Written by Jane_t

29 Mar 2009

I was quiet nervous as I waited for Sam at 24 a much younger male stranger to knock at the door, I got to know him via this site we had chatted and seen each other on cam, god he was gorgeous slim body with a huge cock I couldn’t wait to have him

My husband Paul was much more relaxed…well its ok for him all he does is watch

Sam arrived, gave me a lovely deep kiss as I let him in, caught a whiff of some sexy aftershave……pleasantries exchanged and Paul was eager for the action to begin

Sam couldn’t take his eyes off me as I moved around getting drinks I sat opposite him and gave him an idea of what was on offer as I never wear niks I waited a while then moved onto the sofa next to him, he was eager to put his hands between my legs but I thought ‘no hang on big boy I want to feel that huge cock in my mouth first’, so I wriggled away and undone his jeans, came commando as requested so his cock sprang to life as I gently licked the tip before taking it deep into my mouth I was amazed as it just got bigger and harder. I really wanted to straddle him and fill my very wet pussy but I knew I had to wait, as I licked and sucked his cock playing with his balls gently he moaned that he was about to cum so I pulled away because I love it all over my face and hair, wiped it of with my fingers and licked them clean

Paul was looking at me with that ‘you fucking dirty slut’ look in his eyes, Sam was now very eager to get his hands on my now soaking pussy, as he pushed a finger deep inside I felt myself quiver and as he moved down slowly licked my hard button clit I arched my back to let him know I wanted it harder and faster, indeed he did and I was panting and moaning much to Pauls delight Cumming in great waves as my juices pored onto the floor

We relaxed for a while having a drink but I was still very eager to have Sam’s huge cock fill me I looked at him and smiled as if to say ‘are you ready’ he kissed me deeply and I could taste my juices he moved slightly and kissed my nipples and played with my small boobs I laid back and loved how my body responded to this young man, I couldn’t wait no more I manoeuvred him into a sitting position and sat on his glorious hard cock, my god I thought it would never go all the way in, but I wanted it deep inside me so I kept grinding up and down until I had every cm inside, I almost came immediately, but I wanted some clit stimulation so I rubbed against him thrusting myself back and forth his huge cock deep inside, wow I almost cried as I came so hard the sensation was amazing, now I need a real hard fucking I tell Sam to take me ‘doggy style’ I catch a glimpse of Paul who is slowly wanking

Sam thrusts so hard into me from behind I gasped as he held my hips pulling me to him, Paul kneels in front of me and I take his cock into my mouth as both guys push into me I feel like I’m in heaven as they both cum at the same time Sam filling me and Paul all over my face, I feel my soaking pussy and sticky face, rub it in with my hands mixing the two cums together

Sam left shortly after….I couldn’t wait any longer for Paul to fuck me again; we had the best sex ever