Written by lusty69

27 Sep 2010

We joined swinging heaven Julie to rekindle her love of sex with older me. At eighteen she was discreetly meeting a 57 year old friend of the family which started a succession of relationships with older men.

This ended when we started dating but came up again when I broached the subject of spicing up our sex life. I have always wanted to see Julie have sex with other men but when she started to tell me about her younger years I nearly came in my pants.

After placing an advert on Swinging Heaven we had a great response and chose to meet a 63 year old guy Alan who lived not too far away and seemed to tick most of the boxes.

We spoke to Alan and arranged a date for the meeting and the ground rules. We agreed I would be present at the start and that Julie would be in school uniform.

Alan arrived promptly and I showed him in. He was in a smart, a bit nervous but very chatty. Julie came down the stairs and introduced herself. A bulge in Alan’s trousers appeared immediately. Julie looked fantastic; her hair was up two pigtails, a white blouse with a striped tie, very short grey skirt and white socks.

We made our way through to the lounge, Julie and Alan sat down by each other and started to chat. I went out to put the kettle on, when I returned Julies blouse was open and Alan was eagerly groping inside. The blouse and tie were soon off and Alan started to explore between Julies legs, she opened her legs wide as he started to finger her behind her knickers, and Julie started to rub Alan’s cock through his trousers.

You a very naughty girl Alan said, you need a good spanking, and with that put Julie over his knee pulled off her navy blue knickers and gave her three firm slaps on the bottom. Julie started to giggle so he gave her three more, she giggled again. “This punishment is not working” Alan said and he released Julie pulling off his trousers and pants revealing a huge stiff cock. Without a word Julie knelt down and started to lick the shiny end until Alan held her head and softly guided her mouth onto his cock. After two minutes of slowly sucking Julie stood up “I need you to give me a good fucking on the bed” she said. “You stay down here please” she said looking at me, and with that she took his hand and the disappeared upstairs.

Moments later I could hear Julie moaning, then she was urging him on “Fuck me, go on Fuck me you Bastard” after about five minutes the noise stopped. Julie appeared at the top of the stairs and beckoned me up she led me into the bedroom. Alan was lying naked on the bed with a limp cock. Julie turned round to face me semen dripping from the corners of her mouth onto her breasts. “ I always let old men finish off in the mouth” she said.

I was gobsmacked.