Written by mandysmith

8 Mar 2012

My husband has always liked the idea of me having some fun with other men. I have had a couple of one night stands which we have had some good sex sessions with me recounting the fun I had but in February I thought it was time I did things properly, so here is my story of what happened on that night. I have always had a fantasy about going to a hotel and picking up a guy in the hotel bar and taking him back to my room. I decided it was about time I lived out that fantasy! Luckily I have an airport hotel right on my doorstep so it was the perfect opportunity to pick up a sex hungry lone business man. I booked a hotel room and could feel myself getting wet at the prospect of what was in store. Within an hour I was in my hotel room making myself look as sexy as possible. Stockings,naughty underwear, a short skirt and a blouse that showed just a naughty amount of cleavage. I positioned myself in a great spot in the bar and waited. It wasn@t long before I was chatted up by a welsh guy called Philip. I made sure I was showing a nice amount of leg and it was obvious i was up for some fun. Philip asked if he could come back for coffee. it was then i knew my luck was in. I could feel myself getting really turned on and my knickers were getting wetter by the minute. I went back to my room and waited for the knock on the door. I didnt have to wait long. As soon as I opened the door and ushered him in our eyes met and then our lips. Within seconds he had me up against the wall and his hands were all over me. He assured me he was there to give me a good time which made me get even more turned on. There@s nothing like sex with a man that just wants to please you! For about ten minutes our tongues searched for each others mouths while his hands were finding all different parts of my still fully clothed body. Then it came to a point where clothes were obviously in the way. I soon found Philip unbuttoning my blouse to expose my 34c tits. He undid my bra and soon my tits were there naked in front of him. He gave them a stroke and told me how gorgeous they were. He cupped them in his hands and soon I could feel his warm tongue licking at my tits. I love getting my tits sucked and licked and he certainly knew how to turn me on using his tongue. I was asking myself the question if his tongue would feel as good on my pussy. Another thing I love is having my pussy licked and my clit nibbled! my skirt was the next item of clothing I lost and my wet knickers were not far behind. As soon as my pussy was exposed I waited in hot anticipation for that first feeling of his fingers hungrily looking for my clit and pussyhole. As soon as he felt my pussy he commented on how wet it was. I think he liked this a lot!! Now I am standing there with only my stockings and high heels on, and felt it only right that I even up the score a bit. I then took off his clothing piece by piece, until finally I had uncovered his hungry cock. There it was standing to attention right in front of me and i took it into my hand and slowly stroked it from the base to the end of his knob. He then took my hand and took me over to the bed. i layed down and opened my legs, eagerly awaiting the feel of his hot breath on my pussy. I closed my eyes and soon felt Philip's hot breath so close to my pussy that i almost thrust myself up to him to meet his mouth. I soon felt his tongue, hot and wet on my clit. I could feel myself getting the early feelings of an orgasm already. I then felt his fingers probing my pussy hole at the same time as being licked and nibbled. This without fail always brings me to orgasm and this time was no exception. My orgasm ripped through my body and philip was left with a soaking wet hand. I then told him I wanted him to fuck me. I didnt have to ask twice. Philip got himself on top of me and I could feel his hot, wet cock searching around my pussy. He soon found my pussyhole and his throbbing cock entered my soaking wet pussy. Now I like to get fucked hard and fast and told him exactly what I wanted. He didn't let me down. I don't think i have ever been fucked as hard and fast as I was that night and I thoroughly enjoyed. I wanted him to shoot his come inside me but he had other ideas. He got off me and layed on the bed and asked me to suck his cock. I like to suck cock so I thought it only right I showed him what I could do. I leant down and firstly licked his balls. his body bucked like I had given him an electric shock. I was good at this. I then spent some time taking his cock into my mouth licking, sucking and almost eating it. He then pulled my body up so my mouth was next to his and I licked all arounf his mouth with my tongue while he wanked his cock excitedly. I could tell he was enjoying it so I thought I would step it up a notch and fuck his mouth with my tongue. Oh, how he loved this! Within 30 seconds he had shot his load all over his body and we both ahd a big smile on our faces. Needless to say he wnated to see me again but i declined. I then wnt home to my hubby and gave him all the details about my naughty night while he fucked my pussy hard and fast, just the way I like it!!