Written by ivor

14 Jun 2009

i really cant beleave what i have done on sat morning i bumpted into my ex ma in law S i have not seen her for at least ten years. although she is 69 i am 53 she still looks and keeps herself nice and does look much younger.

s lives a long way from me and was staying with her other daughter we had a long chat and i said why dont you come out for a meal tonite , she agreed and i picked her up she looked very smart nice black dress low cut showing her large tits high heels black stockings (i later found out). we had a lovely meal she had a few to drink and started to get a bit suggestive we left and as i started to drive she said i have not had a cock in me for 8 years can you help. i looked at her she then said her daughter had told her i was a dirty randy sod and i looked at her and replied yes S I AM A HORNY BARSTAD HOW DIRTY ARE YOU with that she undid my flies got out my cock and said find somewear to park and i will suck you dry . well within 5mins i found a spot to stop her mouth went to my cock she was fucking great and i came in about seven minutes. i got out of my seat opened her doorhelped her to remove her knickers got on the floor of my car and licked her pussy till she came which was to quick i then undid the front of her dress and started to suck her tits 38c massive nipples as i sucked i fingered her pussy she orgasimed afew times i was now hard and started to fuck her i was really enjoying this as S WAS SAYING SOME REALLY DIRTY THINGS TO ME.when i came she made me come on her face she got herself tiydied up but left the spunk on her face as i drove her back to her daughters as i got near the house she said promise me you will come and she me as oftern as possible and i will do ANYTHING TO KEEP YOU HAPPY s then put her fingers to her face wiped the spunk up and licked it off her fingers. i said i am up for it she goes home on thursday but we are meeting on tuesday so i will keep you informed