Written by Kevnorth

16 Nov 2010

My wife and I have been married for 8 years and we’ve been wife swapping for the last 2 years however, something I’ve always wanted to try with my wife is Dogging!! Like most people we’ve seen all the stuff about it and as members of the site we've visited the chat room and read the posting people have made, so one night driving home after a meal I said to my wife in the car about trying it, at first as a bit of a joke just to get her response but she looked over at me and said “sure, how about tonight!!”

She then said "I’m sure you must know there a dogging location just down the road from here at the nudist beach at Druridge Bay" LOL. Yep I knew that but I was surprised Julie knew about it, so I looked over to her and she smiled ”yep I’ve been looking at the stuff in the swingers chat room as well” and we both had a good laugh over it. Right lets drive there then, as we pulled into the car park I noticed my wife pulling her knickers off ” fuck me, you going to flash them that lovely shaved fanny of yours” and she smiled “well I may let them have a look but no touching."

I've been to this nudist beach a few times just walking the dog and I had heard rumours about the dogging & Naturist Swingers that visit so it would be interesting to see if its really true, so we parked up and I remember reading that doggers flash their interior lights in the car, so turned them on and off a few times and waited!

This car pulled alongside us and a guy got out and walked towards the car and my wife opened the window. I didn’t really know what she was going to say or do but either way she seemed to be taking pretty good control of this as she pulled her skirt right up and when the guy poked his head in the window his eyes nearly popped out, “say love” he said, “nice shaved cunt”, I knew my wife hated that word and was expecting her to shut the window on his head! as I would never use that word around her!!. “Thanks” she said and moved her hand down and started playing with herself as this guy unzipped his pants and pulled this VWE cock out and poked this monster thing into the car and to my surprise she just started giving him a blow job!!

Fucking hell it looked so horny my wife playing with herself while sucking a stranger’s cock through the window of our car. I could see the way she was playing faster and faster with her clit that she was getting near to cumming and by the looks of the way this guy was shaking he was going to cum soon as well, so she wanked him really hard and fast and sure as hell he shot his load all over the door.

Once he’d finished he zipped his fly up said thanks and hopefully he’ll see us again down her and walked away, then my wife looked over to me and said “right get me home, I want to fuck the life out of you”. Since then we’ve not been dogging again but I know my wife well enough that she’s a horny cow and will want to do more next time round!