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I have been called a whore, that is not true, I'm a slut. That is not the same.

We had spent an evening turning Brad from bicurious into a ravenous switch. In the morning Emily and I were woken by Simon fucking Brad.

Emily asked. "What have we done to Brad?"

"I think we have changed his life."

"Yeah,  but will he still want to fuck us?"

"If he don't Simon will."

"Have you ever had a troika?"

"Once, yes."

"We should put Brad in the middle."

"After breakfast."

"Have you two finished?" Emily asked.

It was after some grunting that Simon answered.  "Just about."

We showered and went for breakfast. 

We never went back to the room for a couple of hours. We went for a walk to the river and had lunch.

We got back to the room at two and put do not disturb on the door.

"Who am I fucking?" Simon asked, getting to the point.

"Brad, the question is who is Brad fucking." I asked.

"Let's toss for it?" Emily suggested. 

"Heads me, tails you." I flipped a coin. "Tails, lucky Emily." I kissed her and helped her strip.

"Then I get you Jane." Simon assumed. 

I stepped forward, felt his hard cock and informed him with a whisper he was wrong.  "You get to do Brad while he does Emily."

"O, o." He whispered back in understanding. 

Emily leaned over the bed and asked. "Where are you putting it?" Emily asked.

"Where do you want it?"

"Her ass." I told him, as I squeezed lube onto his hand and handed the tube to Simon. 

"You naughty girl Jane." Emily accused. 

"I know." I admitted. 

Brad slipped his cock into Emily. 

"Stay still Brad." I instructed. 

Simon lubed Brad's ass and pushed his cock into Brad. It looked awkward, but Simon banged away at Brad. Brad surprised me, he came injecting his load as Simon fucked him.

"I've come." Brad reported.

To my bigger surprise Brad fell from Emily limp.

"Poor Emily." I consoled and knelt to eat pussy.

I enjoyed Emily's beautiful smooth cunt. She cried out as she came. When I looked up Simon was sucking on Brad's hard cock.

"That is my cock Simon." I claimed. 

I changed beds and lowered my cunt on Brad's cock and leaned forward. 

"Are you enjoying Brad?"

"Too right."

"You know what I want Simon."

He did, he pushed his cock into my cunt along side Brad's. I felt him moving. As Simon fucked in and out he pushed Brad's cock against my gspot. Simon came too soon. He left me. I sat up and moved myself against his cock. Greedy Simon started fucking Emily. 

"I knew you wanted to plant your seed Simon."

I came and started to bounce on Brad's cock keeping in time with Simon's ass lifting and falling driving his cock in and out of Emily. I wanted to come the same time as Emily but she came first. Brad filled me again. I kept bouncing on his cock, Simon continued to fuck Emily. I came again.  Simon left Emily.  My legs were getting weak. I got off and sucked at his cock. By the time Brad filled my mouth the others had finished. 

We went for dinner and spent the evening in a foursome. The night I spent in bed with Emily. Brad spent the night with Simon. Little innocent Brad was very active. 

Written by Jane

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