yes alot faster than i was expecting. We went in and got seated we ordered, drank wine and both were getting well merry. I then felt a foot in my crotch, toes moving up and down. Then she passed me a napkin. It had written on it how well can i hold my load. I grabbed her pen and wrote back u should find out. I passed it back she read it and left it on the table. Then looked around and went under, i felt hands run up my leg and unzip my jeans, i was semi hard by now. I then heard he swear and next thing i knew i heard a ripping sound. She couldn't get my cock out of my jocks so she had just torn them open. The next thing i felt was a warm mouth swallow my whole cock, no I'm 9" and quite thick so was very surprised and the easy she was sucking me, i looked around too see if anyone had noticed. All good, so for the next 10mins all i heard was gagging, slurping and spitting under the table. I held my load the whole time.

She came up and i saw no lipstick left and a gleam in her eye, she left the table and headed for bathroom. I zipped up and waited. She back with lippy fixed and came back and said lets go finsh what i started. So i got up and head out after paying. I said where we go, she said back too hers. So we got a cab and head there. Nothing happened we talked and went on like nothing had happened. I got too hers and hoped out. We got too door and we walked in. I closed the door, then she was on me kissing me madly, i followed suit and before i knew it she was in her kness belt undone zip down pants around ankles suck my now full hard cock thru the hole she had made, i ripped rest of my jocks off as she sucked and threw them somewhere that had made her even hornier and she grabbed my ass and started too deepthroat my cock. By now u was horny SD hell i leaned over too unzip dress. The zip was stuck and she kept pushing me up straight. I said help me unzip dress, she pulled mouth off my cock and said just rip it half and hurry up bout it. So i did, tore it in half and pulled it off her. She had bra, thong and thigh highs on. By now i wanted too eat her pussy so i stood her up pushed her face over the table her bum facing me. I tore the crotch out of the thong and ate what i found was a bare pussy. She started moaning and grabbing the top of my head, i made her cum twice before slding my cock into her. I fucked he slow at first then faster and faster my hugh balls slappping at het clit, and the torn thong flapping too. She was screaming by now, i grabbed her bra and pulled hard on it, by the time i changed postion her bra was streched all out of shape, and had one of the straps snapped we must of fuck hard like this for least 2 hrs till i felt my balls tighten i pulled out too cum over her ass, but she spun around took my whole load over her face. This is what i was saying i may look avg, but i cum hugh. The load went over her face, in her hair, over her chin and boobs i had made a mess of her. She swallowed my cock and i let loose least 2 more spurt which she swallowed eagerly. When she pulled off my cock all was said was what a fucken load, that was amazing. We got cleaned up i got a cup of coffee and we taked for bout half an hr, she came over unzip my fly again and started suck i straight away got hard and fucked her again just as i was pumping my cum in her lights came in drive way. Shit i was still spurting in her when the lights turned on she was still moaning from the feeling and i heard a guy call her name i pulled out grabbed my stuff and legged it. This is where the story gets intresting.........