Written by silverminisarah

14 Oct 2010

I had my first dogging experience in 1980, although back then it we didn’t even have a name for it.

My husband C and I were avid swingers when we were in our early twenties, and amongst our contacts was a lovely Welshman named Roland who informed us he’d heard about this swinging car park in Croydon. My ears perked up when he told us about it, mainly because I had a fantasy of being gangbanged and we'd had a lot of difficulty arranging it. We questioned him about it, but couldn’t get an exact location of the place.

Now this was before the internet, so getting information wasn’t as easy as a quick google.

Fortunately, over the course of a couple of nights driving to every car park in and around Croydon, C managed to locate the place at a local beauty spot in Shirley.

On our first visit together we sat around for almost half an hour before a nice gentleman told us we were in the wrong part of the car park. We’d been sitting at the gay end.

When we relocated to the adjacent “straight” part of the car park C and I started fooling around. Within minutes we had an audience of three blokes wanking outside the car.

We honestly hadn’t planned to do anything that night; we just went there to suss it out. But the situation, and the novelty, and even the fear, compelled me to act spontaneously. So I wound down the window and sucked off the three men. The act of pleasuring 3 nameless faceless strangers was a fantastic turn on.

Over the next few years C and I made regular trips to Shirley car park, and I fulfilled my fantasy of being gangbanged on numerous occasions.

We’d pull up, then I’d switch on the interior light and touch up my lipstick by way of a “come and get me” sign. I was never disappointed.

I’d get out of the car and slip out of my knickers. I only ever wore knickers when we went to Shirley, but only because C loved the way I shimmied my hips when I took them off. Then I’d service the crowd 2 at a time, fucking and sucking each one, sometimes more than once.

On the journey home, C would always pull over somewhere quiet and fuck my sloppy spunk filled pussy.

Over the months the size of the groups increased from about 3 or four, to as many as 22 on one beautiful summer evening.

It wasn’t until the emergence of HIV in the straight community in 1984 that we finally and regretfully were forced to abandon our visits.

If you ever visited Croydon car park in the eighties maybe you remember the girl in the silver Mini.