Written by Paulrcouple

18 Nov 2010

Nothing happened for a day or two it was just me and Jane on our bed talking about the fun watching the dvd of it all/

The lads in the bar were a bit cool towards us was it because of Steve and Ann well it was up to them. Then one morning we got up had a shower Jane went for the paper and the milk and put the towels out on the front row on the beech i started to make the toast you what its like.

I thought Jane had been a long time i know it was early was she waiting for the shop to open then she was back sat on the balcony having our breakfast just chatting away the sun was out and it was hot off came her top she laid on a sun bed pulled her skirt up parted her pussy lips and spunk started to ouse out she looked at me and said well do you want to know.

She said when she walked passed the buzz bar it was shut when she came back Raimondo the chef was just opening it they said hello and a bit of small talk then he got hold of her hand pulled her inside the bar pulled the shutter down got her across a table and fucked her it was over very quickly she said not like the pounding she got from him a few nights before.

God i was hard i got her on the bed my cock went straight in i could feel the sloppy mess that had been left i did not last long that's no good to me Jane said so i stud up and got her rabbit out of the draw passed it to her she said two cocks in half an hour and i have got to sort myself out