Written by US

16 May 2011

Andy and I meet in the bar, he wanted to talk. I had known Andy only in passing …. Not sure where we first meet … he asked me to meet him for a drink …I was unsure. He had only said in his email ..that he had an interesting offer for me…

We took our drinks to a quiet corner.. sat in some soft chairs….. small talked for a few moments!

A few leading questions from Andy … had any women lately..? He must have known from the past, or an ex, that I was good in bed.. and always liked to please a lady !

Then Andy came out with it:

For some time I having been fantasying about my wife, Maria, with another guy with them in the bedroom. Andy said that Maria would always get randy and very wet when they discussed it during their foreplay.

Andy said …he knows Maria wants it really… but it was trying to find the right guy for her… he wants to ensure she has a great experience. Andy said he was very excited at the thought of his wife having another cock! He wanted to watch and join in …

“So Tony…” said Andy….. “…I think you are the guy, if you are up for it!”

I sat back and thought about this .. for all of 3 seconds !! I had never meet Maria, I knew they where both in their 30’s , had children.. from Andy’s description…Maria sound nice…. And I always love to make love to MILF( Mother I’d Like to Fuck…) it would be exciting, …sexy … a blind date … No ! a blind sexual love date! I did not want this woman to be perfect… I just wanted her as she was… hoping she would also be nervous, excited….. not sure of herself. I wanted to be able to reassure her there and then, that I would be gentle… I would make her the centre of attention…. My wicked tongue would have her climbing the walls..like she has never known ! My loins stirred at the thought…..

OK …I said ! “ Let’s plan a meeting”

… after about half an hour … a plan was made !

The day arrived: I had book room at a Travel Inn. In our plan we thought it best to occur on neutral ground.

I had just collected the room key and bought myself a coffee, when Andy came into the bar…. A quick wave to catch his eye… even from this distance I could see the excitement in his eyes…like a puppy with a new toy !!

Hi Andy…I said … how are the arrangements going ?? ..already knowing by his beam .all was going well.

“Very good… fantastic in fact!!!...” Andy replied. ….”I feel as randy as hell and have been for the last few days ….Like a dog on heat!”

“How is Maria?” ..I replied.

Andy sat forward in his seat, …” she is excited..nervous..unsure…but deep down wants the experience! ..I keep telling her to relax and enjoy… the lead up. She must have had 5 baths and showers in the last 2 days!

“Did you take her shopping?” I asked.

Yes..yes we had a great afternoon looking for Lingerie… even had an erection thinking of her in it, and wearing for you!

OK ..ready for me to show you the room? .. I asked Andy, as I sipped the last of my coffee.

We both walked up to the room. It was nice, quiet, warm.. had a lovely bathroom and a Nice double bed. I had put a bottle of red and white wine in the room.

“I thought maybe Maria would like a drink.” I said, knowing it may calm her nerves a little and help her relax.

“Here is the key …” I handed the key to Andy. “ I will go back to the bar, while you bring Maria up to the room…let her settle and get ready, then text me when you want me to come to the room.

I returned to the bar to wait. After a few minutes I caught a glimpse through a pane of glass in the bar door of Andy carry a bag, and behind him was a lady. This was my first sighting of Maria, his wife. My heart fluttered, I was not nervous..excited Yes !. Maria was about 5’ 4” , dark hair just off her shoulders. Was very attractive for a yummy mummy. Looked a size 12. I felt her nerves from here… I just want to reach out and reassure her..that I expected nothing … but only wish to bring her joy and pleasure. At that moment I felt as if I could wish it was over, only so I may to see the joy and relaxation return to her face.

Then the brief glimpse of them was gone….. the excitement returned to my body.

I sat back and waited… thoughts racing through my mind, while waiting for the text message to call me to the room!

After what seemed ages…the phone bleeped… incoming text. I was out of the chair and half way across the bar before I read it.

I smiled ..” ready and waiting…” the message said.

As I approached the door ..the door was not closed properly…

when I arrived at the door, I had butterfly's in my stomach, even though I was an experienced lover... A new woman to explore and please was a great thrill.

I knocked lightly on the door.... Andy opened the door quickly ..smiling like a cat who has the cheese !

We had discussed the scenario... and had offered Maria the Choice of a blindfold or Not ! .... the blindfold would heighten her senses.... the touch, the intrigued, the sound would all help her experience... she knew she would feel safe as Andy would watch over her at all times. I was happy either way.

As I came into the room, I smelt her perfume.. it was sweet, but not over powering, some music played quietly in the background, the room was comfortably warm.

I walk the small corridor to where the double bed stood, I felt my cock stir.. as if being awoken beside my leg....

My eyes fell upon Maria, she was sitting up on the bed.... she wore a short black slip... showing the top of her black stocking tops.... her legs were lovely. She wore a pair of evening shoes with a 3 inch heel. My cock stood to attention !

She had a delicate necklace round her exposed neck... and she was wearing a dark black silk blindfold. Maria looked better than I could imagine... she was no spring chicken.. but she was stunning for her age. She looked like a MILF ... because she glowed sex appeal. ... not young and naive.. or old and in her ways .. but radiant in the full bloom of womanhood. God she look lovely... I could feel love juices leaking for my cock...

Maria held a half glass of wine.....

Andy introduced us ... "Maria this is Tony...." before she could reply .. I said "... You look beautiful... and so sexy, thank you" I took her hand, and kissed the back of it...gently.. just a light brush of the lips....

.. I lent forward and did the same on her cheek..... ..then moved away. This first contact was deliberately light and delicate... it was also chance for Maria's, nose to smell my light aftershave.

I asked if I may have a glass of wine.... as I poured the wine ..I could see Maria beginning to relax... ......and possibly enjoy???

I went to offer Maria a top up... She accepted... I went to her... took her hand gentle, steady the glass in her hand a poured a few drops of wind into the glass.

She felt the softness and warmth of my hand.... again these were the hands that would gently explore her body. After I top up her glass... I leant forward and kissed her lighty again on her cheek.... as I began to pull back she turn her head toward me.... he lips brushing mine. I stopped pulling away... and brushed her lips with mine..I kissed her lightly....but briefly. I sat down on the bed next to her....

I gentle rest my hand on hers..... then running my finger up and down her arm... before taking her hand in mine.

I looked up at Andy ... his grin was wide... and he was bulging in the trousers....

Maria was now holding my hand... I am sure I could feel the excitement coming from her body... she seemed to be enjoying every moment... she has past the nervous stage.. and her body want the full enjoyment of womanhood.

I leant forward.. and kissed her cheek again...her sixth instinct told her I was going to kiss her cheek.. so she turn her head again toward my lips.. and when contact was made she pressed hard and long.... I broke away kissing her lightly, sensuously, first her cheek.. moving slowing to her neck..... Andy appeared and took her wine glass... as I nibbled, kissed and licked like neck .... her hand cradled my head..... she moaned .... I moved up her neck toward her ear lob....

Maria was on a high ..she thought she had never felt this before.... badness .. but how good it was..... her husband had wanted this... yet already she was feeling on cloud nine.... she never realised this type of lover ever existed... oh my god..she thought ...this is only the beginning.... what heights will this man take me to...... ??? His tongue was gentle and light around her ear.... her body felt sexually on edge ... Maria felt her pussy leak love juices.... .... God I am so wet already!

Maria felt Tones hand..light and skilfully caress her body......It felt nice... she was being treated like a lady... not being man handled. He ran his hand gentle up and down her stocking legs..... his touch was wonderful.... he started to kiss her chest...nuzzle her black slip lightly as he moved down her body.... smooth, light gentle he kissed her through her silky slip....working downward... into her groin... stooping gentle to nuzzle her pussy and clitoris through her black silk panties’. Her Body wanted more...

..she was taking it all .. enjoying.. and giving nothing in return.

She felt Tony Pull away from her ... she ached .... he had ignited her sexually .... she wanted him.... more ...more..

Tony quickly undressed... his was naked in seconds.....

She felt Tony come back to her side..relief....wanted.... she wanted him!

He kissed her on the lips... warmth.. light and teasing again... she grab for is head.... she wanted more.... she pulled him on to her.... she felt his warm naked body slip on to the bed next to hers... she forced him into a deep long kiss …. This was her signal.. to him that her body was his....

Tony knew from Maria’s Kiss that she wanted him … his soft gently reassuring touches had won her confidence…. She was no longer a nervous little kitten… but a full on hot woman who wanted passion … something she had never experienced.. her naughtiness forgotten …. Pure sexual want and desire had taken hold of her.

I could hear Andy murmuring with delight in the background as he watched me and saw how hot his wife had become….

I slipped my hand gently into the top of Marias black slip.. and softly cradle her breast… she moaned …as we where is locked together in her embrace… I lightly brushed my warm fingers over her nipples…. Slowly they became erect !

I broke from our kiss,, moved slowly down her neck kissing and teasing…. She moaned more.. as I dropped her shoulder strap and revealed her full breast…. It was small, soft, firm and look lovely, pink and soft… my tongue ran over her nipple, again..and again ..teasing ..;.kissing her breast softly ….. then I took her gently into my mouth and her nipples were huge…

Maria felt as if all her birthdays had come at once … her body felt great.. her mind felt great…. Her breast felt as if it was encompassed it a soft gentle warm place.. which was massaging her and sending lovely feeling to her brain….. is this heaven she asked herself ! She put both hands on Tony’s head.. she wanted to hold him there for every… so she could continue feeling this way. He pulled away from her breast… but wait..he is moving slowly kissing my body to the other….oh my god she thought ..yes..yes.. please……!!!! Maria could feel how wet she was below… never ..NEVER before had she felt this…. She pushed her hands down Tony back…smooth, firm and strong she felt…..his body …realising that she wanted to explore more of him.

She pushed her hands further ..she wanted to feel his man hood… she had felt it against her body ..but now wanted it in her hands. She wanted to hold him.

Tony felt Maria’s hand down his back..searching ….they moved around to his front and down to erect manhood

Maria took his manhood in her hands .. and Tony was lightly kissing her neck. He felt nice, firm... not large but full.

...how she wanted it inside her now...... her body wanted him..all of him !

Tony let her hold his erection for a few moments before ...slowly moving down Maria's body .. gentle and lightly he ran his lip down he body..pausing slightly on her tummy... moving into her soft goin... she gasped as his kissed her gently there.... he moved toward her womanhood .... his tongue ..light and soft and warm on her opening ...he tasted her juices running from her pussy.... he explored ... looking for her clitoris....... as his tongue found it her breathing changed... he massaged it lightly and light as possible... flickering on and off the swollen pink head of her clit....

Maria felt his light touch on her womanhood.... she was amused at the feeling.. beautiful, wonderful... she felt sexually on edge... as her body wanted the feeling to last forever.... Tony was delicate... and as if he knew he was pushing her to the edge of a climax.......... Maria could feel her body reacting to his touch ... she could not stop it going forward...nor did she want to stop this feeling....

Gentle waves started to ripple through her body..... Slow and rhythmic..... the wave's were building.... get bigger and longer....... bigger ...... and Bigger .... Suddenly her body exploded.... ... she shacked ..With an uncontrollable sexual orgasm..... and continued shaking for another 30 seconds... her body slowly coming down..relaxing again from her climax.... she gripped Tony... she wanted him very close to her. She was nearly in tears... with uncontrollable joy.

She had never thought or experienced anything like this... so gentle, so powerful.. so artistic... it was wonderful.

She had had climax's when younger.... or with her toys.... but nothing like this .... she was amused, and knew her tears where of shearer joy.... as they run down her cheek. Tony moved up her body... held her.. and lightly kissed her tears.... she held him as tight possible. the rest of her world, forgotten for the moment.

After a few minutes lying together.... Tony pulled away ... she wanted to eat him... but he reach for a condom.

Tony knew she wanted his erection in her mouth as he pulled away..... but he wanted to continue to pleasure her... he wanted to catch Maria while she was coming down from her climax.

He rolled the condom over his erection...... he slipped between Maria's stocking legs he kissed her breasts lightly...moving back and forth between them.... then as he moved up to her neck... the tip his erection gently parted her moist womanhood.... Maria gave a small gasp... she lifted both legs from the bed... wanting His cock to penetrate her deeper..... Tony gentle played her entrance.... she was arching for him deep inside..... his cock only caressed her pussy for what seemed ages... her body craved for him to be deep within her.....

Tony was in a rhythm... on the edge of her..... he knew she wanted it all.... and when she just about had given up try to get it deep within her...... with out changing his rhythm or warning her ...he slide his erect cock deeper within her..... it caught her by surprise ...she gasped..... her body reacted ... and as he withdraw she could not stop her self pushing him out of her body as she climaxed...... her body was shaking.... she grab his body she wanted him .. no not yet.... repeated this process until her climax subsided and she could get him back into her arching womb.....

Maria was on a high after 2 climax's ..... Tony was now fucking her in smooth rhythm....she felt her body on a sexual edge.... she wanted to give Tony something.... She rolled him on to his back and mounted him..... she rode him and his cock ... she wanted to please him...... she lent down and kissed him ... with his light touch... he stroked her body and breasts...... she kept a rhythm ... she felt her body begin to rise .. waves build again... but this time she was aware that the cock deep inside was pulsing .. this feeling pushed her over the top and again waves poured through her body .... excited even more by strong pluses from the cock with in her .... Tony moaned ..pushed deeper into her.... both were locked in a climaxed .... and they both rode the waves together.... as they subsided ..she fell forward on to Tony..... they cuddled together.. enjoying the moment.

Maria felt wacked ... as if the whole of her body had been on a journey...

As they lay there … Tony slipped out of her …. Andy seeing this could wait no longer … he joined them on the bed .. quickly he slipped his swollen cock into his wife from behind, as she lay on Tony…. He slipped it deep and hard .. within 30 seconds.. he was moaning… as his exploded into Maria …filling her with all his sexual excitement and fantasy he has been having about her wife another man !!!

God want a fantastic journey Andy thought …. As he stroke his wife’s back !!