Written by geeandjay

14 Nov 2009

No apologies for resubmitting an old story. Hope you like it.

We had had a couple of drinks in the Seven Stars pub and June had plucked up courage to go to the cinema. It was about 8pm and quite dark and the street was fairly quiet. We paused at the top of the steps, had a quick look round and then went down to the entrance desk. June’s high heels clicked loudly on the bare wooden steps and caught the attention of the bloke behind the desk. He was really seedy – like you would imagine. He was wearing a grubby jumper, and needed a shave. He was quite podgy and was sweating slightly. As we came in he had put down a porn magazine, but had left it on the desk in front of us with the magazine open, clearly showing a woman in black stockings with her legs wide apart, frigging herself with a large vibrator. I already had a hard on and we hadn’t got through the door yet! I was standing behind June and started to finger her through her thin cotton dress whilst we filled in our ‘membership’ form and handed over the entrance fee. The bloke stood up to show us where to go. He was wearing brown, quite loose fitting, trousers and as he shuffled round I could see that his zip was half-open. The door to the cinema was on the right and he held the door open to let us through. We had to squeeze past his fat stomach, and June had to turn sideways and her ample breasts brushed against him. I couldn’t resist giving her an obvious grope right in front of him.

We were quite surprised that the entrance led us into the front of the cinema and we had to walk up the central aisle past all the people watching the screen. Everyone had turned to stare at June, and as I later realised they must have been able to see through her dress where the light from the screen shone through. We found a half empty row near the back and I chose the two seats next to the aisle, with me on the outside. It took us some time to adjust to the darkness, and it was much darker than an ordinary cinema. The film was a bit tame. It was an old German film I had seen before, with a very dominating lady of the house. At the moment she was spying though a hole in the wall, watching the maid getting dressed. Nevertheless I had a raging hard on and June was rubbing my cock through my trousers. June had been looking round the cinema and said that she could not see any other couples. I turned round and could just make out some people stood in an area at the back of the cinema. I guessed from the movements that I could see that this was the area where the action was.

The film had become a bit sexier now and I could tell June was starting to get excited. The lady of the house had ordered the maid into the sitting room, and whilst the butler lifted up the maid’s dress the lady was fingering her cunt. I moved my hand down to June’s lap and, undoing a couple of buttons on her dress, slipped my left hand down her pants and rubbed my middle finger up and down her clit. I was surprised that she was so wet. My movements had not gone unnoticed and a bloke from the other side of the aisle got up from his seat and came across. He wanted to sit on our row so we both lifted up our seats to let him past. He was smartly dressed, with a shirt and tie and beige linen trousers. He faced us as he pushed past and the bulge in his pants was clear to see. He sat down on June’s left. The film had progressed now to some fucking which June always liked to watch and she whispered to me to carry on touching her. It seemed so open with the bloke sat there, but I gradually dropped my hand onto her lap. I could feel the taut suspender belt and ran my fingers down to her stocking tops. As I did this our new friend was watching and he started to rub his hand over his now obviously erect prick. I then slipped my hand inside June’s dress again and started to finger her. We were suddenly aware of seats being lifted and two blokes came to sit in front of us. Another one had moved to sit just behind us.

I increased the tempo of my fingers and June responded with a soft groan. As I looked to my left again I realised it was not just my movement that had caused her to make a noise. The man to our left was slowly unzipping himself, and June stared transfixed as he eased his cock out of his pants. It was caught in his black briefs, but as he moved the fabric to one side it sprung out. It was quite big, with a nice shape, and I could tell from June’s breathing that she was impressed. He pulled on it slowly, pulling the foreskin right back so that the hard bell end stuck out. The two blokes in front had now turned round and were ignoring the action on the screen. I glanced over my shoulder and the man behind had his cock out and was wanking furiously. I whispered this to June, and she turned her head to look. I was finding it difficult to give her the attention I wanted and told her to undo the lower buttons on her dress, She turned back in the seat and I took my left hand away from her pants. She then slowly started to unbutton her dress, up to her waist. The atmosphere was amazing, and I unzipped myself and pulled out my cock. June took hold of it and started to wank me and then slowly moved forward on the seat to look over at the row in front where the other two watchers had their cocks out. June sat back in the seat and released her hold on me. She shifted slightly in the seat so that her legs were facing over to the left to where our friend in the beige trousers was keeping up a slow steady rhythm with his right hand. She then, slowly and deliberately, pulled her dress open to reveal black stockings, black basque and suspender belt and lacy pants. At this point we were all wanking away madly, but no one had said a word.

June was engrossed in the chap by her side and also kept turning to look behind. I was surprised that nobody had made a move yet so I whispered to June that it was time for some action. Reluctantly I stopped playing with myself and transferred my attentions to her. I ran my hand over her stockinged legs and then pressed it down between her legs so that she had to part them slightly. I then pushed past her pants and started to frig her very slowly. She said that the bloke to the left had already spoken to her and his name was Tony. His leg had been pressing against her whilst he was wanking so that she could feel each movement. She then reached down to grab my cock and as she continued to toss me off whispered back that he had asked her if he could fuck her in the toilets. At this point I almost came and June slowed her movements realising this. I then told her to open her legs to give our friends a show. She shifted back in the seat, but had to lift her right leg up in order to get past the seat in front, which gave the guys a great view of her cunt, half exposed through her wet pants.

She was now sat with her legs wide apart and I continued to finger her. I told her to undo the top buttons of her dress, and soon the top of her basque was on display. I then told her to press her left leg against Tony’s leg, which she did. As I had hoped this gave him the signal and he quickly changed hands. His left hand was now wanking his very stiff cock, and he put his right hand onto June’s leg. I could see that he had leaned over and was whispering to June. She turned to me and said that he had asked if she could take off her knickers so he could see her cunt. I removed my hand from her very wet fanny and she slowly lifted up her legs and pulled her pants off. Her lips were puffy and wide open and clearly visible to the two guys in front. She put her feet back on the floor. Her legs were still apart and I returned to my fingering. Now I could reach her easily and turned slightly in my seat so that I could get right inside her.

Tony was whispering to her again and she leaned back to me to say that he had asked if he could feel her suspender straps. Of course I agreed and we all watched in fascination as his hand slid up to her stocking tops and played with the clasp of her suspender. He then ran his hand inside the top of her stockings. I could tell June was getting close now and I increased the rhythm of my fingering. On each backward movement my hand came in contact with Tony’s hand. Suddenly I was aware of a crowd of people stood around; there must have been six or seven, either in the aisle to my right, or in the row in front. They all had cocks out, wanking. I told June, whose eyes were closed, and the sight of all these cocks really got her going. There was this incredible atmosphere of sex. The smell of June’s cunt juices and the smell of the sweaty cocks all around. The bloke behind, who had been leaning forward over the seat, now had one hand on June’s shoulder, fingering the strap of her basque. He asked me if he could feel her tits. He told me his name was Alex. I nodded. My mouth was too dry to speak.

Alex stood up. His cock was sticking out from his pants as he lent over and with both hands massaged June tits through the basque top. At the same time one of the blokes in front had leaned over and was touching June’s right leg. Alex then stopped working on her tits. His cock was erect and pointing through between June and me. She turned to face me and his cock was between us. It was quite long but only thin. She looked at me and licked her lips. I nodded and she turned in her seat and took hold of his cock with her left hand, and just gently pulled the foreskin right back. Alex swore and thrust forward as a thick stream of cum shot between us. At the sight of this two of the blokes in the aisle started wanking faster and then came all over the floor.

Alex whispered to us that we ought to go to the back of the cinema where there was more room. I knew June was really sexed up now and she needed no encouragement. Also the tension seemed to have been broken with Alex’s sperm show and as we made our way to the back of the cinema the blokes who had been watching were chatting saying stuff like great show, your wife is fantastic etc. We got to the back where it was even darker, away from the film, which was still showing, although it had been forgotten. I glanced at my watch. It was after ten and there were only us few left in the cinema. As we reached the far corner, I was surprised to see another couple were there. The woman was facing the wall. She had long blond hair and was wearing a long black dress which was hitched up at the back to show her stockings. I noticed as my prick stiffened even further that she was wearing really high heels. Her partner was behind her and they seemed to be fucking. For a moment I thought we might be intruding as I realised there was me and June and another five blokes all standing round playing with their cocks, but they must have been regulars in the club as a couple of the blokes went up to them and started to join in.

I pushed June up against the wall only a couple of feet away from the other couple and she let her dress fall to the floor. We kissed each other briefly as my right hand dropped to feel her juicy cunt. She was dripping wet and she whispered to me that she wanted to put on a show for the boys. Alex was on her left and Tony on her right. The other bloke, who said his name was Jim, was stood just behind me. June asked Alex to pass her handbag which was on the floor. As he passed it to her we both looked down and saw that he was fully hard again and was wanking slowly. June laughed as she took the handbag. There was a stream of Alex’s cum on it, which he quickly wiped off with a tissue, at the same time apologising.

June unzipped the bag and brought out a large black vibrator. The groans and wanking increased all around us.

"Well boys, shall we continue," said June. "I want you to stand around me so you can all see." She looked at each of us in turn and spoke our names and had a good long look at each of the stiff cocks. She then leaned back against the wall and switched on the vibrator. The buzzing was quite loud, and the other couple and their two friends heard it and turned to us. I suddenly realised that the blond woman, who was quite tall, was actually a bloke dressed up. Again another extra stiffening of my cock. The other two blokes, Frank and Steve, laughed.

"Yes she’s very good isn’t she. She fucks like a girl as well don’t you Susan?"

"Yes I do, but I fuck like a man as well," she said as she lifted the front of her skirt to reveal a large, thick cock which stuck out from a pair of pink, split crotch knickers. "Come on then love," she said to June, "let’s see some cunt juice on that dildo."

June rubbed it up and down her slit. Everyone was murmuring words of encouragement. Susan was the most vocal.

“Go on love push it up." She came closer and started to fondle June’s left breast. She was leaning across Alex and as she was caressing June she put her hand on Alex’s cock. Tony took his cue and started to feel up June’s right breast. I looked round and everyone else was wanking . The vibrator slipped easily into June’s fanny and she slowly inched it further and further inside her.

"I need some help boys," she said. "Jim – no not my Jim – come forward." Jim shuffled forward and June pulled out the vibrator and passed it to him.

"Now Jim, just push it in and out nice and gently. Just an inch or two." As he did this she leaned forward and took his cock into her right hand.

"Come on Jim do it for me." She wanked him faster and faster and his movements with the vibrator matched hers. As the first jets of spunk hit her under the chin she buckled at the knees and came with a loud cry. Her juices gushed out onto the floor. To her left Alex had turned to face her and his second lot of come shot over her stockings. To my right the other two blokes, who had been wanking each other off came one after the other. Frank had dropped to his knees and was sucking the last of Steve’s spunk form his softening cock. It was difficult keeping up with the action.

June was now leaning against the cinema seats with Tony behind her. I could see his left hand cupping her tits. As we all turned towards her he pulled away from her, his cock jutting out. In the light from the screen I could see he was completely hairless, which I know June likes, and his balls were tight. His right hand slowly pulled out the vibrator from between her legs. At this point the screen went dark. There were just the safety lights on by the door. Then the front door opened and the ticket man walked up the aisle with a torch in his hand. Susan told us that he was ok and probably wanted to watch. As he came to the back I could see that Tony had slipped the vibrator back into June. He was now facing her and she had his cock between both of her gloved hands and was wanking him slowly backwards and forwards.

The doorman shone his torch on them. He quickly pulled out his cock, which was short and stubby, and then his balls, which were quite big. June was moaning softly as Tony increased the speed on the vibrator. She seemed to have forgotten us all as we surrounded them. The atmosphere was now quite tense as everyone must have been thinking that June was about to be fucked. The doorman, whose name was Stan, was on his knees, watching the vibrator slipping between June’s fanny lips. His hand was a blur as he pulled away at his fat cock. Alex then pushed his way forward and for the third time that night, shot his load, this time over June’s gloves. Tony then stopped and pulled June way from the seats. June walked past us leading Tony by his cock like a lead. She whispered to me that they were going to the toilets. There were still five us of left – myself, Susan and her boyfriend and Stan the doorman. Alex had to go.

In the torch light we made our way to the gents toilet. There was a separate light in there and it was very bright compared to the darkened cinema. There were two cubicles in there, and two urinals with a sink close by, facing them, but there wasn’t a great deal of room. There were stiff cocks everywhere. June was facing the urinals reading some of the messages. Susan was the first to speak. She asked everyone to help her off with her dress. June turned round.

"Let me. Bend over Susan." Susan obliged and June scooped up her dress so that it fell over her head. Susan’s arse was on display, her pink panties and her large cock sticking out. June ran her hand over ‘her’ arse and then placed the vibrator against her hole. She eased it in and switched it on. It went in about 3 or 4 inches.

Susan’s friend than stepped forward and pulled out the vibrator. He quickly replaced it with his cock and proceeded to fuck Susan in front of us. He shuffled her over to the sink and really went for it, his balls slapping against Susan's backside. Stan sat on the floor below the sink and started to suck Susan’s cock. Meanwhile, Tony had pushed June into one of the cubicles. He sat on the toilet and pulled June to him. She got down on her knees and pulled his cock towards her lips. I followed them in and as June licked and sucked his huge knob, I entered her from behind.

"Read me a story," said June to me.

“Wank pal wanted to watch wife being fucked. My wife likes to be fucked by the next door neighbour who is 75. He has a huge dick and she can’t get enough of it. I want a pal to come and watch. I like to wear her stockings and suspenders while he wanks me off. She may let you fuck her.”

"You read one June," said Tony.

June took his cock out of her mouth. I was still fucking her from behind.

June said. “My name is June. I came in here wearing a black basque, stockings and high heels. My husband forced me to suck off a bloke with a very big cock. I want to be laid down on the floor and be fucked right now while my husband watches.”

Without a word we all stopped and moved back outside. Susan and her boyfriend had gone. Stan had let them out and come back to watch us. June went down on her knees again and it was my turn to be sucked off. She paused and asked Tony if he could strip off. She turned her attention to my cock while she watched him remove his shirt and tie and then his shoes, socks pants and trousers. Not to be outdone, Stan had dropped his trousers and stepped out of a pair of old Y-fronts. He took his shoes off but still had his socks and jumper on. His short fat cock, nearly hidden by his balls, stuck out beneath a big gut. Tony however had a fit body and June soon moved away from me to grab hold of his cock again.

He then helped her onto the floor. There were pools of spunk everywhere and the smell of it was very strong. June was fingering herself very noisily as we all stood over her. Tony told me to lift her right leg up and I kneeled down on the floor and put her leg onto my shoulder. Stan then did the same with her other leg. June was really going for it now. Her fingers rocking backward and forward. She looked up briefly.

"Stan, feel my cunt, how wet it is."

Stan plunged four stubby fingers into her juicy fanny, and started to frig her off.

"Oh Jim yes," she said her head rocking from side to side. "Now. Now Tony. Fuck me."

Tony dropped to his knees and called to her.

"June, do you want my cock inside you?" June just moaned. He turned to Stan. "Stan, shall I fuck her?"

"Go on shag her, give her a good fucking", Stan replied.

"What about you Jim," he said turning to me. I couldn’t believe it. This was the moment June and I had fantasised about, night after night. I looked at his cock. It was very big. I was about to see my gorgeous wife get fucked by another man. My throat was dry. My heart racing.

"Go on Tony, " I said. "But slide it in slowly."

I watched in fascination as he nudged forward. The tip just between her red and puffy cunt lips. Ever so slowly he pushed into her.

"God, she’s wet," said Tony. "She’s fucking swimming."

"Wait" I said, and bent forward to speak to June. "Are you sure you want this?" I asked.

"You want to watch me being fucked don’t you Jim?" She reached up and pulled Tony further into her. "Come on. Fuck me you bastard. Fill me up with that gorgeous cock."

Tony pulled out quickly and then rammed back in again. Again and again gradually building up a rhythm till June was crying out.

"Oh yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh my god I’m coming again."

He was really slapping into her and the sweat was pouring from his face. He suddenly arched his back and with a loud groan pulled his cock out and then jet after jet of hot spunk sprayed over June and onto the floor. Her face and hair were covered in it. Tony got up from the floor. Thin trails of sperm still dripping from his softening prick. Without a word Stan took his place. His fat cock was straight up her and he lay fully cross her. I was wanking like fury. This was even sexier than watching Tony. June was loving it and put her legs around Stan so that he could get further in. He was mouthing off which June loved.

"Fuck me her twats on fire. She loves it. She could take on half a dozen. I’d like to do you up the arse. I bet you’d love that".

June screamed out loud and then her body was racked with a series of orgasms as flood after flood of cunt juice pulsed out of her. Stan pulled away and dumped another load of hot cum across June’s face. I felt my own body stiffen as my own built up stream of sperm shot across her face. It seemed to go on forever. I had never seen so much sperm before. June looked up at me and smiled as she wiped the blobs of spunk from her face and then rubbed it into her cunt, ever so gently teasing her clit to pick up those last few spasms.

I was exhausted and can barely recall helping June to her feet to get dressed and cleaned up and finally leave the cinema. It was nearly midnight by the time we said goodbye to our new friends. As we went up the steps June stopped and said she had a present for Stan. She beckoned him forward and opened up her dress again. She pulled her knickers from her handbag and pushed them into her cunt. When she pulled them out they were covered in sperm. She pushed them into Stan’s mouth. I could feel myself getting hard again and knew that we might have to stop on the way home!